Tim Tebow’s Divine Intervention…He’s Different And Refreshing!

Posted: December 12, 2011 in NFL

So I was thinking about this this morning – there is a lot of angles to this and one of them is…you’ve got Cincinnati and Xavier getting into a fight during a game and players calling themselves “gangsta’s” I’m sorry, but Tim Tebow is just simply refreshing in the world of sports where many athlete’s call themselves “gangsta’s…sweet! I’m a gangsta” Tebow is different! And he’s different for a variety of reasons. But instead of talking to the non-football fan, I’m going to give you some respect and talk actually football for a second – because I do believe some of this is explainable. Again, I’m not going to talk to your sister or your mom , my 10-15% crowd that’s come in under the tent for these Tebow rants that I’ve been dropping…let me talk to football guy.

Of the 4 best defenses – now first we have to establish…Tebow is different, no questions asked! He talks different, he plays different…they’re running a wishbone. The 4 best defenses that Denver has faced – Miami, Jets, Chicago, Detroit and in all 4…Tebow could not move the football in the first 3 – 3 ½ quarters! He couldn’t move the football against the 4 best defenses they’ve faced. Yet in all 4 cases, those defenses went to some form of a cover three or a pre-vent defense…call it whatever you want. What does that allow for to happen? It allows incredibly pedestrian, below-average skill people for the Broncos – who can’t get open by themselves, to get open…I think it’s a mistake.

Tim Tebow – when facing aggressive defenses, and in fairness, let’s not blame Tebow for all of this. These receivers, tight-ends are below average…did you see the Giants/Cowboys last night? Then watch Denver’s wide out’s…they are far below average. Tebow completes 38% in the first 3 quarters, 4 ½ yards with a QB rating of 65. Virtually all those numbers double in the 4th quarter….why? Does Tebow get better? The receivers get better? Noo!! The 4 elite defenses go into the cover 3 or the pre-vent…allowing receivers – who cannot break free or get open on their own, to get open. Then Tebow can make throws that he would’ve been able to make when he was in grade 11 in high school. These are 9 yard curls, 12 yard outs…easy stuff for NFL quarterbacks. Tim has certainly, through hard work, improved!

But to me, what is happening here is very strange. I believe that Tim is different and therefore you have to play Tim differently. He’s not Brady, he’s not Rogers, he’s not Brees, he’s not Ryan…he’s closer to Vince Young. I believe that, against a Vince Young …we all acknowledge that you play different against a Michael Vick and I also believe that you have to play differently against a Tim Tebow. You never go into a pre-vent…they don’t have the players to score against an above-average defense. Now, this week Tebow plays the Patriots – they are horrific in the backend. So they will move the ball and that will be a competitive game. Like this team can move it against Minnesota, Kansas City and they’ll move it against New England.

But I think that these elite defenses have completely suffocated Tebow and that offense…then they go to pre-vent defenses and there is no room for it. I texted a friend this morning and said this to him : would you go out on a date with a woman for 4 hours? And for 3 hours and 50 minutes, your aggressive, you flirt, you turn her on, it’s all great…then, last 10 minutes you say “ I’m going to change her all up” and then she’s like “where did he go?” Think about another business, where you do something one way for 3 hours and 50 minutes or 80% of something and then drastically change everything in the last 20%, despite the success. I think Tebow is such a different animal, a different kid, a different spirit, a different thrower, a different runner, a different quarterback…you have to defend him differently than a Matt Ryan. I think this will take time…people will eventually figure it out.

I do think we all know that Matt Prador’s kicking is huge, the Denver defense is huge and that John Fox’s is huge. But this is a different team and I watched it yesterday – and by the way, it was not an easy watch for 3 ½ quarters. Caleb Heidi and Tim Tebow were being protected by their coaches, Romo and Eli Manning I prefer that for football – and God what a year Eli Manning is having, talk about carrying a football team. But I think with Tebow…you simply have to use different ideas, ideals and treat him differently because he is absolutely a different player.

By the way, John Fox was asked afterwards – and the answer is obvious but “why can’t you guys play the entire game like the 4th quarter!” and he said “I wish I could kind of adjust it and make it the 1st quarter, but you know…we’ll take it. I don’t know if they just kind of wait til the 4th quarter and tell themselves that they might lose this game and then they start playing…you’ll have to ask them, I don’t really know! But I know that this is aging me quickly.” You know, the other thing is that some of the Tebow stuff – like for instances, people are saying “Tebow is a rookie!” no he is not! He had a full year, he started games last year and then he came in this year.

Like the whole Elway comparison has been unfair…John Elway was asked, as a rookie, to come in a nd play 10 games with an awful team. By his 2nd year, he was 12-2 and was playing in the best division – at the time, in the NFL! The AFC West was as good as any division in football…so Tebow and Elway are not comparable. Networks like ESPN do a disservice and fans as well because the reality is that Tebow is still an incredibly limited quarterback who, through 3 quarters, against elite defenses…can’t move the football! He couldn’t move it against the Jets, could move it yesterday, couldn’t move it against the Dolphins, and couldn’t move it against Detroit. He can’t move the ball against elite defenses…so why change how you defend him? Why??? It makes no sense to me!!

I’ll be very interested – against the Patriots, a team with a coach that is secure enough to not change. Why do teams change? Because coaches like to protect leads and they don’t want to be ripped in the press. Belicheck has never played that game… he will play the “full throttle, rub it in, throw for it in 4th down” that’s the way Belicheck coaches! Go for it on 4th down, don’t go into a pre-vent defense – by the way, you could argue that the Patriots play a pre-vent defense all four quarters! You can pass the ball in New England anytime you want to pass the ball.

I have to tell you…I find it with Tebow, I find it refreshing….if we’re going to have, like would you rather have a bunch of knock-off’s of Tom Brady? I mean to me, Giants/Cowboys was absolutely excellent last night because it’s two really good quarterbacks. I would rather have a Tebow or a Michael Vick – if for no other reason, for a television product. I’d rather watch Tebow and Vick be contrarian…I don’t want either one of them as my long-term quarterback…as I’ve always argued. “Andrew, but Tebow wins!!” So does Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Big Ben, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez…Eli Manning…they all win too! I like that style over Tebow…but I think Tebow is refreshing, I think he’s unique and now I think it’s time for football talk to defend him uniquely. I mean, you wouldn’t treat a kid who is socially awkward the same as a kid who’s got a big personality. We treat people differently through medication, through different devices all the time! Why would you treat Tebow – on the field, like everybody else! He’s not everybody else.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Tebow definitely has people talking and his jersey sales are through the roof. Right now, he’s transcending the sport because people who otherwise wouldn’t watch the sport are intrigued by Tebow the man.

    Anyway, you make a good point. The prevent is supposed to protect against any deep passes, which is what Tebow struggles to make with consistency. Short underneath stuff where receivers are wide open is what he had when running the spread option at Florida, and that’s what he gets in the dying minutes. Like you said, Billy B doesn’t care about media reaction, so if the Pats are up, you can expect a blitz late. The interesting thing is Rex Ryan called a blitz late in the Jets-Broncos game, but Eric Smith didn’t contain Tebow properly and Tebow jaunted in for the game winning score. We’ll see how disciplined New England is if/when they choose to bring heat.

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