Is Tim Tebow Winning With God’s Help? Why The Miami Heat Are Favourites To Win It All This Season!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in NBA, NFL

People sometimes wonder – and I say this often, my blog is sort of like the weather channel and occasionally when a hurricane hits in the form of a Brett Favre story, Big Ben story or the Miami Heat…I’m not moving off the hurricane and I think it’s funny because this morning as I was typing this rant up, some buddies were like “why do you always talk about Tebow now?” I start writing up the blog this morning – I’ve got like 50 Tebow emails! None about Brady, none about the Packers…so why do I always talk about Tebow? I don’t…you do!! I just basically follow your lead.

By the way, when New England plays Denver this Sunday, it will be the most watched NFL game – outside of a Superbowl, by woman…ever! Brady against Tebow. That will certainly be the most watched NFL game that is non-Superbowl, by woman…ever! So yesterday, Tim Tebow’s pastor in Colorado comes out – I just love this! So he comes out and he said…well first off, his pastor is Wayne Anson and he says he knows why the Broncos is 7-1 since installing Tim Tebow as quarterback…it’s the players’ faith.  He said “it’s not luck, its favour…it’s God’s favour” and he was asked about it “do you think Tim Tebow, is not a religious guy, do you think by any way, would he be 7-1?” and the pastor replies “oh, of course not!” and so people are now like “oh boy, this just got messy, he’s going down that route…and people are freaking out”

So I’m not an overly religious guy, I’ve got my faith, go to church every Sunday, try to live and model my life after Christ and am very hush hush about because I don’t think it’s a selling product I’m doing…it’s just merely living according to some principles. Anyways, so I thought about this this morning. Let’s just suppose the Dude upstairs is helping Tebow…let’s just pretend for a second. Now, I’m not doing this to be glib…I tend to think it tends to be luck. I think Marian Barber is more Marian Barber idiocy or luck than it is the Man upstairs, but maybe the Man upstairs was like “dude!! Keep running…this way, come on!! Now go out of bounds….alright, hands off!” I don’t know…I don’t have an answer.

So let’s say that the Man upstairs is helping Tebow, think about this. If he indeed is helping him – what would He want to do the rest of the way? Well he’d probably move a few stones…he’d want to make it a little easier for Tim right? You’re probably smiling and smirking at what you just read but let’s say the Man upstairs wanted to make it slightly easier for Tim – whose faith is wonderful and he is spreading the gospel…but what would the Man upstairs want to do? Well, he’d probably want Tim to host a playoff game – a lot easier to beat the Steelers at home than at Pittsburgh and easier to beat the Ravens at home. Some buddies were mocking me…but I threw this out to them. Listen, Denver is 8-5…now it’s going to shock anybody (right Marc?) if they beat New England. It’s a 4 point spread…don’t kid yourself! They can beat New England. Have you seen the Patriots play defense? After that is Kansas City and San Diego. If they win this weekend…folks, you read it here first; Denver is going to go 11-5.

You say “yeah, but Andrew…Pittsburgh is 10-3” Yeah, but their next game is at San Francisco…losable game, and then they beat St. Louis. If they know they’re not going to win the division…wouldn’t they rest starters in the last game against Cleveland? Isn’t it possible that Denver would win a division, Pittsburgh the wild card….ohhh!! Now we see what’s happening here. Denver is going to host a playoff game at home if they win their division. You then start looking at all the teams; Baltimore goes to San Diego and to Cincinnati…excuse me? But those are losable games for them, heck…Baltimore lost to Seattle!! Baltimore almost lost to Arizona. I then also throw this out to them…to keep their eyes – and you should as well, keep your eyes on 3 games this weekend, Denver potentially beating New England, Baltimore at San Diego, Pittsburgh at San Francisco.

If Denver, San Diego and San Francisco win just think about this as well. Denver is the least offensive team left right now…like, they are not much offensively. Where are all the playoff games in the AFC going to be played? Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Denver, New York… isn’t it all sort of working in Tebow’s favour? Cold, freezing, 28 degree’s…who does that hurt though? That doesn’t hurt the defense… it hurts a great offense! It hurts Brady, Flacco, Big Ben…it doesn’t hurt Tebow, he runs the option. So if you start looking at things –if you start looking at things, assuming that there was divine intervention…what do I know. I mean, apparently somebody walked on water at some point… what do I know! All I’m saying is that…it’s sort of, starting to move in Tebow’s favour. Is that if they win this weekend…they are an 11-5 team and they’re already going to host one playoff game…don’t be so sure that they won’t hose a second. In a 9 degree blizzard conditions and Denver’s high attitude! That doesn’t hurt Tebow at all…it neutralizes both offenses. Translation? You’ve got a 10-10 game with 4 minutes left.

By the way, Denver’s got a better field goal kicker than anybody else in the playoffs. People, don’t start making or labeling me here with this religious overtone stuff…I’m just throwing it out there. Meanwhile yesterday, John Fox is asked about Tebow as the long-term future…and he still won’t commit to it saying “you know, it’s the quarterback position and it’s really hard to sit here and answer all these questions. Like, we don’t talk about the middle linebacker or the left-corner position. I think right now…we should just enjoy the moment because it’s a team game and we’re doing well as a team. I don’t like speaking too much of the future…I’m just happy for each day” Absolutely!! Nobody wants to commit to this thing…but if you start looking around, I can make an argument – with the Jets being a wildcard team. It’s a lot of cold weather teams, playing outdoor….it all plays right into Denver’s favour, you start looking at the schedule…they win this weekend…that’s an 11-5 football team!!

Meanwhile, the Ravens and the Steelers could rest starters, have tougher games, have to travel across the country…I’m just saying, I’m just saying! Yesterday…or this past weekend, you know…we have a weird relationship…America does with the NBA. Like you either love it or you hate! I was telling someone this morning that it was like Indian food, nobody is indifferent… “Well, I kinda like it…kinda not” No! You either love it or you hate…I love it!  With the NBA, you either love it or you hate it. Nobody is grey…I mean you’re either…small towns don’t like it much, big cities like it more. You love it in Miami, you love it in LA, you love it in Dallas, you love it in Houston, you love it in New York…but don’t like it in Lawrence, Kansas nor in Spokane, Washington. But, I’m watching all these teams and players move around…A)I can’t wait for the NBA season to start B) I don’t think anybody has any idea how good Miami is going to be this year. Last year, everything worked against them! Bunch of guys thrown together, Udonis Haslem gets hurt, they can’t figure out the point guard early, people are questioning Spolstra, Lebron is a mess in the finals. Now, Haslem is healthy, they add Shane Battier…teams are getting older…start looking around the league. LA is older, Spurs are older, Mavs are older, Celtics are older…and the Heat have all those players, 26, 25, 28 and they add Battier and they have chemistry and they have Haslem.

I don’t think anybody realizes how good Miami is going to be this year. They should be – and they are in Vegas, the overwhelming favourite. If they Lakers don’t add Dwight Howard…all the teams in their way, are either too old and Chicago doesn’t have a number 2 scorer. Battier is a great acquisition to go against Chicago’s guys down low. So I’m sitting there this morning and I’m listening to some of the Mavs’ players and the Heats’ new players…like Erick Spolstra talked about adding Battier – I don’t think anybody realizes, that is one of those moves, like Chandler to the Mavs  that nobody talks about, because the day that story broke, Albert Pujols went to the Angels. Shane Battier to the Heat is a gigantic move in the NBA. Spolstra said “he knows how to fit in but still be effective and many different styles of plays…he’s played on a lot of very good teams and above everything else, Shane Battier is a winner! That’s the type of guy that we want here, a guy who is accustom to winning and also committed and willing to do all the things that it takes”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    It may be God’s plan to have the Broncos win to further expose people to the Gospel. People say God doesn’t have any plans in sports, but it’s possible He could. Sports play a big role in people’s lives, so the effects of what happens in sports are huge.

    Maybe things will work out for the Broncos. I really do hope they win on Sunday, since I’m a Pats hater.

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