Thoughts On Jerry Sandusky Waiving His Right To A Hearing

Posted: December 14, 2011 in NCAA Football
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So I’m watching this Jerry Sandusky situation – they waived their right to a hearing yesterday, so they’re just going to go to trial. So I’m watching the attorney, Joe Amendola, and whenever you got like an attorney on television…you kinda think he’s smart right? Cause the guy is on television! I mean, he’s representing a big client, he’s got a big case, he’s gotta be smart!! But as we watched in the O.J. Simpson case and as we’ve seen in other cases, there are a lot of C+ students that go even to Yale or Virginia or Georgetown Law School…not everybody is an A+ student. There are a lot of average law schools…I mean, you can go online and look up “average law schools” or “bad law school”. There are places in California that are internet only law schools. Where you can literally get you law degree in your PJ’s. So, not everything is Harvard, Yale and Virginia, Duke, Cal and all these great law schools…that’s just not the case.

But this guy is a really interesting guy because you’ve got Jerry Sandusky…and there has always been a sense that when you have a guy like Jerry Sandusky, who creep’s people out…you shouldn’t let him talk to the media before the trial “less said, the better”. So this is a guy who sat with Bob Costas in a studio in NBC a month or so ago and minutes before he was going to talk to Bob, he goes “hey Bob, how about you get Jerry Sandusky on the air. I’ll give you his phone number” that just doesn’t feel Johnnie Cochran-esk! Then, 2 weeks later he puts Jerry Sandusky down with the New York Times and once again, Sandusky comes off again as very creepy and just kind of inappropriate.

So yesterday I’m watching this whole thing – and as a family, we’ve dealt with 4 or 5 attorneys in my life…and most have been sharp! But, the thing about this guy is…never forget…fact: in his late 40’s, he got a 17 year old client pregnant….not great judgment! And this is also a guy who yesterday, at his press conference – who gave out a phone number, trying to be glib…and it was a porn site! This is what he said…a lot of people have been talking…like I don’t know if this is Bob Lee or who it is or Amand Ketayan …it’s somebody and he sort starts jabbing with a reporter at the scene yesterday and this is sort of what was said “ We let him go on national TV, we let him do the interview with the NY Times because we thought it was critical to this case – given the nature of it on how it started, the public’s opinion and the media’s opinion…that his guilt – which he always denied, that he go on national television and he go into something like the NY Times and tell people “I’m innocent” “ reporter than asks him “ do you think it worked?” and Amendola answers “ I think generally it’s worked, I think we’re getting now calls of support from people, who a month ago wouldn’t even talk to us…and the calls are coming in , more and more each day.” Reporter asks “calls from whom?” Amendola replies “calls from people who were involved in the trial…calls from other attorneys who are saying “you know what? You might actually have a defense here!” and what you’re doing here – and even though I’ve been critized by some of the national pundits…that what your doing is thinking out of the box in a case that was hopeless – and probably to many people is still hopeless..” reporter interrupts and asks “why was it hopeless?” Amendola replies “why was it hopeless? Because I think the media and the public said he was guilty when he read the presentment …”

I don’t know! And that was actually Bob Lee who was pressing Amendola – Jerry Sandusky’s attorney. I would never put my client…especially Jerry Sandusky, in front of the New York Times or Bob Costas…I really wouldn’t! I really think he is better left not talking. Now I didn’t go to Georgetown Law like this guy. I just think that certain clients, especially those who come off creepy in cases like child molestation or rape – which are just seen as so vulgar and violent and inappropriate and criminal…I don’t want my client talking. By the way with Sandusky…can you take off the Penn State stuff? Every time the guy gets cuffed into a car; he’s wearing Penn State stuff. You know that that school is like “dude, would you please take off our sports apparel?”

So I look at this case and it’s going to be so creepy and so weird…and I look at that attorney and I just think it’s going to go horribly round. I think the victims are going to speak and they’re going to be incredibly heartfelt and I think Sandusky is going to be creepy. This attorney is probably a smart guy…but he’s got weird judgment and I don’t think…as he is a guy who had an affair with a 17 year old when he was in his late 40’s, based on his judgment…he doesn’t see Sandusky as wildly inappropriate! Weird people don’t see weird in other weird people. I just found Sandusky to be really really odd.


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