Presenting The Latest NFL Rule….The Tebow Rookie Rule!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in NFL
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So I believe that we are so devoid of leadership in both Canada and the United States, that when we see a small glimpse of it…we go overboard! “Obama is going to change my life…all my bills will be paid!” Really? For a guy who lives in D.C, in the White House and who you’ll probably never get a chance to meet . “Tebow is going to…” what? He beat Caleb Haney. This is how much we have babied and held Tim Tebow’s hand. Sporting networks specifically like ESPN deserve a ton of blame for this. They keep calling this phenomenon – and they’ve never done this for any other player in any other sport in the history of the company. People over at ESPN keep calling it “Tebow’s Rookie Year” What the hell are you guys talking about? It’s his 2nd year! “Well, he didn’t start in his 1st year…”  you might say. Well neither do cornerbacks nor defensive tackles I’d counter argue. We don’t call their 2nd year their rookie years!! “But Andrew…” Listen, Tebow got a full training camp last year, had 2 or 3 OTA’s (organization training activities), had 3 starts, had film time, road trip personnel, he knew it all!

But let’s go ahead with your theory and pretend for a second your right. So I guess now have a new standard in sports called the “Tebow Rookie Rule” and if we indeed do have this new rule, are you now comfortable acknowledging that Tom Brady won a Superbowl as a rookie? Oh so now you have issue with that? People, you can’t have it both ways!! You just can’t! Tom Brady – I’ve argued is the greatest quarterback ever. He won a Superbowl in his rookie year and Joe Montana did not. “Andrew, but it wasn’t Brady’s rookie year…” ohh, but by your new “Tebow Rookie Year” it is! Does that mean I wipe off Troy Aikman’s 0-11 rookie year? Rookie years don’t count? What do I do with Big Ben? Who actually won a Superbowl in his rookie year? Does that mean he actually won a Superbowl while a senior at Miami of Ohio? Listen, Peyton Manning in his real rookie year set 3 NFL rookie records. 26 TD’s, 575 attempts…no hand holding! No option offense either. Vince Young won 6 straight, 8 of 10 in his real rookie year. Dan Marino was a pro-bowler in his real rookie year. Is that the game that you want to play now?

ESPN is as much to blame as everybody. It is not Tebow’s rookie year…it’s his 2nd year. He was so bad in his rookie year that he was 4th on the depth charts going into his 2nd year at one point. Stop it already ESPN…please!! The 2nd thing where we just babied Tebow to no end was when you’d be claiming “well, he is getting better…” I’d argue that so is Christian Ponder and Andy Dalton and Alex Smith and Cam Newton and Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford and Matt Moore. All these1st, 2nd and 3rd year guys are all getting better and better! Because other than Blaine Gabbert, what young quarterback isn’t getting better?  You have to weight that if you consume EPSN on a daily basis that the only getting any credit for getting better is Tim Tebow. I mean, even John Fox talked about that after the game on Sunday saying “ He’s gotten better every week. Like 6 or 7 weeks ago, people said he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Well I think he can do that now and I’m sure of it…and I don’t think that’s why we lost the game tonight.” Congratulations folks! Tim can hit the broad side of a barn in his 2nd year in the league. “Well Andrew, his defense stink! They lost the game” Alright, so does Mark Sanchez on Sunday. Are you allowing Sanchez a mulligan for the defense? Jet’s defense gave up 420 yards, Broncos gave up 450 yards. “Yeah Andrew, but Sanchez threw 2 picks…” but he also had 2 TD’s. “Yeah, but Tebow didn’t throw any interceptions…” but he didn’t throw any TD’s and he also had a fumble. Stop babying Tebow!!

Fact: it is not his rookie year! He was so pathetic that he couldn’t get on a bad team in his rookie year. Fact: he completes less than 50% of his throws. Fact: his wins – often narrow, against backup’s in the league…where he got huge breaks. Fact: the 4 best teams he’s played – New England, Chicago, New York Jets and Detroit, he got all of them at home and in 2 of them, he was blown out! Yes Tebow can win you games. Tavaris Jackson’s won 3 straight, Alex Smith just won the NFC West, John Skelton has beaten Dallas, San Francisco and won 4 straight, yet do you want them as your future quarterbacks? Do you really?

My whole point is…I never gave Tebow a lot of credit for the wins! It was breaks, backup’s and defense. So I’m not going to blame Tebow for the loss on Sunday because it’s all been a bubble. The dot com’s,  the housing crisis, the Obama, the Tebow bubble…and they don’t grow to the sky. When you put “-mania” on the back of anybody’s name, it always goes down. The truth is, you shouldn’t buy or sell anymore Tebow stock today. What’s great about that division – and I think this is the ultimate irony and what’s great about the NFL. Do you realize that if Kansas City beats Oakland at home next week – with Kyle Orten and Denver stumbles on the road at Buffalo after back to back emotional games – which is certainly possible. That Tebow will face Orten…winner to the playoffs! That my friends…is awesome, no matter who wins! That is why the NFL is great. Tebow may face Orten…winner to the playoffs. Honestly, that will be the best football game of two average teams in the history of the National Football League.

A week ago – this is how ridiculous it got and I said this a week ago. If I had said a week ago “Tony Romo is miles ahead better than Tim Tebow” I would’ve gotten nothing but hate mail. Tony Romo’s last 7 games my friends, he’s got 18 TD’s, 2 picks, sole possession of 1st place. Tebow? He can still lose the last game and not make the playoffs. Slow down, take a deep breath…it’s just a great circus and bubbles always burst!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, Tebow gets a ton of love. The Bills-Broncos game was the No.1 game on CBS today, and a large part of that was due to Tebow. It surely wasn’t for the Buffalo Bills, I’ll tell you that. But CBS knows people want to see Tebow, so they showcased him.

    I agree that people shouldn’t consider this his rookie year, especially since he took snaps and started games last season.

    I wonder what happens next week if the Chiefs dominate the Broncos. I wonder what the thought about the quarterback situation is going into next season.

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