Tebow and his “Faith-based Amnesia” against the Steelers

Posted: January 11, 2012 in NFL
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A lot of people out there are very uncomfortable with Tebow’s faith and I don’t think that it’s fair because I think it’s genuine.  This is not a guy who says “I love God” and then on the flight home is hitting on the stewardess, that is not who he is. Don’t love him as a quarterback, but I love him as ahuman being, love him as a role model, I found myself almost wanting to wear aTebow jersey on Sunday, but he’s just simply not my pocket quarterback.

But there is something that his faith gives him that I’ve never seen in sports and I find it fascinating. It’s called an “inner-scoreboard” We all have inner-scoreboards and outer-scoreboards – a lot of times people pump themselves up to look good, but deep down inside they are very insecure. Tim Tebow’s inner-scoreboard and what his inner confidence gives him is what I like to call “faith-based amnesia” To be as bad as Tebow was Sunday night – and let’s be honest here. For the last month, Tim Tebow statistically has been the worst quarterback since they invented the face mask. But it all washes away with Tebow…why? And you’ll agree with me that it is undeniable, it is his faith.

I mean, here is a guy who went 0 for December and is in a playoff game against the Steelers…0 for what?  I don’t even remember it! You may not believe in Tebow, I may not believe in Tebow but he believes in Tebow. You watch the PGA tour and will see that even elite golfers – if they shank one ball into the trees, they’re shot! It ruins their weekend. Tim couldn’t complete a pass in a tight window for over a month and Sunday night goes out and plays his best game thus far and deserves a lot of credit.Most of you are probably not radical in terms of your religion, but to deny what his faith does for him…is silly. Think about what the world would be like if we all had “it” that Tebow has. Tim Tebow didn’t buy the “Power of positive thinking” tapes, he is the tapes! And it’s great to behold.

Is he a limited pocket passer? Absolutely! The guy completes 10 passes…win or lose!  And that’s what you get with Tim, 10 completions and yesterday, they were 10 big completions. Now, do I want him as my future quarterback? Naw, I’ll pass and take Eli, Rogers, Brees and all the other guys who just sit back and throw darts all the time. But Denver is young, they’re fun, they’re resilient, they’ve always had better receivers than the Tebow fans want to acknowledge. When he loses, the receivers are bums and when he wins, he gets all the credit….it’s never been an either or. He’s part of a magical team of guys – John Elway took this franchise over about 9 or 10 months ago and you know what my eyeballs told me Sunday night? Denver was the better football team.

“Well Andrew but Pittsburgh was dinged up”Pittsburgh is always dinged up! Because like the Bears, they always like to lead with their chin and if you’re going to get into bar fights between the ages of 25-45, don’t be surprised if you wake up at 55 really soar. The Patriots and the Packers have no interest in playing that game; it’s just not their culture. It’s what the Steelers are though and that’s why as Steeler fan,you cross your fingers and hope Brett Keisel is healthy enough, this year? He wasn’t. But if you watched that game Sunday night – and I’m way past the right/wrong onTebow, he’s just simply not my kind of guy, but if you watched that game and didn’t get goosebumps when Denver won….there is something absolutely wrong with you. Face it, Tebow makes games interesting – at least when he’s playing pretty well he does. Like the Minnesota game, Sunday’s game and the game against Chicago. He wasn’t very interesting in the game aginast Buffalo nor against New England. But that “thing” yesterday, that was absolutely great television. That’s basically why we’re all sports fans! If we get that tonight… we’re all lucky.

John Elway afterwards, got caught up in the mania when asked “what were your emotions watching that last play, the only one in overtime?” Elway responded by saying “ He put her right on the money and Dermaryius[Thomas] took her to the house, what an incredible play” Reporter than asks “Just on the performance of your young quarterback, I think it’s been the best game he’s played over four quarters…” Elway responds by saying “he really answered the bell today; he came out and played great. He knew how to plug that trigger and put her on the money!” Reporter then says to Elway “you know what he did? He also broke one of your records for the most passing yards in a playoff debut” Elway responds by saying “I love it! That’s perfect for me!”

I thought the Steelers did themselves a dis-service as it was not one of Mike Tomlins’ best coaching jobs. They put 10 in the box for over four quarters – and that’s with a backup safety and with bad cornerbacks to begin with. When it’s clearly been established that the way to beat Tebow is the way Belicheck did it – make him have long sustained drives, throwing balls into tight windows. Here’s how not to defend against Tebow “Hey!! Let’s challenge him to run around and make big plays” He did it against Minnesota, he did it against Oakland and he did it Sunday night! He is a playmaker, was in high school and college but what he is not is, is being able to currently sit in the pocket, throw darts into tight windows. The Steelers are bad a corner, had a backup safety, so let’s put him on an island? For the entire game?  He had 5 completions of over 30 yards with all but one wide open?

Mike Tomlin said this afterwards “ His number of attempts wasn’t surprising, the number of long completions was. I think they had under 20 in regulation, which is right within their personality but I think the significant difference is the number of big plays they were able to connect” Mike, but you could’ve changed that!! 10 in the box when you’re already weak at corner with a backup safety? You know that Tebow can throw over the top, he did it against Oakland and Minnesota and he did it against you in the 2nd quarter!  I know what Tebow did Sunday night– and this is what really impressed me, not the 10 completions – although they were big. Tebow used Pittsburgh against Pittsburgh, here’s what he said afterwards. “ We gave them similar looks in the run game, passing game from similar formations,  we were able to have some big plays from that and also double moves and we kind of used their aggression against them a little bit and a lot of different guys stepped up tonight, I’m so proud of them”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I guess he’s like a cornerback with that short-term memory.

    The Steelers’ D did do a pretty good job adjusting, they held Pitt to just 3 points in the second half IIRC. Still, they obviously did not adjust well enough.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Tebow fares against NE. While NE won’t load the box and get burned over the top like Pitt did, I think they’ll give up a lot of yards on the ground, allowing Denver to slow the game.


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