A Review of A Pretty Boring BCS National Championship Game

Posted: January 12, 2012 in NCAA Football
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So I get a flood of emails Tuesday morning, one starts by saying “Andrew! That BCS National Championship game was boring” Yes it was! Sort of like last years’ NCAA men’s March Madness final between Butler/UConn. You remember it was 22-19 at halftime. Butler shot 18% and UConn 34%…folks, the BCS is not Caesar’s Palace, and they don’t book guests for entertainment purposes. Their job is to spit out number’s one and two in the country and yet you really still believe that Alabama didn’t deserve to be in Monday night’s final? We all acknowledge that LSU beat eight ranked teams and had to be in the competition. You might say “But Bama that was controversial! I didn’t like the way they field” Really? Think Oklahoma State, who lost to Iowa State and trailed Stanford for all but the last second goes into New Orleans and physically humiliates LSU?…can we just stop with the fake controversy? Alabama: 385 yards and LSU: 90 yards…stop it already!!

Remember the people who made their mind up before? The voters for the AP “I’m keeping LSU number one, no matter what happens” You know what those people looked like Tuesday morning? Idiots!! I don’t love how college football sputters to the end with twenty meaningless bowl games…I don’t! But they always manage to nail number one and number two every single year. I said on Monday in my “Suerte Cinco” pick for this game that Bama had the better head coach, a much better quarterback and a better overall defense, that they’d go into Louisiana and nobody in the country would do what Bama did – beat LSU.

The travesty would be keeping Bama out a national championship game because they lost an overtime game against the second best team. By the way, LSU fans that are unhappy with the re-match, didn’t you complain years ago…wasn’t it your mantra, when you lost two overtime games yet you guys were allowed to play in the championship game “we never lost a game in regulation!” You lost two in overtime and Bama lost just one!! LSU, as great as they are athletically, once again proves that to beat the very best defenses, you need a top quarterback. Not the athletic quarterback, not the option quarterback, he’s ultimately limited against elite defenses. Why did Tim Tebow beat the Steelers? Because Tim Tebow threw the football down the field in clutch situations.

Nick Saben put on a clinic Monday night, Les Miles meanwhile had 45 days to prepare and his offense looked like 11 guys who had just met each other in the parking lot!! Les, please recruit a legitimate quarterback, who can get the rock to your athletes because that’s how they do it over at Bama. Yes college football isn’t college basketball and I’m totally okay with it because college football’s regular season for 3 ½ months is amazing and a must watch. College basketball years ago, when the sport was loaded with NBA talent, the regular season meant more. You played for top seeds! But these days, the biggest early game this year in college basketball was played on a boat! You think if Carolina and Michigan State mattered, they’d play the game on an aircraft carrier? Michigan State, Syracuse, Ohio State, Duke, Carolina and Kentucky are all one and two seeds who are just sitting around waiting to fill the other spots.

But more than anything, Monday night teaches you and me that – and really teaches the media more than anyone else, that before we make up our minds with college sports, just let things play themselves out! Half the voters thought it was a travesty that Bama was in that game Monday night…seriously? Monday night was ugly, I admit it. In Boxing, the two best fighters often create the prettiest fight because styles make fights. LSU and Bama largely neutralize the other teams’ strengths. But in the end, losing an overtime game against an elite team should never knock you out of the national championship. The best team won and there was no question who the best team was! There was a slight controversy in New Orleans the next morning. A local broadcaster, former NFL quarterback, pretty much a legend in New Orleans Bobby Aibare went to the press conference afterwards and he got in Les Miles’ face (LSU head coach) and he wanted to know why Jordan Jefferson, the quarterback who was inept wasn’t yanked for quarterback backup Jarred Lee.

He asked “Coach Miles, did you ever consider bringing in Jarred Lee? Considering that you weren’t taking any chances down the field? Now, I know that Alabama’s defense is dominant…but come on, that’s ridiculous! 5 first downs?? So if someone was to approach – and I’m going to tell you from the fans standpoint, that how can you not maybe push the ball down the field and bring in a Jarred Lee…so what if you get a pick 6? It seems like the game plan that you’re not pushing the ball down the field considering that it’s like Ruben Randall or Dell Beckham Jr…now, I know the pass rusher on Alabama, but there is no reason why you’re only at 5 first downs…LSU is a great defense, but that is just ridiculous…” and Les Miles finally cuts him off and asks “do you have a questions?” haha

A former player becomes broadcaster…that’s what suddenly happens! Listen, Jarred Lee was sitting on the bench for a reason. I said before the game, LSU is below average at quarterback ( in my opinion) and I also said that they are the worst quarterback team to ever play in the BCS National Championship game because it speaks to how many great athletes they have. Both Lee and Jordan Jefferson are weak! Could Lee have helped? Yes of course…you would’ve lost 21-3, so let’s not go crazy here. It would just simply be re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic! That puppy was going down either way.

LSU fans…come to terms with it! You’re not the best team in the country, Bama outplayed you the first time and barely lost, Bama humiliated you Monday night. New Orleans is quirky, Les Miles is quirky, and this is who you are. Miles by the way, answered that long statement by Bobby Aibare saying “We did consider Jarred Lee and we felt like with the pass rush that we were getting that we needed a guy who could move his feet and not sustain that pass rush” One team has shut out LSU 3 times in the last 236 games…it’s Alabama!! We’re all tied…congratulations! I predicted they’d win it before the season. Good news LSU, I’ve got you and USC playing for it next year…although I might want to re-consider and put Alabama right back in it.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, I felt Bama deserved to be in it. And I felt OSU had no case after losing to a 31 point ‘dog, and that point was further made when they nearly lost to Stanford.

    I agree, Miles should have switched QBs just to give himself a spark. He said the ‘Bama pressure made him keep a more mobile QB in. The pressure wasn’t *that* great, Jefferson had some time and missed some receivers.

    Also, I think the consensus is that LSU had the better season, but ‘Bama was the better team. I think Bama needs to schedule more out of conference games against big teams like LSU did. No Georgia Southerns and co. They should play the Oregons and West Virginias. LSU definitely had the tougher road to the game, especially since they went into Tuscaloosa to win. I guess ‘Bama faces Michigan next year, which is a start.

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