Win or Lose Against The Pats…Tebow Fans, What Are You Left With Next Year?

Posted: January 14, 2012 in NFL
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I’ll tell you, first thing is first…I don’t think San Francisco is getting any respect. If I have to hear an analyst one more time say “well Drew Brees is better than Alex Smith” …that has already been established! But Drew Brees is going to face the best front 7 in football in San Francisco on the road. Alex Smith will face virtually no pass rush whatsoever from New Orleans. It’s amazing how good a quarterback gets with time and how average a great quarterback gets under duress. It’s the same with the Giants and the Packers: Eli Manning is going to have a lot more time to throw than Aaron Rodgers! I can guarantee you that! Is Rodgers better than Eli? Absolutely!! But don’t forget that pass rush is the great equalizer. If it was all about quarterbacks, Brady and Rodgers would never lose any games!

There is a reason why the Saints got clobbered by St. Louis, do you remember that game? St. Louis put up a huge pass rush…why? Because their former coach is a smart defensive guy and the Rams’ talent – most of it is in the defensive line. So I think San Francisco is so undervalued this weekend. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the game that will get the highest ratings – and it won’t be close, that is the Denver Tebow’s against the New England Patriots.

I’ve always tried with Tebow, to quantify it this way: Love him as a human, I’m not going to mock his faith  because I think there is no place for that kind of cynicism, he’s a good human being…but not my kind of quarterback for the future. I’m not going to build around that kind of style of quarterbacking. I said the same thing about Vince Young and Michael Vick. You know me if you read these rants on a weekly basis. It’s not about Tebow the dude, it’s about “I’m not a fan of quarterbacks who run”…I’m just not! I want guys who sit in the pocket and throw darts.

But I was saying this to a friend earlier today – who likes Tebow and I said to him “let me add some perspective here…and I get your like thing” which is something I’ve always taken pride in. What if Tebow loses tonight? Now, he’s not going to take play great or terrible. I went to accurscore, where they simulated the game 10,000 times and when it’s simulated for so long, here’s what they predicted for Tebow tonight in bad weather: 1 TD, 1 pick, 191 yards, 68 quarterback rating,11 for 22. By the way, you would all destroy Mark Sanchez for that, even if he won.

So if Tebow gives you the game –again he’s not terrible or great, but just gives you the game that I just wrote, I would think it’d be predictably average for Tebow. Can I ask all you Tebow fans something…”what are you left with?” I think you’re left with 4 out of the last 5 starts are losses (3 of the 4 are ugly) with 4 TD’s and 3 interceptions. You’re left with – starting with the Miami win, overtime win over a non-playoff team, win by 7 over bad team, win by 4 over non-playoff team, overtime win over non-playoff, 3 non-playoff’s, overtime non-playoff…all those win’s at home, all those impressive wins. Now you did crush the Raiders, good for you! But does that sound like – when I list that out for you, does that sound like the future of greatness in the NFL? That’s all I’ve tried to add

Next year, I’m not sure Denver fans realize this! That because Denver won its division, we already know who Denver is going to face next year…we just don’t know the dates. Do all you Tebow fans realize that you’re going to face the Steelers, Texans, Ravens, Bengals, Pats, Falcons, Saints and Panthers. So 10 of 16 weeks next year, you will either face: Philip Rivers, Joe Falcco, Andy Dalton, Tom Brady on the road, Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Matt Schaub and Big Ben who is healthy. The schedule is already out; we know who you’re going to play…the NFC South and all the division winners! We just don’t know when you’re going to play them.

Now everybody has got tape, no more Caleb Haines, no more Chad Henne’s, no more catching anybody by surprise…lot’s of tape and arguably 10 pro bowl levelish quarterbacks who have a year to prep. So what are you left with? So in this entire Tebow story, all I have tried to add is some perspective. By the way, as Ted Brusky ESPN NFL Analyst said, you won’t get the disrespectful game plan this year, which Tebow has often faced….arrogance. So that’s always been my perspective on Tebow, Mania doesn’t grow to the sky. So what happens if Tebow has the game that Vegas and Accurscore predict? What are you left with? No more mania, 47% significantly tougher schedule, 10 out of 16 pro bowl level quarterbacks, many games on the road and a year of film…what are you left with?

That’s why when John Elway – the only honest person the entire time in Denver, is asked about Tim Tebow and handing him the key to the future, John Elway has always had the same response and it’s the exact same response that he should have. “You know what, we’re going to go through the entire list and evaluate everybody on the football team. We’re not going to worry about next year now, we’ll try to finish the year strong and hopefully we’ve got a long way to go. Once we then get into the off-season, we’ll then sit down and evaluate everybody”

What I love about this story is that when this is all over, be it Feb 5th and Tebow’s got a ring or tonight in New England. We will look back …because the further the story and the games get away from us, everybody will have perspective and I will ask the questions again…what are we left with? No mania, no games, it’s the off-season, they’re playing baseball, deep breathe…what are you left with? Is it what you’d be willing to build your future around? I guess we’ll see…

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think they should still roll with him, especially because of where they will be drafting. I think he’s improved and will continue to improve. But I do like Elway’s candid assessments.

    The schedule does look like it’ll get harder next year. The NFC South is often a good division, as if the AFC North. But we’ll see, sometimes injuries or circumstances make teams that look good in the off-season don’t end up being great in the regular season.

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