Final Thoughts On Tim Tebow & The Importance of Paying Attention To Details

Posted: January 26, 2012 in NFL
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We all love offense like the Saints and the Packers produce…yet who were the 4 teams left in the NFL playoff picture? 49er’s play defense, Giants play defense, the Ravens play defense and if I may suggest this, New England plays very good situational defense. I went and looked it up this morning and found that New England, over the last 9 games prior to the game against the Ravens, had only given up about 18 points a game. So this idea that New England is atrocious defensively…ask yourself this: Do they have the best coach in the league? Yes!

The really good coaches – and Belicheck’s background is defense, not offense. Do you think he can make the team good enough defensively to make plays against Joe Flacco? I think he can! So don’t buy into the hype that New England is a terrible defensive team. Points allowed? They are right in the middle of the league. Something else to consider is that they faced Tebow in their first game; they faced Flacco who was average up until they played them this past Sunday. You don’t have to be a great defense against Tebow and Flacco – you do however, now up against Eli Manning, which is why I have the Giants winning the entire thing!

So what’s funny about the NFL is sometimes it all comes down to how you match up. You don’t have to be a great team to make the playoffs – the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs made the playoffs last year and Denver made the playoffs this year. Tebow won a playoff game and Aaron Rodgers didn’t! It’s about the team and New England, defensively, with Ty Warren and Vince Wilfork at defensive tackle; those are elite guys in the middle. They don’t have a great outside pass rush – Mark Anderson is okay, he’s bounced around the league in Houston and Chicago. But the idea that they are terrible defensively – Jerod Mayo is an elite linebacker, Patrick Chung from Oregon is a pretty athletic guy in the back. Again, they are not great, obviously, but situationally they don’t have to be against Tebow and Flacco.

So it’s not simply that defenses win you championships, Kurt Warner got the Cardinals to a Superbowl and they certainly didn’t play any defense, so you totally need a combination of things, but this is still a quarterback driven league. Who won two weekends ago? T.J. Yates and Tim Tebow. Alex Smith barely won and played the best game of his life! So it’s still a quarterback league…I’ll still take Aaron Rodgers and Brees over your Alex Smith, but Alex Smith has a better team because they pay attention to the details. What really wins in the playoffs is not an offense or a defense but rather attention to details. Nobody does it better than Bill Belicheck though honourable mention should go out to Jim Harbough and Tom Coughlin – who really deserve coach of the year awards in my opinion. This team at one point was like 7-7? They lost at home to the Redskins – I remember watching that game and thinking the Giants were absolutely atrocious and were terrible early in the year. Then in the last 3 or 4 weeks they catch fire…so Coughlin, for me, get’s coach of the year.

But here’s the one thing I’m tired of hearing and all theses excuses for Tim Tebow. If I have to hear Tebow fans say one more time “Well, he doesn’t have anything around him” Stop talking because you’re embarrassing yourself! You’re the same idiots who compared Tebow to John Elway. John Elway, by his second year in the league, was 12-2 and by far the best player in the NFL. Tim Tebow has been through 2 full seasons, one as a starter and is the worst quarterback, statistically, in the league….so please stop it! Elway was a superstar by the beginning of year 2. They certainly didn’t babysit John Elway and he certainly had less talent around him than Tim Tebow does. Sammy Winder? He had nobody around him.

The AFC West, when Elway was in it, was the best division in football for about a 4 year run. Chiefs were solid, San Diego was good and the Raiders were pretty tough. Stop babysitting Tebow and don’t tell me that he doesn’t have any talent around him. Eddie Royal had 91 catches as a rookie with Jay Cutler – that’s like 6 ½ a game and with Tebow he’s got like 1 ½ a game. You can look at Eddie Royal and figure out that he has as many catches as good as his quarterback is. He had 91 with Cutler, in 2 years he had 90 with Orton and with Tebow he’s got 19. He was Wes Welker in his first year in the league – an elite slot receiver with 91 catches but now he averages like 1 a game…stop blaming Eddie Royal! Erick Deker had 20 catches and 4 TD’s with Orton this year; with Tebow he had 11 catches in 8 games. Brandon Lloyd is an elite player and demanded to be traded because he wanted to play with a real quarterback…so stop giving Tebow this over-hyped praise. Demorious Thomas is 6 feet 3 inches, weigh’s 235 and runs a 4.38…Brady’s got nobody like that in his roster.

There is talent on that football team with players such as Willis McGahee and Erick Deker’s a solid number two. Eddie Royal was a star in the league with Cutler. I mean, Jay Cutler has made Earl Bennett good. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that quarterbacks make good wide receivers. That’s why Plaxico was great with Eli and wasn’t able to do anything with Sanchez. That’s why Roddy White was okay with Vick but is great with Matt Ryan. We all love the ernest Tim Tebow, he was a predictable 50’s sitcom…aww shucks!  He’s a great kid but take the training wheels off him. Get rid of this stupid 1974 option read stuff, it’s just amazing…take the training wheels off him!

Now, if you want to stay with Tim…like my dad and I got into a discussion last week. In life, if you set low standards…you achieve them. If 46% completion rate, two years into your career, is what you think is the future? Denver, that’s why you have a mediocre franchise and it’s exactly why you’re not the Patriots. If being 20 pounds overweight is your standard, that’s why your 20 pounds overweight! What is your standard in life? In the south, they demand excellence and it’s why they win national championships. Out West, USC demands championships and it’s why they have the most. If you don’t demand excellence, you won’t achieve excellence. Do you think Belicheck, do you think the Steelers and the Ravens…I’ve got news for you, Flacco has all sorts of playoff wins, has 44 wins including playoff in 4 years and they don’t even want to talk about giving him an extension…because they have high standards!

If I was Baltimore, I’m not even sure if I would give him a contract extension because Flacco only completes about 56% percent of his throws! He’s a trust fund kid; he was born into a great family! Half the league gets drafted to teams like the Raiders but Flacco got the Ravens! He’s definitely a trust fund kid, he got the best family!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I don’t know if there’s a single key to playing well in the playoffs besides getting hot at the right time. How do you do that, i don’t know.

    But the Giants weren’t a great defense during the year, in fact NYG even had a negative point differential. The 2008 Cards didn’t play well defensively all year, but in the playoffs, they turned it on. They picked off Jake Delhomme four times in the divisional round, and they held Pitt to 20 points in the SB (7 came off James Harrison’s pick six)

    As for Tebow being better than Elway, that was definitely crazy talk. People were using QB rating to say he was better than Elway, when QB rating numbers are inflated in today’s game. Elway was much better, probably not the best QB during his second year, as Marino, a member of his cohort, had a record breaking season in 1984; but yeah, there’s no comparison between Tebow and Elway at this stage. I think Tebow can be serviceable, though, we’ll see.

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