Why Las Vegas Favours The Patriots To Win The Superbowl

Posted: February 1, 2012 in NFL
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So I skyped a contact in Vegas that I’ve got – works for the Las Vegas Sports Consulting. Now, he’s been in the industry for a long time and I told him that I could not believe that Vegas were favouring the Patriots for the Superbowl. Now, this contact has been a gambler for huge portions of his life and so I said to him “dude, I don’t get it! How can New England – with inferior players be listed as a favourite?” and he said to me “My young stallion, take a deep breath – just like you tell us to in your rants. I’m going to tell you two things Question: who’s the smartest coach in football? “I replied “Bill Belicheck” and he said to me “he gets two weeks! That will help close the gap. It’s probably the most cerebral team in the league – not the most athletic”

And then he says to me “I want you to do something else. Write numbers 1 through 15 on a yellow piece of paper. In order, write the best players participating in the Superbowl and you’ll be shocked at how many of them are Patriots!” So I did it this morning and I wrote it down and I tried to get as close as I could to the order: #1- Brady, the players in the NFL voted him as the best player. #2 – Eli Manning. #3 Osi Umenyiora, I felt you had to put a New York Giant defensive lineman in the third spot. Although you could put Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, I put Osi because of his ability to create turnovers. I don’t think anybody could deny right now that Gronkowski is an impactful player, renowned NFL record for tight ends, so I put him at #4. Victor Cruz has become a star receiver, so I placed him at #5. The game will also be indoors – fast track, Victor Cruz will have a big day. I put Vince Wilfork at the #6 spot, Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants at #7.  Justin Tuck at # 8 and Hakeem Nicks – a matchup problem for New England, at #9. But from that point forward, it became sorta New England heavy. I put Wes Welker at #10 and Jerod Mayo at #11, Michael Boley who is the Giants’ linebacker and their only really good one at #12, Aaron Hernandez at #13, Matt Light #14 and Logan Mankins # 15.

Now maybe I’m off here or there – and we could argue about 11, 12 and 13th. But my contact asked me, how many of them were Patriots and I said, 8 of 15, he then hung up on me. He probably went out to bet the horses on his gigantic mansion in Nevada…and that my friends, is maybe why New England is favoured and not the New York Giants

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I think another reason is a lot of the casual bettors will be on the Pats for the “revenge” angle and because they have been perennial powers for eleven seasons.

    I think one thing that is being overlooked is New England’s pass rush against the Giants. They didn’t sack Eli one time in their regular season meeting, but he was often under duress, especially in the first half. His pocket mobility really served him well that game, and we’ll see what happens in the trenches this time around.

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