New England Was The Better Team, New York Had The Better Players, Thought’s on The Superbowl

Posted: February 6, 2012 in NFL
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We should all thank the National Football League as it all started September 8th – think about that, you had the Packers and the Saints, 800 yards of offense, only 1 turnover in the game, only a combined total of 9 penalties, Rodgers and  Brees in a wild shootout. It culminates with Giants/Patriots on a Hail Mary pass for New England and other than the Pro Bowl; it was really 5 months of greatness. Thank you National Football League – now for the next several weeks, I’m breaking down Butler and Miami of Ohio games.

When you start looking around at the other options in sports –do you realize how lucky we are that we have the National Football League?  Take it out…eliminate it and pretend it doesn’t exist, and see what you have. I mean, yesterday was great and I never really understood the “that team is going to blow out that team” and the “this team is going to blow out that team” analysis people were predicting. Listen, these teams could play 10 times – they are always like this, and it seems like the Giants just keep winning them.

Now it’s Monday after the Superbowl – so it’s overreaction Monday, “prison of the moment” Monday, but the truth is “New England has lost their touch” as people might say. Nope, the Giants are just a better football team with more good players. “Well Andrew, New England made too many mistakes…” nope, not really. The New York Giants are just the better team with more quality players.

Ask yourself this: The Patriots averaged 31 points a game, but against the Giants twice, Baltimore and Pittsburgh they averaged 19 ½ …there is a reason. Danny Woodhead, Wes Welker 5’8 guys and tight ends, especially when one is hurt, are not dropping 30 on the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers. The better athletes won yesterday and nobody is going to play a perfect Superbowl against the New York Giants and nobody is going to play a perfect Superbowl against the New England Patriots – there is simply no excuses today, I’m hearing Patriot fan say “ well, I mean we…” you  didn’t make enough plays because you don’t have enough playmakers.

A lot of people in New England worship Bill Belicheck, who has 18 un-drafted guys, 11 more who have been drafted 4th round or later. But Mario Manningham went to a major college, he’s the Giants’ 3rd best receiver – he would be Tom Brady’s #1 deep threat. Don’t tell me that New England didn’t play a good game; New England played a great game! The Giants fumbled 3 times but the Patriots didn’t. The Giants blew 2 timeouts but the Patriots didn’t, the Giants blew coverage or two but the Patriots didn’t. The Patriots got their best pass rush in 2 months, the Patriots’ protection was excellent but the difference in that football game is that the New York Giants are fast on the outside, fast on the edges…fast, big, strong everywhere!

In the end, when you have more talent, you’re allowed to make more mistakes! The truth is that the Giants are a lot better than New England, there is a reason they keep beating them and there is a reason they keep beating them the same way. It’s not just the Coughlin, it’s not just the Eli, it’s that you are asking Brady to play perfect football and you simply can’t do it against the Baltimore’s, the Pittsburgh’s and Giants. Listen, a banker – because of the money he makes, can whiff on a few of his investments, but it won’t de-rail his retirement. But a school teacher – with her income, can’t whiff on several investments or she’ll have no retirement.

The New York Giants didn’t necessarily outplay the New England Patriots. As I said, when this line was released, the New York Giants have more quality players, the Patriots don’t have a pass rusher that doesn’t start on that Giants’ D line. They don’t have a receiver outside the hash marks who starts for the New York Giants. There are no big plays with Brady, no quick strike athletes, their scoring drives were: 10, 14 and 8 plays, they then had another 11 play drive. Don’t tell me New England didn’t play well.

Bill Belicheck said something after the game – and I totally disagree with him “I thought they played well and competed well and thought they did a good job. I mean look, everything we did could’ve gone a bit better but…It was very competitive and we just came up a little bit short tonight, that’s about all there is to say” it’s not about coming up a few plays short, it’s about coming up a few players short! You’re drafting Ryan Mallett on offensive tackle, your giving Tom Brady 5’8 guys who can’t play outside the hash marks. Steve Young – because on a day like today “Eli is great, Brady’s terrible” or “Giants are great and flawless…”  No! I’ll make an argument that New England played with fewer flaws, but the Giants are simply a better team because they have more good players.

Steve Young said it after the game that you can’t ask Brady to play a perfect football game and that you simply can’t play perfect against this Giants team “Well, I’d have to go back to the nature of who he has to deal with. There is no fear factor of the friends that he has around him to help him move the football and because of that, he has to essentially concoctate himself. I think it’s miraculous at how he does it and today he simply didn’t get the help that he needed in some big plays, some yards after a catch…something to break because he completed tons of balls that just weren’t enough. I think Tom Brady does more with less than maybe anyone who has ever played.” The New York Giants won this game and there is a reason they’ve beaten them 3 straight times. They have paid attention to speed, size, athleticism and they found the kid Eli who can get the ball to those athletes.

No excuses, the Giants are absolutely the better team! Even if you barely win, if you keep winning the same way against the same team, you are superior! The Giants absolutely are superior to the New England Patriots; there is no question about that! When this line came out, I said that it should’ve been Giants at +6 and instead it was -3, I thought Vegas made a 9 point mistake. It just so happens that they made a 7 point mistake. In the end, the Giants didn’t play a great game as they blew 2 timeouts, fumbled 3 times, blown coverage’s, got lucky that those fumbles weren’t recovered by New England, were a Wes Welker catch – one he usually makes, from losing the game and falling behind by double digits late in the 4th quarter.

But when you’ve got and have drafted great players – and the Giants have as many great players as anybody in this league, you can win if you’ve got the right coach and the right quarterback…and they do! Congratulations to the New York Giants who if they can shore up that offensive line and maybe get one elite corner, could make another real long run next season. New England only had – by the way, 5 penalties, New England had a great pass rush, New England protected Brady as well as they have all year. Don’t tell me you didn’t play well enough because New England played very well but they just simply can’t beat this team…they’ve got to get better players, that’s it!

Eli Manning – as I’ve said before is sort of like that Derek Jeter type of guy. Say what you want about Eli…God is he good when it matters! Don’t get me wrong though, there is certainly a bad Eli – like the picks,  there is a bad Jeter – like the range ,but man Eli and Jeter are legends in New York because when it matters, it’s bottom of the ninth, Jeter and Eli are unbelievable, what a throw to Manningham!


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