Thought’s on Jeremy Lin and Carmelo’s First Game and The Greg Oden Disaster

Posted: February 21, 2012 in NBA
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Did you see Jeremy Lin’s number’s Monday night? For the uninitiated, let me write it out for you: 21 points, 9 assists, 4 steals and 7 rebounds. Only 5 players in the NBA in the last 2 years – Lebron, Rose and Chris Paul are 3 of them have had numbers that good. By the way, Derrick Roses’ numbers Monday night – in a win: 30% fewer assists, 400% fewer steals, 30% fewer rebounds and an extra turnover, but we love Derrick Rose because his team won.

I’ve said it before; I’m not a day trader because that’s not what I do. I’m mostly a long-term investor in real life and in sports; if I buy something, I stick with it. Jeremy Lin was great Monday night because when he wasn’t on the floor in the first half Monday night, the Knicks started gunning 3 balls. When he goes back onto the floor – they start pushing the ball around, going inside, the right guys are taking shots. Now, is the Linsanity show going to slow down? Absolutely! Don’t kid yourself. The Miami Heat – easily the best team in the NBA, lost 3 straight games earlier this season…why? They were on the road! They lost to Golden State, the Clippers and Denver. It’s the NBA; this isn’t college basketball where one guy, max, is a borderline NBA player. The best athlete’s in the world, you play 3 times in 4 nights, you’re traveling nationally, and great teams in this league get wacked! I mean the Lakers will wack the Suns one night yet 4 nights later the Suns will hammer the Lakers. It’s the NBA!

Monday night though, Derrick Williams was philthy! The other thing – sometimes you cannot stop an avalanche, there’s just nothing you can do about it. I was watching television Monday night and there was this guy on television that created this thing where you pull the chord and it creates this bubble so you can survive an avalanche – and even he said it “it really doesn’t mean that you’re going to survive it, it just gives you a little better chance.” Sometimes in life, there’s bad break avalanche! Have you ever been poor? Car breaks down, washer/dryer doesn’t work, being of Hispanic background I know all too well about that and it’s just an avalanche of bad breaks. It seems like whenever you’re really poor, you can’t get a break! Your car breaks down…right before payday! 2 days before and you have to take the bus to work. There are bad break avalanches, there’s chirp-on-your-shoulder-can’t-miss-from-three-point-land-Derron Williams avalanches and it was one of those nights where Derron Williams was philthy.

By the way, Mike D’Antoni said it after the game that you could tell very early – in the NBA, sometimes teams are flat and the Knicks Monday night, I watched it, they were just DOA. “Our energy wasn’t where it had to be – you know, I can maybe understand the first quarter a little bit, you’re flat and you’re coming off an emotional win…okay. But we had to pick it up early in the end, we just couldn’t do it” Now, in regards to the Melo thing – to me, I think it’s totally fine.  Now, there are a lot of guys that aren’t going to work with Jeremy Lin – Tony Douglas? Get rid of him! Barron Davis? Get rid of him as well, J.R. Smith? I’m not a fan of…eventually get rid of him. Carmelo Anthony is going to work fine with Lin. Jimmy Boeheim was interview on the Scott Van Pelt Show last week – I watched the Melo thing Monday night with Jeremy Lin, I think it’s totally fine! One of them likes to pass the other likes to shoot.

Jimmy Boeheim was on the radio show last week and he was asked about his predictions on Melo and Lin on the court, he said “in all the scorers that I’ve ever seen – whether it’s Kobe or Dwayne Wade, you name any top scorer you wanna name – Reggie Miller, they all have that mentality “I’m here to score, this is what I do” But I think Melo fitted in great here [Syracuse] we had a balanced team , like he averaged 20 points, but that’s basketball. We had another 3 guys in double figures as well…I have no doubt that when he’s back on the court, he will fit in great with him, they’ll play well together. I think the Knicks are going to rise and fall on how well they play defense.” And that’s the irony of the whole situation – where we’re paying attention to Amare, Melo and Lin yet the reason why they’re probably going to lose to the Miami Heat – and I don’t think they can beat the Miami Heat 4 times nor Chicago is because they don’t defend like those teams.

So to me, Monday night is a speed bump, the kid is producing prodigious and profound numbers at point guard, they’re going to be fine! I like watching them play…heck, I’m watching Knicks/Net’s game…when was the last time I ever did that? The kid for sure has had a positive impact on the team. Now the other thing – and I’m sorta talking about how everyone wants me to be a day trader…I love fans, I’m a fan…so I love fans. But the one thing that drives me crazy though is “hindsight” guy, the guy that emails you at like 1:38am, right after his team win – those guys are ridiculous and I can’t stand fans like that. Have the courage – LSU fans are the worst because before the National Championship, when I said that Bama was going to beat them, got like 200 emails yet didn’t get one when they got smoked! Everybody thinks they’re an “expert” before the games.

Everybody this morning could look at the Portland Trail Blazers and bag on the fact that they drafted Greg Odon before Kevin Durant – you’re the guy I can’t stand! Your “hindsight” guy because Portland drafted the right guy because how could they know that Greg Odon was built on tongue depressors and saran wrap? They had Brandon Roy, they had LaMarcus Aldridge – they had 2 emerging stars! And their arch nemesis, the Lakers, had drafted the year before Andrew Bynum – this prodigy, this 17/18 year old kid from Jersey and the Blazers knew “if we don’t get a big, we’re going to have to face Kobe and Bynum” So it’s really easy today to say – and I heard Tom Penn, who use to work in the front office of the Blazers interviewed on Fox Sports say “I loved Durant, but we had enough guys scoring on the wing…we needed a big” it’s easy to blast the Blazers in hindsight.

Even when they drafted Sam Booey before Michael Jordan – do a little homework, the Blazers two years earlier had drafted Clyde Drexler – who had a profound college career, who broke into the Blazers and when Jordan was available, he was averaging 18 points per game for Portland as a two-guard, shooting 50% and was the most popular Blazer since Bill Walton. The idea that you could’ve plucked out Jordan and said “Clyde, sit on the bench” Drexler from the minute he arrived there was wildly popular “Clyde the Glyde” and this was when college players stayed in college for 3 or 4 years and came out like Reggie Busch or Tebow – microwavable stars, into the next level. College basketball guys coming out now, you’ve never heard of them. But Clyde was a star in American sports as a college player – he was Tebow and Reggie Busch, so the Blazers had a two-guard, they didn’t need another two-guard. They needed a big and went out and got Sam Booey.

Now, you could argue that they could’ve drafted a point guard or this and that with Sam Booey having some injury problems…Greg Oden had injuries. Everybody is an expert in hindsight. So everybody wants sportscasters to be day traders. If I was a political guy, you’d want me to have Milt Romney tonight, Rick Santorum tomorrow night and Newt Gingrich the night after. I’m a Jeremy Lin guy, I don’t care if they win or lose, his numbers are profound, and the guy can play! I get the Greg Oden thing completely because with Kevin Durant, they had that guy already in their roster – they had LaMarcus Aldridge, who’s a great player. Brandon Roy was a great player it’s just unfortunate that Roy fell apart physically early in his career. Here’s the thing though, I don’t like bashing people or making fun of people who can’t defend themselves – kids, puppies, senior citizens and injury plagued centers! I just don’t like picking on them.

I like picking on people that can handle it and with Greg Oden I just feel terrible for Portland, I feel terrible for the city, I feel terrible for the employee’s, I don’t think there is another sports franchise in the U.S. that has had worse luck. I mean, Brandon Roy had to retire – the man was an All-star, if Greg Oden had given you 14 and 11 every night, which is what I honestly thought he always was – I didn’t think he was offensively gifted, if he gave you 14 ½ points, 11 ½ rebounds and 3 blocks and Roy was healthy, you’d have right now: Oden, Roy an All-Star, a legit big man which almost nobody in the league has and LaMarcus Aldridge – you’d arguably be the 2nd best team in the West behind Oklahoma City, first or second best team. So I just feel terrible for them, but if you’ve not heard the news, Greg Oden is out again needing another micro fracture surgery.


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