Peyton Manning To The Broncos, Tebow To The Jets?

Posted: March 22, 2012 in NFL
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So Peyton Manning has been anointed as the next quarterback of the Denver Broncos. News that ESPN’s Adam Schafter and Chris Mortensen first broke late Tuesday morning, where Peyton Manning told his agent to open up negotiations with the Broncos. I felt and most analysts felt that it was the best spot for him because you’ve got Demarious Thomas – an emerging star, Eric Decker a very good #2, you have an excellent offensive line, you have a ton of cash, it is a great wide receiver draft, and I believe it is the perfect spot. Now Eddie Royal late last week signed with the Chargers – I liked him not only as a receiver but as a punt returner, that’s a little bit of a ding, but again it’s a great wide receiver draft, you’ve got a ton of cash, don’t be shocked if they go out and make a run on one or two of the available tight ends out there.

In regards to Tim Tebow, when news broke out that Manning was all but a Bronco I thought for sure that Tebow would be out. The preliminary list of teams I thought would be a great fit for him were: New England, San Diego, New Orleans, Giants and the Steelers, these are organizations that have successful and stable pro bowl level quarterbacks who would not be affected if they have a bad afternoon and the crazy’s and the wackado’s would not be chanting Tebow’s name. My rationale was that you cannot have a young quarterback on the roster who you think has the potential to be an elite qb and bring in Tebow, you only do that unless you were going to give Tebow a real shot at running the organization – which as we now now, will be the case with the Jets. I just thought that under an Eli Manning, Big Ben, Brady, Brees, Philip Rivers he could be a very good situational player. I’ve always said that it doesn’t work in Denver right now with Tebow. John Elway – Stanford educated, his dad was a coach, 30 years + in the league knows what he’s doing. You’ve still got a high percentage of people in Denver who really believed that Tebow was the guy. Peyton Manning goes out and has a bad half and you would’ve had the nutcases clamoring for Tebow. You know what? You just really want him out of the neighbourhood, you may like your ex-wife but you don’t want to live next to her. This was the right move to make, I know people are going to argue but John Elway is no dope.

I also felt that Denver was the most desperate out of all the teams. Tennessee has Hasselbeck, 9er’s have Alex Smith…you can win a lot of games with those guys. Now, something that I eluded to during the NFL playoffs –which not too many people were really talking about, was Denver’s schedule for next season, when they will face 10 pro bowl level quarterbacks – remember, they have to face: New England, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Baltimore. They also have to play the NFC South, where they have to face Brees, Newton, Ryan…it is a very formidable schedule for Denver next year. With Peyton Manning, I believe you can win almost all of those games – and a lot of those games are road games. Tim Tebow has not shown the ability, I’d even argue that he’s not even close, to go on the road and beat pro bowl quarterbacks.

Let me share with you something I read about a month ago in one of the online subscriptions. Where they had inside knowledge that deep down, Elway and John Fox were sort of done placating Tebow – where neither one of them truly believed Tim would ever be close to an elite quarterback. That is why they pursued Peyton Manning with such intensity. Elway and Fox had merely come to terms since the season ended on the direction of the franchise and that in order to beat elite teams in this league, they just didn’t believe that Tebow was close now or that he would ever get there.  For those of you who claim Tebow wasn’t given a shot to show his thing in his first year, I give you Cam Newton. The man walked into the league with a crappy team, Andy Dalton as well walked into the league the same way…yet both overnight were able to put up legitimate numbers. Your two full years into Tebow and he’s not even close!! By the way, they didn’t let Rodgers play all that much in his first season, yet by the time he hit the field, he was great!

In the current NFL, you don’t need two years to prove that you can complete more than 47% of your throws! You Tebow fans… he’s not close!!! I remember reading somewhere else where a veteran NFL head coach – I think they said he was coaching in the NFC East, watched Tebow work out in the combine and was shocked at how far he had to go mechanically. There are so many concerns about Tebow: mechanics, arm strength, above the shoulders, where he has struggled to make pre-snap reads. Nobody is saying that Tim Tebow won’t improve, but even if you gave him a 15, 20 or 30% improvement, the numbers are still not even close! NFL insiders really thought that the Broncos were not going to get significantly better- it’s not like Tim has to improve in one area, Tim has got to improve 40% across the board! So this whole thing about “oh Andrew, he needs time…” Andy Dalton didn’t get time, Cam Newton didn’t get time and Andrew Luck is not going to get time…you don’t have time, you have to win now!! The league is not waiting for Tim Tebow, you gotta be able to win shoot outs, on the road…now! 

Did you just see what New England has done over the past couple of days?  They got another tight end and a star wide receiver in Brandon Lloyd; you don’t think they’re not going to score 30 points a game? You’re playing them next year in Foxboro…can you win that game if you’re the Broncos and still had Tebow as your starter? The Pats just added two star pieces to that offense, you think you can honestly go on the road and win that game? If you don’t, then why did you want Tebow?? You can sure as heck win it with Peyton Manning; you can’t win it with Tebow. But, it’s set though, Peyton Manning to Denver.

Now, just to cover all the rumours and stories leading up to Manning’s potential destination – many texted me and thought 9er’s were the best fit. I never thought that Manning to San Fran was a great fit because if you’re Harbough, you’ve got a plan. Essentially with the money they would’ve had to pay Manning, you just wouldn’t be able to keep all these defensive stars over the next 2 or 3 years. In the end, if you go look at Jim Harbough’s career as a coach – at San Diego, at Stanford and San Francisco, what he develops tends to be very physical football teams. He likes very physical football teams; he doesn’t mind if his quarterback can run a little, he wants to pound the ball – that’s sort of the opposite of Peyton’s style. So I never thought that Peyton to the 9er’s was a perfect fit – I thought it was an absolutely perfect fit in Denver, I thought it was a bad fit in Tennessee.  Kenny Britt – to me, is an injury away or an off-field incident away from rendering Tennessee a virtually sub-par offense. I just don’t like Tennessee’s offensive pieces, I’m sure nobody disputes that Kenny Britt is a star but he’s also been a knucklehead, he’s coming off an injury. If he gets hurt…what are you stuck with?  Chris Johnson in a passing league? Coming up tomorrow – breaking it down on what the Tebow to the Jets move means! Stay tune!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Yeah, they must have felt fortunate that they were able to advance to the divisional round with that kind of QB play. I guess they also took it as a positive that they could get that far with a QB like him, and were drooling over how far they could go with Peyton.

    You’re right, it’s a win now league and coaches don’t have time to have their starting QB go through growing pains.

    I thought NE was a great fit, and obviously you think NYJ was a bad fit, especially with that QB situation, haha.

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