Tebowmania, Welcome To New York!!

Posted: March 22, 2012 in NFL
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Most of you know who Warren Buffet is – the #1 investor in the history of the United States. He always talks about a concept he’s developed called the Innerscoreboard/Outscoreboard – where a lot of people tell you that they are confident but when you really have confidence, Mr. Buffet calls it a innerscoreboard. An outerscoreboard is that you talk a big game but deep down you’re insecure. So an innerscoreboard is that you have a real gut level of confidence and people who do – and businesses that do, set trends not follow them.

As much as it pains me to write this about my beloved Jets, they have a lousy innerscoreboard! The New York Giants have a great innerscoreboard – they don’t react, they set trends, they act, the Jets react. Giants won the Superbowl in 2007, Jets react “Let’s get Brett Favre!” Giants win the Superbowl this year, Jets react “Let’s get Tim Tebow” The Giants win Superbowls immediately afterwards though, the Jets seek media attention. They are the low self-esteem girl who wears the big hat to a party – not really that good looking, but looking for attention. Every day the Jets look more and more reactionary, they make promises that they can’t keep! Except for young quarterback of course, naw the Jets are great with that!! The Jets are writing a new NFL handbook “How Not to Treat Your Young NFL Quarterback” it’s amazing! I heard Bill Polian, former Colts GM, interviewed on Mike & Mike show this morning and he said that it’s amazing how the Jets are doing this to Sanchez. He cited Eli Manning with the Giants after 3 years…the Giants to their credit, just kept giving him help. He then cited Peyton Manning with the Colts after his 4th season, had a 6-10 record. Sanchez reaches back-to-back AFC Championships, was on his way to another good year last year…and they bring in Tim Tebow? Unbelievable!!

If you don’t live in New York – and many of you I assume don’t, the New York Giants are blue bloods, old money, the Rockefellers of the NFL, they cast a huge shadow over the Jets and the Jets time and time again are consumed by it. The Jets said this morning that they had a “roll” for Tebow and apparently it’s to destroy the huddle. One thing even a Jets fan – I’ll be the first one to admit it; even Rex Ryan would admit is that teams take the personality of the coach – it’s applicable in all sports. Smart coaches create smart teams and the Jets – much like Rex Ryan, are emotional, hot and cold. They’re on a 3 game winning streak, 4 game winning streaks…3 game losing streaks, that’s what the Jets are! They are not the Steelers or the Patriots, they are not a model of consistency – they are hot and cold. Rex Ryan takes over in 2009, 3 game winning streak followed by a 3 game losing streak, a win, then a 3 game losing streak, followed by a 3 game winning streak. In 2010, 5 game winning streak, then a 4 game winning streak. Last year, 3 game losing streak, 3 game winning streak, another 3 game winning streak, then a 3 game losing streak. When they go into the tank…they go into the tank! I’ve got news for you, if you look at the Jets schedules this coming season, they face the improved Patriots twice, San Diego, Houston, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, cross country to Seattle. There is going to be a losing streak somewhere. What are you going to do then when you’re on a two or three game losing streak Jet fan? (open this link in another tab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJUVXuhW7Zs ) that’s what you’re going to hear from the wackado’s and tebowmanicas! Apparently they say they have a plan of diversifying the offense….what the heck does that mean?? Does it mean on 3rd down you yank out Sanchez? Red zone you yank out Sanchez?

In New England, Tom Brady won’t give up a snap in practice, now you’re asking Mark to give them up in practice and at the games….way to develop a good young quarterback, way to go!! Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees – they’re backups have gone on record saying that they won’t give up snaps in practice!! I mean…seriously! It is utterly unbelievable. As my long time Pats friend living in New York claimed on his facebook status as soon as the Tebow to Jets story broke out,  the Jets and Patriots use to be a hell of a rivalry, but the brain is elevated from the mouth, consistency has separated itself from hot and cold – it’s no longer a rivalry. Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets GM, said something on Wednesday…he should know better than this! “I think we understand the dynamics here and within reason, we are prepared for it,  but again Mark is our quarterback and I think Rex does a very good job at managing those dynamics So he’ll come here [Tebow] and we’ll go from there, I believe we are totally prepared from an infrastructure standpoint.” He’s basically saying “we’re prepared for the hype” You can’t prepare for mania!! You can’t prepare for Beatlemania!! Linsanity!! Tebowmania!! I grew up in Leaf Nation, you couldn’t stop it the deeper they got into the playoffs. San Francisco has been prepared for an earthquake for 70 years – World Series, late 80’s, it hits…utter chaos! Life’s not spared.

You ever see these people that take karate classes? They “prepare” ….they say “I’m going to take karate classes to prepare for a burglary…I’m going to prepare for an attack” Yeah, how’s that working for you Snooki at 4am in the morning, you wake up and a burglar has got a knife to your temple and a hand over your throat?  How’s that karate class working out for you karate kid? You can’t prepare for attacks!! Unlike your instructor, wearing a robe and standing in front of you without a weapon, you can’t prepare for that!! Take all the karate classes you want! The idea that you can prepare for mania….like every time there is a mania in Hollywood or in music – forget sports, like a Justin Bieber mania – that’s what Tebow is like…what do the promoters always say? “I mean God, we were overwhelmed!! We thought we had a beat on this…holy smokes, this was like a tsunami…” does he really think in New York, two sports talk radio stations, with 4 or 5 competing new talkers – really the only city in the U.S. that has got a newspaper war where you’ve got the Times, the Post, the Daily News. Big personalities, everyone trying to break stories, everybody trying to create conflict…you think you’re going to control that? I mean…come on!!! You can’t control mania, you know why? Simple!! You can’t control other people in life. You may be able to have the infrastructure ready, but you can’t control wackado’s and zealots and that’s what mania creates! Bieber Fever, Tebowmania….this is going to be a mess!! When the Jets go on a 2 game losing streak…good luck with that! This is what you’re going to hear from the upper deck (open this link in another tab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJUVXuhW7Zs ) absolute nightmare!!

I’m also surprised by the Saints being outraged by this – it’s just the NFL protecting its legal butt, that’s all the NFL is doing. All the NFL is doing with the Saints is protecting itself for the next 15 years when they have to go to court and prosecuting attorney’s go out there and have to say “Hey NFL, you don’t take these injuries seriously!” and the NFL can say to them “hey, look what we did to the Saints, look what we did to Sean Payton.  The minute we found out about a bounty, we got rid of one of the most popular coaches in the league” I can’t understand how so many people just simply don’t get it. Folks, it’s an easy one…they are simply protecting their legal backside, that’s all Roger Goodell is doing. So every concussion and lawsuit – by the way, there’s one filed everyday if you pay attention. Every time someone files a lawsuit, every attorney now can’t say to the NFL “you don’t take this stuff seriously” because Roger Goodell will simply say “heck I don’t? Look what we did when we found out about it!”

  1. Mike Crack says:

    I can’t wait to see the Tebowmania in NY. I also feel sort of bad because I like Tebow, but I hope the Bills dominate him like they did ot him last year.

    I agree 100% with your point about the bounty discipline. It’s all about being scared of a future lawsuit.

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