Lebron James Can’t Take Final Shots, End of Story?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in NBA
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So I tried to watch as much of the game Tuesday night between the Pacers and Heat – it was pretty ugly, anybody who thinks Chris Bosh doesn’t matter much to the Heat – they’re not watching the same team I’m watching. So Lebron goes out and produces 28 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 6 steals yet this morning it was “Lebron!! You keep losing all the games for us” Lebron has become that guy who is considered a one man band, who plays 9 instruments simultaneously and yet people complain “you know, the trumpet is not real crisp…” hello people! He’s playing 9 instruments simultaneously so he’s not the best trumpet player!!!

By the way, now that Bosh is gone – so they’re asking Lebron to play another instrument “go guard for 42 minutes all of Indiana’s big men” it’s amazing! Shaq missed free throws yet nobody said Shaq lost them the game because everybody realized “ oh, we can’t win without Shaq” Lebron misses free throws – and he clanked them and yet nobody wants to talk about Udonis Haslem playing 12 minutes, scoring 4 points, Mike Miller 17 minutes and 0 points, Mario Chalmers was the worst player on both ends of the floor, he played 23 minutes, went 2 for 10 and couldn’t guard anybody, yet your all still claiming “no, it’s Lebron’s fault” I thought he looked exhausted Tuesday night at the end of the game. Erik Spolstra tried to rest him a bit in the 4th quarter – couldn’t because he had to play him the entire 4th to stay in the game.

What’s even funnier now is that when Lebron doesn’t take the final shot – and it doesn’t appear as if the play was even designed for him, you guys are claiming that that’s Lebron’s fault too!! “Lebron, you have to guard Bosh’s man, you have to be the coach…” Again, he had 6 steals, 9 rebounds, 28 points in 40 minutes played, had to guard the Pacers’ best player…so he has the audacity to miss free throws in my books for that type of contribution. Erik Spolstra talked after the game on how he tried to give Lebron a breather but couldn’t saying “…he’ll never make any excuse for that. I wish I could’ve gotten him off for a minute or two in the 4th quarter, but because of the hole we dug ourselves, there was just no way to do it”

Lebron is every dad, every brother, every drill sergeant, ever single parent who’s had to carry their unit, their family because of general ineptitude by others. Yet we still bang on that dad, that brother, that single mom because she’s late picking up her 9th kid because nobody else in the family can do it. “bad mom…you’re a bad mom! I know, but I have to feed and clothe and pick up…bad mom!” Even before the game, Lebron said that 40 minutes of regular season basketball is not the same as 40 minutes in the playoffs. Mario Chalmers is god awful! I don’t know what happened to him because he is just god awful. Now a lot of people are saying “well Andrew, what about the last shot” I don’t know how many times I have to say this – I felt this from the very beginning of Lebron’s career.

If you go back to Lebron’s career in Cleveland, I can only remember one game winning shot against Orlando in the playoffs, he’s never been a closer! What you hope to do with Lebron is get 41 minutes of speed, power, transition, defense and scoring. So when there is 44 seconds left and you’re leading by 6 or 8, you don’t need to rely on Lebron. The idea that Lebron now is getting blame because he’s not taking the shot – because he’s used as a decoy, we want him to now coach…people! Come on now! Do you know what Miami is right now? They are Cleveland but with better weather. When he was in Cleveland for 7 years – anytime he lost, it was his entire fault and I would argue for hours that “he’s got no help!” he leaves Cleveland and you all go “oh, Andrew was right- Cleveland is god awful” they couldn’t even win 12 games after he left! Now he goes to Miami, Bosh gets hurt – let’s be honest about what Miami is right now: no bench, now no Bosh thus no interior scoring, Mario Chalmers has been reduced to the worst player in the series on both ends and Dwayne Wade – who gives you everything, but Lebron and Wade largely do the same thing, it’s Xerox basketball.

I told a buddy before the series “this Miami team is not winning a championship because they’re not beating a San Antonio or Oklahoma City with only Bosh, Wade and this group of dudes” But it’s one of those things, where it’s bigger than basketball – what has happened here is that, like often in life, you are penalized for being the smartest person in the family. You are penalized as the single mom having to do all the work for the kids, you are penalized in your platoon if you’re the most courageous guy because then everyone relies on you and when you fail them “heyy!! But what about…” and that person often responds by saying “listen, I’m carrying you people…” Single moms carry families because of shmuck ex-husbands; brothers carry less successful brothers. There’s a guy carrying a sales department, somewhere in North America, there’s a guy in sales – he’s the #1 sales guy on his staff, whose carrying the entire department, he has one down quarter and everybody’s like “Bob, you had a down quarter…what’s up with that…” but yet without Bob, you wouldn’t even be posting the sales figures and meeting your set quotas!!

Wednesday morning “it’s all on Lebron, he’s terrible” is the general consensus. People, Miami is not even in that game if it wasn’t for Lebron. Stephen A. Smith, whose covered Lebron for years, was on The Scott Van Pelt Show on Monday and basically said that its silly to think that anyone in their right mind would think that losing Chris Bosh would not have any sort of effect on the team saying “when I heard that storyline, that the Heat might be better off without Bosh I honestly thought it was laughable! I mean, you could have a conversation that when Dwayne Wade doesn’t play – it free’s Lebron up to play more comfortably and he gets more attention, we could have a debate on that. But, there is no debate when it comes to Bosh because with all due respect to Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem, look at who the Heat are playing at centre right now” yet you might say “Andrew, but if Lebron is going to get all the credit for a win, he deserves the blame…” that’s the thing though, he doesn’t get the credit for a win! None of you will give him any credits for a win because it’s all D-wade!! That’s the funny thing “Well, [Pat] Riley built this baby! D-wade is the closer”

We won’t give him any credit for the wins, he gets all the blame for the losses – again people, they’re not even in that game without Lebron!! Do you understand what they are asking him to do?  They are asking him to guard Chris Boshs’ guys for 40 minutes, Tuesday night he had 3 shots blocked – when Lebron shots get blocked at 6’9, 265lbs the dude is tired! Dwayne Wade, to his credit, was exhausted by game’s end because when he missed that lay up – which he almost always hits, did you see him lay on the floor? He’s totally shot! You cannot ask – even Jordan and Pippen had help, you cannot ask 2 guys in this day and age in the NBA, where you’ve got all this talent, to beat teams like San Antonio  and Oklahoma City – again though, this is not me being prisoner of the moment, I’ve said this all year long that Indiana is good! I would argue that they are the 2nd deepest team in the league. This series I still give it to Miami, but I just literally laugh when reading the emails.

The guy that can play 9 instruments, he’s not exceptional on the trumpet and we’re banging on him! Folks, he’s got the drums, the bass, the trumpet, the accordion…can we at least acknowledge that he’s fairly talented? Even in defeat, Lebron put forth a star’s performance. Obviously this failed green initiative that companies have tried to implement has failed, I guess I’ll go along with the crowd and blame Lebron for that too! Forget global warming…that’s a Lebron thing too. It’s hilarious! He’s getting killed because he didn’t take the final shot. Well let me ask you this, is he the guy with the clipboard in the huddle? He didn’t draw that thing up.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    People have become so fixated on rings that they expect LeBron to single-handedly career teams, even though no one in the history of the game has done so…No, not even people’s beloved MJ.

    Anyway, you’re right. LeBron has spoiled people so they notice only failures. The successes are chalked up as “so, what?” and the failures are seen as “Oh my gosh!”

    And good point. He’s not the one creating the plays. At least he comes onto the court if he’s not getting the final shot, unlike one Scottie Pippen.

    Finally, even if the Heat win it all this year, LeBron won’t receive much validation because Miami is “supposed to win,” It’s sort of a no win situation for him, at least from an outsider’s perspective.

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