Why Dwight Howard Might Still Leave Orlando

Posted: May 23, 2012 in NBA

I’ve always felt that the highest paid person in American sports should be the NBA star player with the top NFL quarterback being second. I believe that you should be paid in both Canada and the U.S. not on how hard you work, it’s not about that. It’s how smart you work and it’s how replaceable are you. The truth is that outside of a quarterback, a really good one in the NFL like an Eli Manning or an Aaron Rodgers – really the toughest guy in sports to replace is a Lebron James, a superstar NBA player. That’s why really smart guys who own teams in the NBA have often been handcuffed and made horrible decisions.

The Devos is really wealthy; they are really smart yet with Dwight Howard they have basically put the blinders on. How many reports do you have to see and read that Dwight Howard is not totally into your franchise? According to www.sheridanhoops.com , Chris Sheridan says that Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando despite the Van Gundy firing. Although the Brooklyn Nets are still considered the frontrunners “it is not going to be a one horse race” the source said. Listing Dallas, the Knicks and to a lesser degree both the Clippers and Lakers as a possible destination that would appeal to Dwight Howard. When the news first broke Monday that Van Gundy had been fired and that the GM Smith had agreed to leave, the knee jerk reaction was “Dwight is staying!!” But in fact the source said that he wants out of Orlando more than he ever did before in order to start a new chapter to his career.

Of course, an organization – any organization is going to protect their star in the media until he is gone. For now, Dwight Howard is part of the Orlando Magic and they are going to protect him. So when Magic’s CEO Alex Martin stepped up on Monday after firing Stan Van Gundy, it was all about Van Gundy and his rough personality “strategically, we may not be able to find anybody better. But there is another part of the job that I do think that as we look for a head coach, we’ll be focused on in terms of how the coach relates to his players, other coaches and the rest of management in the organization” Translation? Stan Van Gundy doesn’t suffer fools gladly, Stan Van Gundy would not coddle the superstar and Stan Van Gundy was brutally blunt – 3 things that I admire.

Ric Bucher was on the Mike & Mike Show Tuesday morning and talked about Otis Smith and his problem, his willingness rather to say “maybe we should trade Dwight Howard” a year ago saying “…that was the issue! Otis, after his conversations with Howard and looking around the league, realized “you know what? I need to make the best out of a bad situation” as nobody wants to trade their superstar. He had looked at every possibility of changing that dynamic and realized “ you know what, I can’t wait any longer…I need to move him” So when he made that decision, that did not fly with ownership, they didn’t want to see that happen” I have to be honest, if I ran the Orlando Magic, I would’ve been fired Monday. I believe a year ago that the signs were there

Malcolm Gladwell writes books, one of them was called Blink about thin slicing (http://www.innovateonline.info/extra/definition1781.htm) go with your gut instinct; it’s almost always initially right. Come on, how many articles do I have to read that Dwight Howard is sort of not interested? Otis Smith told the owners – and maybe I’m reaching here, but a year to 18 months ago “guys, the signs aren’t good here! Let’s move him – get as much as you can for him now, let’s not wait til the deadline and get more desperate” I would’ve done the exact same thing. Here you are with the tail wagging the dog because if Dwight Howard leaves – you’ve not only lost an elite head coach but also a superstar, you now are Sacramento! You are Dwight Howard’s gut feeling/ Dwight Howard’s decision away from being a franchise rumoured to be moving, be very careful on who you make your star in this business.


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