Was The NBA Lottery Draft Rigged? Do The Celtics Still Stand A Chance Against The Heat?

Posted: May 31, 2012 in NBA
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So 57% of Americans sports fans, according to today’s USA Today, believe that last night’s NBA lottery draft was fixed – pfft, of course it’s fixed because if you could pick anybody to win it, you’d want chronically corrupt, small market, financial mess New Orleans to win it right? Haha! Yeah, a bad organization that is so terrible the NBA had to take it over a year ago…that’s who I want winning the lottery (sarcasm). Yeah!! Let’s fix something on national television. Folks, frauds are something you hide, not televise. But again, people in life have their narrative picked, whoever wins the lottery – if you believe the lottery was fixed, you could’ve had your argument and I’ll give you an example.

I’ll take 7 teams that could’ve won the lottery last night and if you really believe this NBA lottery was fixed – and many do, because it’s easier to say that, it’s always easier to blame somebody or to blame the ref’s or to say that the government is against you than to be accountable and look in the mirror and say to yourself “wow, I haven’t worked hard enough to succeed” That’s unfortunately the new Canada and the new America “point fingers, don’t look at mirrors”. But let me give you an example – if you believe the NBA lottery is fixed, I can surely make that argument with 7 teams.

If Charlotte wins it last night – and they were the odds on favourite, wouldn’t all you say “ohh the lottery is fixed” people drop a line and say “well, I mean of course! It’s the commissioner taking care of MJ. I mean, you knew that they were going to win it…he’s the all-time icon of the sport! David Stern wasn’t going to let Michael Jordan lose that one” If Cleveland had won it last night “well I mean, that’s just David Stern’s way of repairing the Lebron mess! You know and its soo obvious …first they get Kyrie Irving and then they get Anthony Davis, it’s just David Stern’s way of cleaning the Lebron mess!” If New Jersey had won it last night “well that’s Stern taking care of big market Brooklyn, you know that Stern is not going to let the richest owner in the league, the Russian billionaire, fail” If Sacramento had won it last night “ohh that’s David Stern trying to keep another franchise from leaving, I mean they already had that New Orleans mess…you know he’s going to make Sacramento the winner of that lottery” If Golden State had won it last night “ohh perfect, Jerry West!! Jerry West becomes a part of the Warriors and you want me to believe that a year later they win the lottery. Ohh and they have a new arena going into the bay area at the Pier! You know David Stern wanted to take care of Jerry West – they’re old friends, I mean…he is the logo” If Portland had won it last night “ well I mean David Stern…like Portland is 5 minutes away from Nike! That’s where all the Lebron’s and Chris Paul’s and Melo’s…that’s where they all hang out and Michael Jordan and Kobe are taken care off! Plus he feels bad for Oden and Brandon Roy”

I could make that argument with every team that had a shot at the 1st overall pick last night. If you pick a narrative in life, it doesn’t matter what I present to you. Whether your narrative is “the NBA lottery is fixed, Lebron is over-rated, Obama wasn’t born in the U.S or Tebow is the man” I could present you with any real data and you wouldn’t want to hear it because it doesn’t fit your narrative. Men are stubborn; they like to pick sides, put on the right and wrong hat and won’t take it off. Yeah, because the NBA wants the New Orleans Hornets to win the lottery – a small market, financially challenged city which according to the New Orleans Times, there was a mayoral press conference last Tuesday where the New Orleans Times ,when covering that story, reported that New Orleans is the “#1 murder/homicide city in America” not my opinion, but there’s.

Come on people! Conspiracy theorists – no matter the data presented will find a new conspiracy. There are still wacko’s that think 9/11 was an inside job by the U.S. Government. It just doesn’t matter what you present though, of course it was fixed…listen, you don’t put fraud on prime time television but rather hide it like Bernard Madoff did for years and hope that it’s never unveiled and when it is, then it becomes public. You don’t promote it and put it on a billboard, have a host and bring everyone to watch it.

So the Miami Heat beat the Celtics and staying with the “narrative” theme on this rant, of course the ref’s want Lebron to win championships and the ref’s are suddenly against Boston. Here’s Doc Rivers, after his team lost a heartbreaker last night saying “it is what it is you know,  Lebron James took 24 free throws and our team took 29. Paul Pierce fouled out of the game where he was attacking the basket. It’s just tough but listen, we just gotta keep playing. I tell our guys that it doesn’t matter and we can’t get distracted – we will not get distracted in this series. I can guarantee you right now that they are distracted in our locker room right now. But we have got to get it out of us and move on. Whatever happened happened and we just got to move on and be ready to play the next game”

Alright, so let’s bring up the ref’s! Lebron shot 24 free throws – you want to know why? Because he attacks the basket! Wade and Lebron are both “attack the hoop” guys, translation?  They draw fouls! Miami in the regular season ranked 8th in free throw attempts, what was Boston? 27th! near the bottom of the league. So I guess the ref’s were against the Celtics throughout the regular season, a historic franchise and the ref’s decided to pick on the Celtics this year. This goes back to what I just said; that you’ve made up your mind as Celtic fans “it’s the ref’s fault” you’re not going to acknowledge that out of the 16 NBA playoff teams, Boston is 12th in free throw attempts. Who’s #1? Memphis! Yeah because you know, the league wants Memphis to win. Why does Memphis shoot the most free throws? Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo – guys who attack the tin. You get fewer free throws when you shoot jumpers and Boston right now is primarily a jump shooting team. Even their big, Kevin Garnett really has become a jump shooter in this series. Every year here at I Want More Rants, I take out the book and slowly read it to my audience to explain the free throw disparity issue.

Every year I’ve got to explain it! Boston was near dead last in free throw attempts – watch the games, it’s nothing new, it has nothing to do with the ref’s but rather everything to do in that they are a jump shooting team. Pierce, Ray Allen and Rondo were shooting jumpers and not drawing fouls. Lebron this year, statistically, has stopped shooting jumpers and has become more of an “attack the basket” guy, which has always been Dwayne Wade’s game. When Chris Bosh plays, they get even more free throws. “Andrew, well what about Tim Donaghy?” he’s an outlier! He’s a bad dude. Nobody is saying here that there aren’t any bad ref’s in the league. There are bad cops but do you really believe all law enforcement is on the take? Of course not!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    Heh, yup. People love to look at things in hindsight and make the story fit in retrospect. You could probably make a case for why any team winning the lottery was a “conspiracy theory.”

    Haha, good job referring to a larger sample size to refute the complaints about the free throw disparity between the Heat and the Celtics. I guess when emotions are so high after a game, people are short-sighted and have that “the officials are against us” mentality. No one pulls up stats after the game to see if their perspective is accurate or not. And if they did, they’d most likely selectively pull stats that confirm their biases.

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