Lebron James And The Miami Cavaliers Force Game 7!!

Posted: June 8, 2012 in NBA
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So I was slightly under the weather yesterday but it’s weird, I started feeling better last night at around 9 or 10 o’clock! I don’t know what it was, but I was just sitting there watching some basketball game and suddenly started feeling like a million bucks!! Cross your fingers America, OKC vs. Miami may still happen.  Most of the time I try to tell my audience on this blog to have some perspective – take the emotion out of it, that certainly won’t be the case Saturday night. I will be rooting for a Miami and OKC finals. It if doesn’t happen, I’ll throw a shoe at my TV and perhaps be back to being sick because I want to see it happen – and not just because Boston fans poured beer on Lebron as he left the court…stay classy Boston. What I saw last night was absolutely unbelievable!!

For a lot of you, and I’m numbered among you, who are like 19-24 yrs old you just see the highlights of Jordan. But you don’t know, unless you’re like 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and watched every single Jordan playoff game (watched them all during the lockout this season).You forget this about Michael that he was allowed to push the pause button, he could take 3 or 4 minutes off – oh he was for sure the best player on the floor. But Scottie Pippen didn’t disappear for a series! Even before Pippen, in that game at Boston when MJ had 63 points, Charles Oakley dominated the glass and had a double double; Woolridge was all over the glass averaging 24 pts and 9 rebounds. You could depend on Michael to score and to be Michael – because he could re-energize and hit the pause button. He could also Re-amp up later after a quick break – in fact, you always noticed with MJ that he’d get those little beads of sweat on his head about twice a game when he was really shifting gears during a game.

But last night Lebron didn’t get that, Lebron wasn’t allowed to take a breather because the rest of his teammates were absolutely embarrassing! Michael was never asked to dominate the glass – in his 63 pointer against Boston, he had only 5 rebounds, the rest of his team had 45 rebounds. Last night, Lebron had almost every third rebound for Miami and he brought the ball up…and he pushed teammates away, so that he could defend their big. Do you understand what we all saw last night?? Michael was asked to score, Lebron was asked to do everything for 3 quarters. I would be humiliated today if I was a member of the Heat and not named Lebron. I’ve never seen anything like that – there was a jaw dropping stat in that game last night. Lebron made 15 unassisted field goals last night – a career high, he scored 20 points just in isolation. Do you realize what Lebron was telling his teammates? “Guys, I’m tired of it – I’ll just take over! I won’t even pass it and expect a pass back. I’ll just take the ball up the court, will never pass it and just try to score” that’s not a compliment!

Some of you are saying “ohh but Andrew, D-Wade had a couple of big shots…” do you know what D-Wade did? He is your buddy or the guy you think is your buddy who shows up and says “heyy, I heard you were moving today, I was coming to help you” yet 90% of the boxes are already packed. “ohh, woo we killed it then! Where’s the beer and pizza? We killed it!” No, we didn’t kill it. Thanks D-Wade for dropping a couple of shots when the game was already decided because Lebron had to do everything. Erik Spoelstra, Miami head coach – and this says it all right here. He has so little trust in anybody except Lebron with KG and Pierce already on the bench; that he wouldn’t pull Lebron out of the game until there was only 3:50 left in the game…pathetic!! He didn’t even trust Bosh or Wade with 4 ½ minutes left, leading by 20 pts with KG and Pierce out of the game…unbelievable!

Sometimes the media is all over the place with this stuff. Two nights ago “Lebron is joyless!” then last night “I love that intensity look” folks make up your minds! I don’t even know what ‘clutch’ means anymore but all I know is that KG didn’t play well, Pierce wasn’t there, Wade was milk carton bad “where did he go? He disappeared!” and Lebron was on every play for Miami. Absolutely, 100% responsible for everything, this is what Lebron said after – in one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen in my life from any player in any sport! “I will continue to be aggressive, continue to play at a high level like I have done for the entire postseason. I’m going to try to go out there and play my game, play as hard as I can and I don’t really care what the stats say and don’t want to regret Game 7 if I gave it my all” Yeah you shouldn’t Lebron because you’ve been remarkable!!Against the Celtics, you have to go back to Kareem Abul-Jabbar – the last time somebody in the first 6 games averaged over 25 pts against them, it’s just incredible!

Now, I’m not saying that he’s MJ because he’s not! But MJ, I have re-watched every playoff game MJ played in, even the ones Pippen wasn’t there. Jordan would get these beads of sweat twice a game – Michael was not only a great player, he knew when to be a great player but he could also push the pause button, he got time off and breaks. After watching all his playoff games on tape and his career in the late 90’s, two things that jump out at me about his career are that 1) early in his career, he had to learn how to shoot a jumper because he went to the rack way to much – just took a beating. 2) Michael was very good at picking his spots! But he had other guys – like last night was pathetic! If I’m Lebron James, I feel like I’m playing for the Miami Cavaliers! Seriously!!  Only difference? I’ve got better weather and an ocean view. Was Lebron intense or was Lebron angry? Here was Erik Spoelstra on Lebron’s performance last night, saying the right thing but not necessarily meaning it “Nobody likes getting dirt thrown in their face before you’re not even dead, but he showed great resolve a day before you get to this point and you could see it leading up to that . But he was fearless in the game and everybody followed from there…” no they didn’t!! That’s the problem. Nobody followed from there.

You can’t show up to help your buddy move when 90% of the boxes are packed and say “woo, we really killed it” noo, Lebron killed it you, his personal valet, parked the car for him. Unbelievable! For the record, Miami is an 8 point favourite over the Celtics for Saturday night – which I think is absurd!! Listen, I know banks are going out of business by the week, take this one to the bank, take Boston at +8. You have got to be kidding me! What the heck is going on in Las Vegas?? I get 8 points? whatever casino made that line will be out of business by Monday. That line was brought to you by the rookie gambling association of Las Vegas haha. Come on!!! Game 7, it’s the Big 3’s last game together and you’ve got Miami at 8 points? I mean, the one thing we know about this series is that outside Game 1, you can’t predict anything! If you think Lebron is going to play again at 73% shooting and Paul Pierce is going to be that bad again…your nuts!! We are going to have an unbelievable Game 7 on Saturday! It’s going to be one for the ages! Still get it why Boston fans would pour beer over Lebron. If I was Spoelstra, I would take that tape, play it in the locker room and at practice and show it over and over and over and over again.

  1. Mike Crack says:

    True. I think people look back on some of the “winners” (Jordan, Kobe, Duncan) and forget that they did have solid supporting casts. They weren’t on the top of their game all the time and doing virtually everything.

    If the Heat go on to win it all, yesterday’s game could be LeBron’s defining game. It’d be nice to see him get that gorilla off his back.

    I guess the casinos are thinking people overreact, and everyone will be on Miami in Miami in Game 7. Plus, i think wishful thinking plays a part in setting the line, and a lot of people would prefer Miami. Finally, a lot of casual bettors are going to go with Miami. That counts for a lot.

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