The Top 10 College Football Games To Watch This Season

Posted: September 1, 2012 in NCAA Football
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So I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 games that I believe matter for that national championship. I started out with a list of 150 games and narrowed it down to 10 for national championship ramifications. For example, I don’t have an ACC game but have several USC, Michigan and SEC games. So without further to do, here are the top 10 games that I will watch and that I believe will have a big impact on the national championship – you can even bet on these as Vegas has already set the lines for these games.

September 1st     Michigan @ Alabama

Vegas has this game at Alabama (-12) for me, that’s too big of a number. Alabama not only replaces stars – getting talent at Alabama is not hard, but they have had to replace several key defensive leaders (upper classmen) I don’t think that with Michigan’s wild and high potent offense you can give up 12. Head coach Saben is usually conservative in big games. I would take Michigan at +12 to cover, though I still think Alabama wins, narrowly, but that’s a huge number.

September 15th     USC vs. Stanford

USC is at (-10), that’s actually a doable number in my opinion. USC brings back a 4 year starting quarterback, Stanford has no idea who their quarterback is. It is still early September; Stanford is going to be a pretty solid football team in weeks 7, 9 or 11. But in early September with USC returning most starters, especially on offense, Stanford is way over their heads early in this game, take USC (-10)

September 22nd    Michigan vs. Notre Dame

I don’t think Michigan or Notre Dame will play for the national title although I do think that Michigan has a chance for BCS game. The line is set at Notre Dame (-1), that is a lot of respect for a Notre Dame defense that lost their best pass rusher. I think Michigan wins this game outright and easily.

October 6th    LSU vs. Florida

 LSU is at (-7.5) I think Florida will really struggle to score. Remember Charlie Weiss has left, they are implementing a new offense, and they have not gotten great efficiency from their quarterbacks in the last several years. LSU, defensively, will be the best team in the country. 7 ½ is not a gigantic number and despite the national championship, LSU has been great, not good, but great in big games. I’ll take LSU to win and cover

October 13th    Texas vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a shot to play for the national championship and Vegas has them at (-6). Texas, like Florida, big name and great recruiting, hasn’t been able to get efficiency at quarterback. Take Oklahoma at (-6)

October 27th    Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is at (-12). Notre Dame lost 4 seniors on the defensive backfield yet they have to go to Oklahoma, with a senior quarterback, and to USC also with a senior quarterback. I think Notre Dame can be pretty good, the USC and Oklahoma games could be awful for Irish fans.

November 3rd    Oregon vs. USC and Alabama vs. LSU

Trojans are set at (-6) reasonable number but the game could go either way. In the other game, Vegas has got LSU at (-2) though I actually like bama to win that football game. Nick Saben’s team is beatable early because they so young defensively. But you get Nick Saben coaching good players and great talent for 8 to 10 games – I think bama, with a returning quarterback, will be better than LSU late in the season.

November 24th    Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma and Michiganvs. Ohio State

The Sooners are set at (-8) (you’ll notice I got a lot of Oklahoma here as I think they have a real shot at playing for the national title) Oklahoma State is a very well coached program, they do very well offensively in recruiting but they lose a tremendously mature quarterback to the NFL draft. This has become, in my opinion, better than Oklahoma/Texas games. Oklahoma/Oklahoma State is just great television. Take the Sooners at (-8). I took Michigan/Ohio State as my 10th game. Michigan is set at (-3) Braxton Miller is a young quarterback who really struggled last year but he is perfectly built for Urban Meyers’ offense. I think by the end of the year, Ohio State really puts it together. I wouldn’t be surprised that Michigan is the better team all year, but Ohio State in this game knocks them off. Ohio State gets 3 against Michigan.

Football season is back folks! The summer vacay’s and trips around the world and lack of rants is done for at least until next summer.  Expect the “Suerte Cinco” picks where I pick 5 games that have best odds in winning coin (college and NFL) do a recap of the weekends action in the NFL on Monday’s. Check out the next rant where I drop my NFL predictions for the upcoming season. Division by division, conference by conference!

  1. Mike Crack says:

    i think ‘Bama will dominate tonight. No Toussaint will make it even tougher on Denard, and it would have been tough even with him around. Bama lost 3 1st round defenders, and 1 2nd rounder, but I think they will be fine. They recruit so well, I don’t think there will be too much of a drop off.

    Also, Michigan overachieved last year, and they really should have lost the Sugar Bowl last year. Danny Coale was robbed of a TD in OT. I’m still mad :p

    I think the key to tonight will be how well AJ McCarron plays. The talk is about Eddie Lacy and the Bama run blocking, but I think McCarron’s progression as a passer will keep the Michigan D on its heels. I’d take Bama even at 14, which the number seems to have climbed to at certain outlets.

    I’m thinking, like a lot of people, that we’ll see a Bama-USC BCS game. That would be something to behold.

    LSU-Bama will be exciting again, though.

  2. Derek Antwi says:

    I agree with Mike. I think Bama has a better team but in order to beat Bama need a QB that can throw the ball because their pass defense is not that great. I personally think Michigan was ranked waayyy too high. Their offense is based on one player, which makes it easier to stop them.

    USC-BAMA…championship game.

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