Last Play In The Carolina/New England Monday Night Football Game; We Love To Blame The Moment And Not The Preparation!

Posted: November 19, 2013 in NFL

As I look to kick start my blog again, I ‘m reminded about my audience out West – it’s 7am on the West Coast  (10 am EST when I started writing this piece), friends who would often drop me a line be it from Seattle, Portland,  though most in Los Angeles especially when I talk USC Trojan football. So they may not know what transpired last night as oppose to the folks in the Midwest and the East Coast do and what they’re all fired up about.  If you did not hear about what happened at the end of last night’s Monday Night Football game, Carolina beat New England on the last play of the game, virtually the last play. Brady goes back to throw it into the endzone and you see Gronk involved in a bear hug with a Carolina player and there is a penalty flag thrown and then the ref picks it up and says “ahh, no pass interference”.

Was it pass interference? We’ll yeah, it was pass interference. In fact two minutes earlier, Greg Olson of the Carolina Panthers – really good tight end, Cam Newton throws the ball about 6 feet over his head. That really wasn’t catchable either but they ruled it pass interference. The rule has always been that not necessarily does it have to be catchable but rather, is it in the vicinity of the receiving player? We’ve seen through the year’s balls sail over receivers’ heads by goal post heights and they still get the flag, last night you didn’t get the flag. Here’s the call from the guys at ESPN ( was it a bad call? Absolutely!

Listen, I got a couple of hardcore football guys emailing me today saying “listen, I ref’ed in high school, I ref’ed in Peewee, I ref’ed in college…I’d like to deconstruct the play for you so you can rant about it today…” Guys, it was a pass interference! Just like the pass interference two minutes earlier against Devin McCourty on Greg Olson, that ball sailed over his head by 6 feet! It shouldn’t have been pass interference but it was called pass interference. But here is the thing, I didn’t like the call but don’t blame the last play of the game on your loss. New England fumbled in the red zone, therefore giving away a minimum of three points and probably seven!

We love to blame defeat on last plays. People blame the IRS or the CRA for not getting a big refund. “Man I hate the IRS” really? Why not save more instead! Manage your money better, cut back on your 15th man toy you bought this year, take more out of your cheque! Stop blaming the IRS or CRA for what happens at the end of the year, it’s your finances…control them! I tell the high school students I mentor “don’t blame the teacher for the B- because you had 8 weeks to make it an A+” be accountable for your position in life.

For the record, sitting around for 6 days doesn’t help you beat Denver so stop whining about it and go prepare for Peyton Manning! But we love to blame losses – financial losses, business losses, life, personal, sports… on a moment! But it’s not a moment because New England had all sorts of chances. Cam Newton, 2 of his 3 touchdown passes, were on 3rd downs. Cam Newton ran 4 times – 3 of them on scrambles also on 3rd downs and he picked up 1st downs. New England fumbled in the red zone and also couldn’t stop Cam Newton on 3rd down!  Carolina was 8 for 11 on 3rd downs, that New England is a “you” problem. Make more plays!!

Again, I didn’t like the call but even Tom Brady admitted after the game “what? you’re just going to point at the bear hug in the end zone and that’s the entire game?” He said “I don’t make the calls or the rules! Like I said, I didn’t see it, I wish it hadn’t come down to that but I think there’s plenty of plays that we could’ve made but it came down to that and sometimes they’re going to make the calls and sometimes they’re not but we certainly can play better than that!” New England had 2 turnovers…. Carolina? Had none! You’re telling me that that didn’t play a part in the fumble in the red zone? But I’m guilty too, if we don’t get a job or don’t get a job promotion or we don’t get a gig or if we lost a game, we blame the moment and not the preparation; we blame the moment and not the preamble. We still have mirrors in society folks, we just don’t like to use them anymore….look in them!


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