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So since Day 1 of the blog, I guess you could say my mission statement has always been to add some perspective to the issues that arise in sports because there simply isn’t that much to begin with. Now, I don’t get frustrated as much with fans who don’t have perspective – your job is to be a fan, go ahead go crazy! You’re the Met fan who thinks because your team threw a no-hitter over the weekend that they’re going to win the whole thing. However when the media loses perspective, it becomes a very concerning topic.

For example, think about how different my blog would be today if Dwayne Wades 21 footer had gone in last night, 3 inches and it goes in. Its 3-1 Miami, Bosh is healthy, and it’s going back to Miami for 2 of the next 3 games…series over! Don’t kid yourself, Miami beat this same Boston team last year in 5 games and Boston was younger and healthier last year. My rant, if Dwayne Wade’s shot goes in – series over! But instead we go from a 3-1 series lead to absolute panic in Heat land. Yes, believe it or not, many are speculating  as early as this morning, the talk is starting up, Ric Bucher claims he’s got a source apparently saying “let’s break up Lebron, Bosh and Wade”  saying on the Mike & Mike Show this morning “…what’ I’ve heard is that if Miami, for whatever reason, falls short, that everybody except Lebron James would be available – that they’d want to clear the deck and that the only reason why they’d only hold onto Lebron James is as much because he’s the big ticket…he sells tickets. If you’re going to build around an element, it’s Lebron James and so everything else would be available and they’d clear the deck. Now I don’t know how much of that was just a message to say “if you don’t get it done this year, get those change of address labels ready” as a motivation. But the bottom line is that it makes a lot of sense”

What??? “Makes a lot of sense?” folks, if Bosh is playing last night, it’s 3-1 series over! He’s an 18 and 8 All-Star; they’ve got no interior scoring without him. This team was sub 500 this year without Bosh; they were 9-1 without D-wade. Chris Bosh is huge – and I’ve argued this for years that Wade is a better player than Bosh, Bosh is more valuable – there’s a big difference. John Stockton is a better player than Byron Scott but Magic worked with Byron Scott better than he would’ve worked with John Stockton who played the same position. Miami is 1-0 in the playoffs when Bosh has even played half the game, they’re 5-4 without him, so don’t confuse things. This series was a 5 gamer last year; it was a 5 gamer when Bosh was healthy. So we’re going to blow everything up because Bosh got hurt? Wow, like the Mavericks proved it last year – it’s about the fit. Right now, going into the playoffs in the middle of it, Chris Bosh got hurt…come on people! You can’t go crazy on this stuff. If Chris Bosh is healthy, like he was last year, this is not a 6 or a 7 game series, wasn’t it last year when Boston was arguably better!! We’ve got to slow this “blow the Heat up” bubble fast!! For the last 2 years, last year they got to Game 6 of the finals and this year they are in the Eastern Conference finals…without Bosh!! Now you’re asking Pat Riley to blow them up?? Slow down everybody; take a deep breath – if Bosh returns for 2 of the next 3 games, Miami will win the series. It would be nice however if somebody not named Lebron James would give you a good effort for Miami, but that’s the world he’s lived in his entire NBA career.

Remember after Rory McIlroy won the U.S. Open last year? “He is the next Tiger…” that was some golf expert saying that! Well to be honest, either your anti-Tiger or you have poor memories. Over a 10 year period, Tiger has won 64 times with 12 majors and has only lost 1 lead. Anybody that thought Rory McIlroy, over 10 years, was going to duplicate that is delusional or purely anti-Tiger. Rory Mcilroy my friends, in the peak of his young career, has missed 3 straight cuts. Tiger Woods has missed a total of 5 in his entire golfing career. Tiger Woods, who won yesterday, is now a victim of Tiger. He was so great that we don’t give him credit even when he’s really really good – which he’s been this year. Think about this, Tiger Woods in 11 tournaments this year has 2 wins and including those wins has 5 top 4 finishes. So that means that this year, Tiger has in 43% of the events, has either won it or was close to winning it. Every other golfer on the planet would take that today.

If I said that for 15 years of your golf career, 21-36 years of age – you enter 12 tournaments a year and 43% of the time you won or were close to winning it, you would become the greatest golfer in the sports history, would you not take that? Rory McIlroy has missed 3 cuts in a row yet Tiger Woods – according to Vegas, is a 6 to 1 favourite to win the U.S. Open, double the chance of any other golfer, Tiger is the only next Tiger. Now however, comes the inevitable question “are you back?” this was asked yesterday and he said “I don’t know, it’s a process…like back to what? I’m just always trying to get better regardless of where I am in the rankings and all. Reporter: Do you feel like the Tiger Woods of old? Tiger: I feel like an older Tiger Woods, yes…” perfect answer! Let’s stop trying to find or embellish what the next Tiger is.

We never demanded that Michael Jordan, when he was with the Washington Wizards, become Michael Jordan 6 years earlier with the Bulls. Unless you play baseball and took cattle steroids in the bay area, nobody is better as they get older after injuries. Tiger Woods, this year, in 11 tournaments, with 2 wins, 3 other top 4 finishes – is he going to be Tiger of a decade ago? Of course not! But he is still, right now, as good as or better than any other golfer on the planet and there will never ever be another Tiger. Appreciate history folks! It’s not going to be duplicated hence why they call it history.


I hate to demonize people off of one mistake – outside of John Wall, but generally speaking, we all make mistakes and I don’t think it should overwhelmingly frame us for the rest of our lives. People do things at 15 that were stupid, you did it and I did it. I think it’s funny with Phil Mickelson, if you ask people about Tiger Woods they’ll be like “the legend” yet if you ask people about Phil Mickelson, they’ll be like “uh, underachiever, little bit of a choker” and I think that’s totally unfair to the guy.

First of all, John Stockton is the second greatest point guard ever – he played during the Jordan dynasty. Anybody who ever watched John Stockton – take out one guy named Magic Johnson, John Stockton is the best point guard ever. If you don’t think I’m right, go look at the top 10 scorers in league history and find out which out doesn’t fit …Karl Malone. If Karl Malone had an average guard, he’s not even a top 20 scorer. Stockton made Malone, absolutely made him into the player he turned out to be. Now it’s not to say that Karl couldn’t play, but he certainly doesn’t become the 2nd all time leading scorer in league history! Karl Malone?? Does he even have one great playoff series win…ever? He’s surrounded by the Wilt’s, MJ’s, Kareem’s and Kobe’s.

So Phil Mickelson’s career is really lower than what it should be because for Tiger, we’ve certainly placed him in the right spot when it comes to his greatness in the sport but for Mickelson, people tend to drop him because he has struggled in big majors. Think about this, in the history of Golf – we are talking about a century or more, here are the players with 40 PGA tour wins and 4 majors, there’s eight of them: Samuel Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Bryon Nelson, Walter Hagen and Phil Mickelson –that’s pretty rarified air if you ask me. By the way, all-time Phil is 13 and 13 against Tiger.

What’s really hurt Phil Mickelson is the U.S. Open. Where he’s finished second 5 times yet lost by a total of 9 strokes: he lost by 1, 2, 1, 2, and then 3 to Tiger – when Tiger was absolutely dominating the sport like nobody ever has. He lost 5 U.S. Opens by 9 strokes. But simultaneously played against the hottest, greatest golfer whose ever played the sport. Think about this, if he wins just one of those U.S. Opens – and he lost 2 by a stroke, he’s got more majors than Bryon Nelson, if he wins just two of those – if you just give him two stokes, he’s got as many as Sam Snead, Arnie and more than Bryon Nelson. Phil Mickelson – just like Oscar De La Hoya, I always gave Oscar De La Hoya credit because he was willing to fight the best while Roy Jones Jr. dodged people.

Phil Mickelson loves playing Tiger and loved playing against him last Sunday and is the first guy to say – if you can give me anybody in my threesome or foursome, make it Tiger! “He seems to bring out the best in me and in the last 4 or 5 years I’ve played some of my best golf with him. I just seem more focused and I know that his level of play is just so much greater when he’s playing his best than anybody else is and it just forces me to focus on my game more intently and hit more precise shots. I hope that he continues to play better and better and I hope that he and I have a chance to play together more in the final rounds” You go look at guys in the history of the sport, 40 tour wins and 4 majors, there are only 8 of them. For the record, the U.S. Open gave all sorts of great golfer some real problems.

Tom Watson won 8 majors yet only 1 U.S. Open, the U.S. Open gave Arnold Palmer some major problems with 7 majors but only 1 U.S. Open. Mickelson has won 3 Master’s, a PGA championship, in non-majors he has obliterated people. He is arguably the greatest shot maker in the history of the sport – I mean a humongous talent. But like a John Stockton, Patrick Ewing or a Charles Barkley, he just happened to get caught up in the Tiger Tsunami, the Michael Jordan Tsunami and nobody, historically, could win in that era. But Mickelson has lost 5 U.S. Open’s by 9 strokes!! He’s better than what we all make him to be.

So let’s talk about the fascinating Keegan Bradley (sarcasm intended) Listen people, we’ve had 13 different winners in the last 13 majors and a lot of you were saying to me “Andrew, why can’t you just enjoy it!” People, don’t get me wrong…it’s fine, but he’s the 108th ranked golfer in the world and you know what it tells me when the 108th ranked golfer in the world wins a major? And it’s the second time in a row the winner of a major ranked outside of the top 100…it tells you where golf is without Tiger…soft! Anybody can win cause nobody has the “it” factor to crush the field. It’s a bunch of soft country club kids taking turns on dads convertible.  It out there for anybody to seize, including the legendary Rory McIlroy lol and none of them are seizing it.

It’s nothing against Keegan Bradley, but let me ask you this, if the 108th best college basketball team ends up making it to the NCAA final 4, do you know the back story? Are you involved emotionally? No!!! if the 108th best college football team ends up in the Rose Bowl, are you going to watch it? No!!! So you can’t expect casual fans, people with a life – and I’m not talking to golf purist, that guy…networks already own that guy, they are not worried about him at all. They are worried about guys like me, who are casual golf fans, who come in for great stories. But when you give me the 108th golfer…I mean, did you see the leader board on the last day? It looked like a bad law firm…you’ve gotta give me somebody I’ve heard of. “well you’re a sports junkie…” I’m a human being man! If I’ve got no emotional connection to a kid from Vermont I’ll never see again, I’m not as emotionally involved.

Even when Mike Tyson was 9 years past his prime, he’d go on pay-per-view or when Oscar De La Hoya was past his prime, he’d also go on pay-per-view and get a huge number. People are busy, they have lives, they certainly don’t go on the internet all day looking up golfers from Vermont. So you can’t expect the masses, the majority of people, to have some emotional connection with a golfer that 15 days ago you’d never heard of. Keegan Bradley, by the way, he acknowledged that he hopes he’s not a one-hit wonder “ I don’t want to be one of the guys that kind of disappears, I’d love to be up in a category with, you know, the best players  and be next to Phil Mickelson, whose one of my idols. I hope I don’t disappear and I don’t plan to and I think I can hang out…I honestly think I can.”

Well let’s root for the kid, he seems like a nice kid but, like one of the guys looked like an overweight of Rory McIlroy and you’d never heard of that kid from Vermont – and by the way, it’s the longest streak a first time major winners in modern major championship history…13 different winners in 13 different majors. You can’t expect the average person reading my blog who is busy as hell, has 2 kids and they’re playing soccer, has a wife/husband…you can’t expect them to emotionally sit in a couch and just suddenly know a kid from Vermont, they’ve never heard of…that’s all it is, that’s all I’m saying.

Like in can be fun in the moment, but you know…sports is just about emotional connections. Why are you a Giants fan? Cause your dad was a Giants fan and your dad’s dad was a Giants fan and you’ve been watching the Giants for 28 years – that’s why you’re a Giants fan. If you wake up in the Bronx tomorrow, why aren’t you a Cleveland Brown’s fan? You have no emotional connection!! So that’s all sports is. I mean, some people were upset that UConn – the 9th best team in the Big East, won the NCAA tournament, but I’m suppose to say that the 108th ranked golfer is great?? Heck, at least I’ve heard of UConn.

So I went back this weekend and I was thinking about something – Shaq and Kobe to be precise. It made me think of Tiger Woods and Steve Williams and their breakup. When Shaq and Kobe broke up, I ranted about it ( and I said it then, long-term…Kobe is going to win this deal. Short-term, Shaq goes to Miami and wins a championship.  Almost everybody – and because most people are followers “oh man, Kobe is a bum” no, long term…Jerry West was right! The Lakers knew that Kobe worked harder in practice, he gave you 80 games a year, and Shaq was down to about 58 – 60. Shaq was a big athlete who would fall apart – centers usually do.

Though for the first year or two of their separation – Shaq was the winner. Yet the smart people and the smart money always knew that Kobe was the guy you had to keep. Shaq is now out of the league, has problems off the court (look it up your self) and Kobe is still a premier star in the NBA who can win another couple of championships if the pieces around him arrive. Sometimes people win short-term yet big picture, Kobe/Shaq…you had to choose? You take Kobe! Jerry West – smarter than all of us in basketball, knew it!

This past Sunday, Steve Williams beat Tiger Woods yet long term…Tiger will be okay. He’ll never be 97’ – 07’ Tiger, but he’ll win tournaments, he’ll get back up to speed. But Steve Williams, the caddie, had an oppourtunity to offer perspective, to say smart things…yet caddie guy went out and basically credited himself with winning the tournament.  It would’ve been a great time to say “We [Adam Scott] had a great tournament, we’re friends and I was so thankful that he [Adam Scott] allowed me to elevate us”

But instead, in a one minute interview – read this out loud on what Steve Williams said, read and see if you can pick out the word that Steve Williams said a dozen times in a minute interview “I was told on the phone the details as to why I was fired and it was discussed for my own personal stuff. I was fairly confident that we’d get along pretty good; I didn’t think people realized how difficult the PGA tour is, I can’t help it, I love carrying the clubs and love doing the job. I guess I realized that if you love something that much…it’s not a problem…”

I, me, I, I, me…a caddy? It felt like a dad taking credit for the birth of a child “Man! That was my greatest birth ever…I endured the labor pains quite nicely. They were unbearable, but I mean…I came through it! It was a really hard 9 months for me” well dude, like a caddy you had something to say…”but that was mostly nice months ago, that’s why I guess they say you should always let the wife name the kids. You’re doing all the hard stuff – I’m sorta watching, I did my work 9 months ago, the rest of it is up to you and you get to name the kids”. That’s what Steve Williams felt like when after the tournament on Sunday, he said things like “I only…”, “I never look back…” “It’s all about winning for me…”Dude, you’re a caddy.

Bill Belicheck is a football coach – perhaps the best one in the land. Bill Belicheck – who could take a lot more credit than what he does, because I mean none of us denies that coaching is huge in football. In baseball, not so much and likewise in basketball, but in football, none of us deny that the difference between a good coach and an average coach – you know, Ray Rhodes and Belicheck or Ray Rhodes and Andy Reid, Rex Ryan and somebody else…coaching matters!

Read closely to what Belicheck said last week where – unlike Steve Williams, read what Belicheck last week said when they signed Ochocinco, pay close attention to the word that he kept referring to “…we’ve been involved in some of those as well, we’re in the process of seeing how that goes and we’ll talk about it when it’s done…we haven’t even stepped foot on the field , we haven’t gotten into a huddle yet, we’ll take it day by day and see how it goes. We have different people who are at different stages of practice, we have players in all different categories and we’re still actually working through some things…” We, we’ll, we’re…this coming from a guy who could take all the credit in the world. Phil Jackson never said “I won” it’s “we”, Kobe, the Lakers.

I’m not arguing that Steve Williams – like any elite caddy, can’t help. But if the average par 4 on the tour is 440 yards and the average drive for Adam Scott or Tiger Woods is 290? And since I figure that every golfer can figure out their own wedge and putter…to some degree, a caddies biggest golf choice, their biggest help is that 2nd shot on the par 4. It’s not like Adam Scott would grab a 2 if he’s 143 yards out – he’s probably grabbing a 7 or an 8. Perhaps a guy can line up a putt and help you, but it’s not like Adam Scott looks at a putt “this dog is moving left!” and Steve Williams says “oh no no, it’s going far right”

I’m not disputing what a caddy can mean, a set of eyeballs, in any industry…it helps! But it felt like Albert Pujols – his batboy coming to the microphone and saying “man, I was really in the groove today. I was in a slump but I bounced out of it really well, 3 for 4 felt great to me” You handed him a bat, your handing him a golf club! I mean, all these pro golfers have been golfing since they were 6 or 7, Adam Scott is 31. That’s 25, 26 years in the tour – I’m pretty sure he knows what club to grab. I thought it was a moment like the Shaq and Kobe, everybody is going to jump on the “yeah, Steve Williams is the man” bandwagon…short term thinkers! In the moment, congrats to Steve but I guarantee you that there are pro golfers all over North America, PGA pro’s, nationwide guys who are saying to themselves “that freakin caddie needs to get over himself”  I thought it looked really bad – even for the moment, congrats to Steve Williams

Adam Scott is an easy guy to root for, he’s an Aussie and Steve Williams is a New Zealander. Adam, after the event – who is actually pretty funny said “I’ve just been pretty much getting hazzled with questions about him, but that’s alright I can talk about Steve, now I’m not Tiger cause I had no idea how popular a New Zealander could be, coming from Australia…” It should be noted that Adam Scott, even before Williams, had started 10 events, had won $1.2 million with 11 events left. Adam Scott was on pace to win about $2.1 million dollars this year…without Steve Williams, that’s a really nice year on the tour. Adam Scott has been a really good golfer for years, some say he is a little timid; maybe Steve Williams’ ego helps him a tad. But again, in the moment I thought it was a great oppourtunity for a caddy or somebody to step up and say “we did it, we’re really excited about the future, and we make a really good team” I didn’t think that’s what Steve Williams did.

Firing sounds so harsh does it not? What about dismissing his caddy – that sounds nicer, more gentle but after 12 years…who’s your caddy? It’s not Steve Williams. I have defended Tiger Woods on this because Steve Williams, as a caddy, you’re largely paid to be anonymous yet Steve Williams became a celebrity because of Tiger. When Tiger was in chaos, Steve Williams went on 60 Minutes New Zealand to talk about it! Dude, you were signing your death sentence!!! Bad move.

Then he went out – and for the last 18 months, Tiger has been either inactive, starting and quitting tournaments or doing okay at the Masters… that’s in his last 18 months. But Tiger agreed to let Steve caddy for Adam Scott, Tiger said “okay”. He didn’t say “yeah, I’m fired up about that” he said “alright” and there is a big difference. How many times have you said “yes” but meant “not really?” So Steve Williams, who is not a paid employee but who is a “work for the cheque” employee, went out and caddied for Adam Scott – a young gifted golfer who many see as a rival of Tiger’s in the next 2 or 3 years…okay? If your wife or girlfriend says to you “I’m not going to be home tonight until 3am, I’ve got a bachelorette party” you say “alright” but you don’t mean “alright”. It must’ve played out something like this between Steve and Tiger “Hey Tiger, can I go caddy for this young phenom Adam Scott, who many think is the next you?” and Tiger goes “yeah okay”…your signing your pink slip!!

 When your boss says “dude we’re tight here, I need you to work overtime again this week” and you say “sure!”  do you really mean “yes, I’m fired up about it!” No! you don’t want to work, but you know the relationship. So this idea that Tiger needs Steve Williams…go look up Tiger Woods before Steve Williams. Basically they hooked up late 98’, early 99’. In 1989 – 10 years before, Tiger was 13 years old and was winning tournaments. He won 3 straight juniors, he won 21 amateurs, he turned pro in 96’, won 2 tournaments immediately, in 97’ he won 4 – won the Masters by 12 and signed with Nike for $40 million and Titleist for about the same, late 98’/early 99’ Steve Williams becomes his caddy. Tiger was a rocket headed straight up before Steve Williams. Now, Steve joined the rocket and certainly helped to keep the trajectory on course…he helped the rocket, but he wasn’t the rocket and the rocket was not veering off and becoming Woody Austin anytime soon…it was going straight up!

There are a lot of golfers that have won a lot of tournaments like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Ernie Els, Nick Faldo, David Duval, Phil Mickelson, Colin Montgomerie, Lee Westwood, Hale Irwin…they  never used Steve Williams. Who has won more than any of them except Jack? Tiger Woods!! He’s had 2 caddies and the reality of the matter is that they both became celebrities…you gotta know your place!  When Pete Carroll was coaching USC and they won 34 straight – Norm Chow started thinking he was running the program…see yah Norm!

I mean, just run through the Steve Williams bites and you can tell that there‘s a sense that the money he made – his ego got out of control! In the first bite, he says that he was loyal to Tiger and that timing is what bothered him “when the chips were down I stuck by Tiger, and he put myself and my family in a difficult position there for a quite period of time, but I stuck by him – so you know, now I’m very disappointed that this comes to an end at this time. I mean, I’m not disappointed at the fact that I got fired – that is part of the job when you work in this business, there is no hidden agenda whether that’s coming or not, but its more about the timing of it, it was extraordinary to me” He put your family in a difficult position? Dude…he carried your family for a decade!! Now it’s your turn.

The truth is – if you look at what Steve Williams made, he made a salary. I gotta tell you, like I personally try to save 50% of my earnings – so that if I have a bad 18 months, I don’t have to change the quality of my life. If Steve Williams in New Zealand – which is not exactly Manhattan, where you can buy a nice house and some goats for a pretty reasonable amount. If over 10 years of earning over millions of dollars – if you didn’t put some of it away for 18 months, that’s kinda of a “you” problem! You’re a caddy, you gotta know better than that.

The other thing that is shocking to me is that Steve Williams came out and said that he had lost respect for Tiger “I certainly out of all people lost respect for Tiger and I pointed it out to him when I came back at Augusta in 2010 – you know, after what had happened, that he had to earn back my respect. I think he was slowly doing that but obviously, that isn’t the case right now” Wow!!! I’m just not going there with almost anybody. I’m not sure that I would ever go there – in a business relationship, and even though they were friends, like would you ever tell somebody at work that you were under, significantly under…that they had to earn your respect? Even if you thought of it, WOULD YOU SAY IT?? Would you go on 60 Minutes and say it? That’s exactly what Steve Williams did! I personally wouldn’t go that far.

Like this guy (Steve Williams) is arguably the highest paid athlete in his country right now…he’s a caddy! I mean, I don’t have a list of New Zealand’s all time great athlete’s, I can’t think of anybody that is as well known as Steve Williams. I mean, I’m sure there is a cricket player who is revolutionary….holy smokes!! Steve also said that he’s disappointed and that he’s basically wasted the last 2 years “oh I’m extremely disappointed, given the fact that the last 18 months has been a particularly difficult time cave for Tiger, obviously with the scandal, he’s hired a new coach has a new swing change…yeah the last 18 months have been very difficult, yet I’ve stuck by him through thick and thin and have been incredibly loyal and then to have this happen. I mean, basically you could say I’ve wasted these last 18 months of my life.”

I’ve been incredibly loyal? You could’ve bolted dude!! It’s easy to be loyal when you’re making millions of dollars a year!! I just think all of these comments are not the comments caddies should make publically…I just don’t think you should go there. I think the old adage with caddies, you know “keep up and shut up” that’s kinda what it is. You may not like that – and maybe Steve and Tiger at a bar could talk and say things, but the idea that Steve comes out this week with these comments tells me volumes about Steve Williams and his sense of self importance. I’m not saying that Steve as a human being isn’t the equal of Tiger…as a human being, as a dad, as a father! But as a professional…you’re a caddy!! When you get between the ropes and your talking business…you’re a caddy. You may be a better dad or husband – that’s different. You can argue with Tiger in a ball room, at a house, at a dinner party all day long. But to say this stuff….wow!!

Did you hear about the spitting incident with Tiger Woods? It was captured by CBS cameras, before the network went on the air, CBS did pick up him swearing, on #5 missed that 18 foot putt, probably will face a fine from the mess – but that’s okay, cause I know its lousy etiquette, but the fist pump, the club toss, the lala pollogies tour is back!! Tiger Woods – and I’m not sure if it goes beyond this past weekend, but I’m seeing the old Tiger Woods. He’s spitting, he’s swearing, he’s angry, he’s curt, he’s short….and I just want to thank him for that!

I would like to thank Tiger Woods for being authentic and true to whom he is. I thought the Tiger front 9 31 emergence, was a much bigger story that Rory McIlroy’s collapse! Listen, Rory McIlroy’s collapse just revealed his age, Greg Norman’s collapse revealed his character! And there is a huge difference. I know everybody felt bad for Rory, but you know what I was saying? “Kid, get outta the way!! Your clogging up my television set” He’ll win a major…maybe two or three…this wasn’t his time. Peter Kostis from CBS gave him a hug, and he really gave him a hug for all of us! “Hey kid, your 21 kid, you gave it a run, it’s not your day. But could you kindly move outta the way, there is a bigger story here…there is a much bigger story here!”I don’t compare it at all to Greg Norman.

When Greg Norman fell apart Nick Faldo felt bad…you just couldn’t explain it! In one big swoop, your heart went out for Greg Norman and you realized “wow, he’s never going to be the same” As far as sports go, it almost felt like it was an American tragedy. Rory felt like a 21 year old kid at the turn who got overwhelmed in sweltering heat. I’m not sure if he was sweating or if those were tears, but it was just too much for him. He’s 21 years old…and weren’t we all asking Saturday night – let’s be honest here, when we went to bed on Saturday, what was the overwhelming media coverage? “Can Rory handle the pressure on Sunday!!” and the answer was “Nope, he can’t!! He can’t handle it…its okay, he will eventually though”

The story on Sunday was Tiger. There I was sitting in front of my laptop watching it for 3 hours…it was soo compelling, it was unbelievable!! It makes even other good golf stories – Jason Day, Adam Scott, Charles Schwartzel feel like “ugh, uh whatever….Let’s get back to Tiger” Did anybody notice the crowd? I know for a percentage of people it’s hard to admit that you root for Tiger because of the infidelity and the bad home stuff. But did you watch the crowd? They were taking Tiger’s misputts harder than Tiger was!! 5 birdies, 9 holes, in front 9, the crowd roaring. Jason Day – who had a great round said he could hear the crowd roaring. “All you could hear was…I was actually on 3rd hole, and it seemed as if at every single hole he’d have this big massive roar, one after the other, and then he eagled 8th which was amazing. I think he was 5 under through 9 holes… [Reporter answers “yes” in background] oh man, that guy’s a freak!”

That guy is a freak! It was incredible. And I know MJ and Kobe and A-rod and Tiger…I know all of these stars are terribly flawed and unevenly humans, but I don’t care. All I know is that when Tiger is cussing and swearing and energized…I can’t take my eyes of the television set! I thought Andy North summed it up best, he said  “Anybody who’s been writing or talking about…it doesn’t matter if Tiger is there or not, people don’t care about Tiger…that’s totally wrong! I mean the energy there, the first half of the day when he was making his run on the front 9, was absolutely amazing! The roars and the cheers – people were going nuts. Do not run at Augusta is the norm, yet there were people running and pushing to see what was going on” Now I don’t know if this continues. I could be that this is Tiger’s home course, just like how Phil Mickelson plays great at Tory Pines. Every golfer’s got like that one course and it sorta feels like this is Tiger’s course, even when he’s 58, he’ll make a run like the Golden Bear did in the twilight of his career…I don’t know.

But I’ll tell you this, what I noticed about Tiger…he was authentic! You may not like the real Tiger, as he blew off Bill Macatee, from CBS, you may not like the swearing or the cussing…but that’s who he is! And stars are different…that’s why their stars!! They are not 3rd grade school teachers. They’re not well mannered, they’re not great role models, and they’re not always kind and compassionate and selfless. They are selfish, but I’m not paying $300 bucks at the guys at Jiffy Loop. When Tiger is in his zone, there is nothing like it.

Golf is just Golf …and then when Tiger gets going, it’s like a sport! I feel the same way I when I’m watching Game 6 NBA finals. My heart is pumping fast, fist pumping in the air…I thought it was great! I thought it was incredibly captivating. And I think the Rory McIlroy comparisons to Greg Norman are overstated. Greg was down the stretch, he was a brand…and it really revealed his character “ohh, this is why he’s got all the talent of Jack, but has never been Jack” it really revealed it. With Rory, it just revealed his age! He’s just a kid…he’s just a kid!

I’m not a guy who likes to rant about Golf a lot , but if you read my rants, you get the sense that I like to talk about business, psychology and relationships (that is kinda the slogan for this blog) because it interests me and I talk about stuff that I like. I like football, I like talking about relationships, I like girls, I like business, I like psychology and I’ve said this before, I don’t think that Tiger Woods will ever be that Tiger Woods we saw in his greatest decade! And people forget just how great he was.

In Jack Nicholas’ greatest 10 year stretch, he won 15% of the time. In Tiger’s best 10 year stretch, he won 30%. That’s twice as much as the best golfer ever…the guy was ridiculous, unfortunately it’s not coming back! I believe that golf is 75-80% mental. Tiger is now a better human, thus Tiger is a worse golfer!!

And having paid close attention to sports for the past 8 years, the Tiger’s, the Kobe’s, Peyton Manning’s and MJ’s are selfish…and they have to be! You can’t be a 9-5 guy, best dad in the world, there for your wife every night and be the best in the world at anything. As Malcolm Gladwell points out in the book titled “Outliers” [] it’s called the “10,000 hour rule” To be an expert, to be elite, not good…but amazing, there is not enough pie in the pan! There are not enough hours!! Something’s gotta give. You’re going to miss little league games and piano recitals and long walks on the beach with your wife…if you want to be the greatest civil engineer, if you want to be the greatest golfer! There just isn’t that many hours!! You can convince yourself…there is just simply not that many hours.

Cliff Lee – I read a story on the New York Magazine this past weekend; he’s never read a book! He sure as heck is good in the post-season! Roger Clemens is delusional, only surrounds himself with “yes’ men. What often makes the best athlete would make a terrible human! So I look at Tiger Woods and when he was having 14 or 15 simultaneous affairs, he was dominating!!! Because it was very much like Tiger’s golf game….all about him! Servicing him, serving him! The affairs were lockstep with Tiger the human being and Tiger the golfer….take care of Tiger.

I never thought he was a sex addict, I thought it was ridiculous. If you have 14 affairs, if I have 14 affairs…that’s sexual addiction because we’ll have an unconscionable amount of co-ordination to pull them off. Tiger just needs a cell phone…he’s got a staff of workers to set it up. This was just a guy in a bad marriage who was bored and had time and had money! That’s not addiction, that’s bordom!  In 8 years of following sports obsessively, I’ve heard worse than that…that’s just what you’re hearing about!

So the most balanced people I’ve ever met, who’ve got their family and job and relationships and social life…just perfectly co-ordinated are never ever…I’m only 23, they are never ever the most successful people. To be a great dad, you gotta give stuff up and to be the best golfer…you’ve got to be manic! When Tiger was manic, he was unbelievable! And now he’s just a really good golfer. He’ll win again, he’ll win a major but so will Darren Clarke, Mike Weir or Corey Paven. I think Tiger, mentally with all those psychologists, flipped a switch and good luck flipping it back!

Golf, more than any single sport – you never see this in hockey, you never see it in football or basketball or baseball…perhaps a little bit in baseball. But in golf, we have guys who are #1 on the tour, Nick Faldo or David Duvall… guys who are elite or Baker Finch, who fall of the cliff and never return! You don’t see a world class sprinter go from 1st to 858th in the world overnight. You don’t see Kobe go from 28 a game to a 9, barring an injury. In golf, the best golfer disappears and can’t make the cut!

Tiger will still win, but the former Tiger is done. You know what Tiger is to me? He’s the musician who sobered up and you’re not writing “Dark Side of the Moon” after two glasses of lemonade and an afternoon with your kids. Charles Barkley had it right!! It was harsh, it was rude, but we should be entertained by athletes, they should never be role models (open in a new tab to see commercial )soo true! They are the last people you should be modeling your life after.

But they are the first people I’ll pay $200 to sit behind a dug out and watch in the bottom of the 9th in Game 7 of the series and when Tiger was manic, a mess and self absorbed…that’s exactly, in his personal life, like his real life! A staff of people at his win, to service him…that was Tiger! So in a way, the sex addiction – which I never bought, was very similar to his golf life. Now he’s faking it, now he’s talked to “psychologist” now he’s okay