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Sometimes folks, the rich are rich because they are smarter, because they are more aggressive and because they are more shrewd.  It’s not always because their dad handed them a billion dollars – 92% of American millionaires grew up in the middle class, sorry if it doesn’t fit your narrative. Steve Nash took less to be a Laker, Antawn Jamison took less to be a Laker – they didn’t go out and buy Dwight Howard, they rolled the dice and took a risk! He can potentially leave them in a year. The Lakers didn’t create the weather nor did they build the beach – it was there when they came via Minneapolis.  The Lakers are simply smarter than most teams – yes they’ve got great weather, but do you know what? If you’re a stockbroker and live in Milwaukee, dude Chicago is an hour away, move and be a playa! You’ll never be one in Milwaukee, don’t blame finance! Milwaukee, you’re an hour from Chicago…move, if you want to make big money. Everybody is whining about their lot in life. First of all, the NBA now has 13 excellent teams – this is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. Yet everyone is like “Andrew, but now the Lakers are too good…” hey, who said this guarantee’s them a championship? I’ll still take Miami to win it all next year. I’ll take the Lakers over OKC but will take Miami over LA because they’ve still got Lebron (see what he’s doing amongst the best on Team U.S.A at Olympics? Especially game against Lithuania?)

People then complain about it being all stacked – you want it stacked don’t you? People in Ohio love a stacked deck when it’s Ohio State football in the Big 10, but they hate it when it’s the Indians in baseball, Cavs in basketball and Blue Jackets in hockey that are getting hozed! You love a stacked deck…when it’s YOUR stacked deck. “this is awesome” when it’s not yours “this stinks” it’s funny because it certainly doesn’t stink to be in OKC, Miami, Boston or LA right now in the NBA, those are excellent basketball teams. I would say that there are another 5 teams that are very very good right now – Brooklyn, San Antonio, Chicago, Denver and Indiana. Then I’d say there are 4 teams you don’t want to get into an alley fight with – Philadelphia, Clippers, Memphis and Knicks. There are 13 excellent, very good or very dangerous teams in this league – that’s 40% of the league. The league has certainly never been this deep – now are there 9 horrible teams? Yeah, but they are re-building. It’s like I’ve been saying for a while on the blog, I’d cut 4 outta the NBA, 4 outta baseball, 6 outta hockey and 4 outta the NFL, but that’s never going to happen.

Now, Orlando to me could’ve done much better than this – I was reading a comment on an article written today out of the New York Times and the individual made a good point saying “the Magic passing on better deals reminds me of the guy that goes to the bar and thinks the women are going to get cuter as the night goes on. After realizing he’s wrong at 1am in the morning, he panics and ends up going home with the ‘4’ he’s always avoided” The longer Orlando waited, the uglier this thing got – and that’s the way it’s worked in my life. I’m not saying the 1st offer is the best, but the longer you go, the uglier it gets because everybody in the league knows Dwight doesn’t want to be there, the fans are going to be booing him, it’s going to be awful , you should’ve jumped ship on this guy 2 years ago! I ranted 2 years ago on this very blog – your wife now, but 2 years ago when you were still dating, if she walked up to you and said “I don’t know about this, I’m not really attracted to you, I mean I kinda like…” get out of it!!  It’s certainly not a good fit – there are a million women in the sea and there’s a million guys out there as well…get out of it! If she’s dropping hints 2 years ago – which Dwight Howard was by saying “I’m going to look at other places” Like Kobe doesn’t say “you know I’m looking at other places” Kobe loves the Lakers.

So I think Orlando just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and it just kept getting uglier and the deals got worse and worse – I’ll take Brook Lopez’s contract! I’ll take that over whatever this deal really is – I don’t like this at all. Like in baseball, we don’t have any problem with someone just stepping up and paying a fortune and buying guys. The Lakers here didn’t buy anything! I’ve just never seen anything like this though because usually the way the NBA works is that you have to inherit a horrible contract and a bunch of draft picks to get a superstar! You gotta give something, the Lakers inherited nothing, kept Gasol, got rid of that head case Bynum and are giving up like a 2017 draft pick! So basically there is a 12 year old in the suburbs of Chicago whom the Lakers gave up. He’s babysitting his brother tonight as his parents are out for the night. The Lakers gave up a 12 year old in the burbs in Chicago for Dwight Howard…fantastic!!

But I am so over everyone whining about their lot in life “oh it’s this…that…this…that” I tell you, I always say this, go read the books written by a guy named Richard Florida (his bio do you want to matter? You gotta move!! I watched a documentary about a family who lives in Long Island, New York – talking about how he’s been unemployed for 3 years due to the recession and all – it’s a pretty awful situation and sad but yet I kept screaming at the television “move” Nebraska has 2% unemployment…move!! If you’re going to whine about your life and everybody’s narrative is “oh I can’t get this, I can’t get that…” stop it! Change your life, society is mobile! Don’t blame the Lakers!!

Sometimes the Lakers are just smarter than other people, they’re definitely more aggressive than others, and they stay on the clock. I remember reading in one of those college football insider subscriptions earlier this year where Lane Kiffen, USC football head coach, was telling the reporter on how it was the first day of recruiting this year – when you were allowed by NCAA rules to call up the players to recruit them to your school.  He said how he’d called 4 of the top 5 players in the country and recalled how the only other team that had called all 5 of them was Nick Saben of Alabama before him! That’s why Alabama right now is #1 in the country – they work harder than anyone else! Why are they dominating college football so much? Simply because Nick Saben is on the phone at 1am in the morning on the first day of recruiting. Lane Kiffen talked about how he’d called 4 of the top 5 players and basically every kid said “yeah, I just got off the phone with Nick Saben” they didn’t get off the phone with Northwestern’s coach! Didn’t get off the phone with Oklahoma State’s coach! Or Baylor’s coach! Or Oregon State’s coach! It was Alabama’s coach!

So you know what, this is very good for the Lakers! I’ll tell you what though, don’t hand the Lakers a championship either because of this move- you’re nuts to do that! I’ll still take Miami – now I do think they match up pretty well against Oklahoma City. By the way, Magic Johnson was interviewed on SportsCentre yesterday morning – he thinks that the Lakers, I agree with him here, that they will gel more quickly (Nash and Howard specifically) than the whole Bosh, Wade, Lebron took saying “ you’ve got three perimeter players in Miami – that’s why it was hard for them to work it out. Where is everybody going to go? Who is going to take the shots? While with the Lakers you won’t have that because you already know that Kobe Bryant will be coming off the wings shooting, you know Dwight Howard will be down low –that’s the only place he’s going to play. So this is going to be an easier transition for the Lakers for them to work it out than it was for Miami” Again, everybody loves a stacked deck when it’s your stacked deck and everybody resents when it’s somebody else. The Lakers outsmarted the league….once again!


It was a weird 4th of July earlier this month as it was during mid-week, which I’m not a fan off. I like it when it’s on a Friday or Monday. So I went out for a run in the scorching heat and humidity – I was shot for the day. I then checked my texts and started getting into arguments with all sorts of people basically telling everyone this: Steve Nash can’t go to Toronto; it’s stupid because he’s an all-time great! “ouuu but it’s going home Andrew” he’s not from Toronto! He didn’t even play college basketball in Canada; heck he wasn’t even born in Canada! Going home is over-rated when you’re an all-time great. When you’re on a 7 game losing streak and a 9th seed in the East, congrats on going home!

Steve Nash deserves a fight for the championship, he’s Steve Nash!! Steve Nash led the NBA in assists the last 3 seasons and Phoenix didn’t have a 20 pts a game scorer! How the hell did he do that? That’s absolutely amazing! He’s still a 50% shooter from the field “Well Andrew, he doesn’t defend very well” who does though? Derrick Rose? Please!! Steve Nash to the Lakers is a game changer. Do you get how bad the Lakers were at the point guard position last year? Let me just sum up how bad the Lakers were. When they acquired Ramon Sessions, a back-up in freaking Cleveland, it was considered a major upgrade. When they acquired Ramon Sessions – who couldn’t start for Cleveland, they threw a parade in Los Angeles. The Lakers’ point guards at the end of last season were the 2nd worst in the league in points per game and 4th worst in assists.

Nash, not only led the league in assists with no stars – now he gets Kobe, Gasol and Bynum, but he also ranked 1st in assists per 48 minutes and 2nd in assist percentage. Meaning, did his teammates shoot better when he was on the floor? He was #2 in the league. This absolutely changes everything “But Andrew, the Lakers still don’t have a bench…” who does though? Indiana? How’d that work out for them in the playoffs? Oklahoma City had a much better bench then Miami, Miami had Lebron. Benches don’t win titles. Spurs had a great bench, Miami had no bench – you need stars!! They win you games in this league; if they didn’t, then Indiana would have 9 rings. But you know who’s got them? The Celtics and the Lakers because they attract stars! So he is a complete game changer.

The other thing in Los Angeles is that Steve Nash is one of these guys – there are about 3 or 4 of them in the league. Lebron is one of them; Chris Paul is one of them and Steve Nash, in that they upgrade everybody around them by a little. They take a B- player and make him a B+ player. They take a C+ player and make him a B- player and Nash is really good at that. The Lakers’ biggest problem – and any Laker fan will tell you, is that Pau Gasol and Kobe don’t mesh, they like each other and they’re really smart guys. The truth is, Kobe is not a true point guard, and he is a scorer and not a distributor. As a result, Pau Gasol gets frozen out and gets ticked off. Every year by the All-Star break Pau starts complaining “I’m not getting enough touches” with Nash…problem solved!

So A) you get a massive upgrade at point guard – Steve Nash and Ramon Sessions isn’t an upgrade, it is a mega upgrade! It’s Dwight Howard from Brook Lopez, it’s not even close. Secondly, you get a guy who led the league in assists in Phoenix with no legitimate scorers. What do you think he’s going to do with Kobe and Gasol? 3 years ago, Gasol was arguably the best big in the game, do you think he’s bad now? No, the Lakers point guards have been atrocious – nobody gets him the ball. This, if anything, revives his career. This is just an absolute game changer! Not to say that the Lakers still don’t have issues, but folks it’s the NBA, there is a salary cap, everybody in this league has issues and flaws Miami won a championship with no point guard and no center! Oklahoma City is great yet 4 of their top 7 players are non-scoring threats. The Bulls don’t have a 2nd scorer – these are 3 of the best teams in the league!

The Lakers have 4 current players – either current all-stars or who use to be. Even though Nash isn’t, he’ll lead the league in assists next season for the 4th straight year – this is an absolute gigantic move! Go look at his numbers, his points have gone down but the Lakers don’t need points, he also adds a shooting touch from the perimeter. Kobe had his worst shooting year ever….why? Is he that bad all of a sudden? No, he was averaging 28 pts a game. Since they had no point guard he was basically forced into making his own shots way too often – now he’s going to get open jumpers occasionally. Kobe’s field goal percentage will go up by like 5%. Big win for Kobe, big win for Gasol, big win for Mike Brown, the head coach, who’s a defensive minded head coach, he’s not a great offensive minded guy so Steve Nash takes a lot of that headache off his table.

Metta World Peace was interviewed on the Scott Van Pelt Show shortly after Nash signed, you can make fun of Metta World Mishap all you want but the guy knows basketball saying “ he [Steve Nash] has a lot of weapons around him, he’s one of the leading assist guys of all-time. So if you give him the ball, he can dish it out to Metta World Peace, Kobe Bryant, the big Spaniard, Bynum – and he’ll make us look even better…” Never forget this: In the 5 games against Oklahoma City in the playoffs – Games 2, 3 and 4 with final scores of 77-75, 99-96 and 103-100, LA led in every one of those games in the 4th but Ramon Sessions was their point guard. LA is not that far off “but they don’t have a great bench like the Spurs Andrew” they lost 4 straight games at the end of the year because they didn’t have the stars that OKC did – it’s a star driven league. The Knicks have a bench yet it only won them one playoff game. Indiana has got depth but couldn’t beat Miami without Chris Bosh! I think this move is a complete game changer!

I still think Miami is the favourite, LA has closed the gap on OKC though I’d still give them the advantage because they are young, they’ve got chemistry, coming off a very good Western Conference playoff run but I’d put LA and Boston as tied for 3rd. Now do you still pursue Dwight Howard? I think yes! You have to go after Dwight Howard. Now I can live with Bynum, Gasol, Metta, Kobe and Nash – I can live with that. But he adds youth and he’s a better defensive player. Bill Simmons was on The Thundering Herd last month – I just wonder if Brooklyn even understands, does the Orlando Magic front office understand that what Brooklyn was offering was a bunch of draft picks late in the 1st round and C+ players. Do they realize that the Lakers could give them Bynum for Dwight Howard?? Bill Simmons talked about that saying “I just don’t think you should be able to get him for the poop poop platter that the Nets were offering.  None of those guys in the trade will ever be an All-Star, the 1st round picks that they would be giving up would be at the bottom of the 1st round. If you’re an Orlando Magic fan, you cannot accept that trade, you just can’t”

I totally agree with Bill – this Brooklyn offer, everyone was falling in love with it! It’s a bunch of C+ players and late 1st round draft picks, there is no Andrew Bynum in there! So does Orlando realize that getting Dwight Howard’s equal, better offensively though not as good defensively, is as good as your going to get! Anytime you trade stars you end up losing, it’s very rare when you can give up Dwight Howard and get a Bynum, which just simply doesn’t happen in the NBA. Normally you give up a star and end up getting like a Caron Butler x4, draft picks late in the 1st round – those have no value, you see everyone in the league give away draft picks, they have no value outside of the top 5.