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…if you’re a fan of USC football or a fan of the Big 12…umm, let me start with USC football, as reported Wednesday, that there would be an announcement yesterday (Thursday) that USC was getting hammered!

For those who don’t know the story, uh according to sources at ESPN, there are 3 things happening, and let me give you the 3 words….1) vacating (past wins…maybe a title)  2) Reducing (  3) and a 2 year…BAN!…3 words 1) vacating 2)reduce and 3) ban…now most of you understand the game in college football (most of you who read this are die-hard college football fans in living in the Bible Belt…go figure!)..but for those of you who don’t, let me explain why one of those words is really bad.

I want every single guy and girl reading this rant to think about something you truly love…maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend, kids (18% of you who read this are parents)…if somebody told you, vacate previous love for your kids, girlfriend/boyfriend, or wife/husband…you’d roll your eyes ..”honey moon,  I already experienced the honey moon, what do I care…what are you going to do, take my Disney pictures?….when the NCAA says “you need to vacate previous wins or a title…you can’t take the memories, vacating previous stuff that you experienced in life or sports, not that big of a deal.  Let’s get to the 2nd word, let’s say somebody says ‘uh, you got to reduce the time you spend with people you love..” alright that stings a little, but you know absence makes the heart grow fonder, I can rationalize it…if I gotta see my kids less, if I were a divorced dad, it’ll be more impactful when I do get a chance to see them…you can rationalize that.

Alright their gonna take some USC scholarships, that hurts…its stings, we just gotta do a better job recruiting and make sure there’s less attrition…that the guys you get qualify academically and that your getting good kids…okay. So vacating (previous win or previous experiences…please you can’t my honey moon away from me, you can’t take the trip to Disney World away from me) Reducing scholarships or reducing time with people you love…that hurts a little, but you can get over it.

Now let’s get to the 3rd word. BAN! We’re banning you from your kids!…you can’t see your wife for 2 years. We’re taking away…banning, you for 2 years. That crushes you, and it crushes USC and it crushes USC’s spirit. Lane Kiffin, didn’t lose an ounce of sleep and he knew this late Wednesday about the vacating and the reduction…2 year bowl ban, he didn’t sleep well. Scares him to death, crushes your spirit, and ruins your weekend, leaves a mark…burry’s recruiting. If you can appeal and get 2 years and get it shorten to one…that’s a huge win!

The difference between a year and two years…think about the military families. “Honey I’ll be back in a year…honey I’ll be back in 2!” A year is an eternity for USC, cause you can still recruit in a year ban…Alabama just won a national title, a national title…amidst of all the vacating and reduction’s they had to do. What you hope (if your USC is that) there is enough kids in California who grew up Trojan fans and who will stick with you….but the 2 year ban, that stings! there is no way around it, it’s what Lane Kiffin feared, it’s gonna cost Mike Garrett (the athletic director) his gig….it not only leaves a mark, but there will also be program erosion. 

By the way, Texas and Oklahoma have now joined the conference, and that doesn’t make it any easier….so for those people who read these rants and most of you get what I just said very obviously, but for those of you who don’t understand what USC got…the reduction of scholarships for the Texas, Georgia’s and Florida’s, Alabama, USC and Oklahoma…you can get over that stuff, you really can…even 20 losses in scholarships, you can get over that stuff…if you have a great quarterback and a great coach, you can win a lot of games….vacating previous titles, (ugh, okay…who cares) You could take away a Master’s from Phil to Tiger…and they still won! Who you gonna give it to? Corey Pavin?…like they still won it, you can’t take away the memories…but that Bowl ban, stinks!