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The boat is not sinking, yes it took in a bit of water last night, it hit an iceberg, but the pump is working…we’re going to get it to the dock. Now, it would be nice if our crew – namely Rob Ryan the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys stopped promising wins over heated rivals “it’s not the first time, that I might’ve said something and then gotten my $*& kicked, but you know, I never say anything that I don’t believe, so hopefully it’ll be the last time that happens but you know, whatever happened out there it’s all my fault.” Thanks!! But our captain is Captain Jerry Jones – an experienced Mariner and a worthy sea individual. Listen, he’s weathered this before, he got us through Hurricane Wade did he not? “There is absolutely no alarm in the clubhouse today. This can happen in the NFL. We had a lot to gain, we came up here to win this ball game and we lost, but we still have a lot to gain and we understand that. They [Eagles] played outstanding and we did not play good at all”

That’s right, there should be no time to panic…deep breathes, rocky waters, long season. Jerry got us past the storms of HBO’s hard knocks did he not? “I’d be concerned if I did not think we’d win more football games when we get back out there, but we will. This is not about re-examining everything that we do. This is about being disappointed in not winning this football game” No reason to freak out yet, I feel most mostly really good…how bout them under .500 cowboys! Now I know most you think the Cowboys’ quarterback is very Gilligan and a mistake prone goof! I see him more as Merrill Stubing’s, steady hand, flawed. But I’m believing that everything is going to be okay, we’re going to get through this thing together, everything is going to be fine…it was just a little rough last night. I give Philadelphia, a desperate team, a ton of credit for the way they came out last night and played.

Michael Vick has never been great because of his size, throwing over the middle. But Michael Vick last night was outstanding, as he got 18 of 20 between the hash marks. Now, I think off a bye is over-rated. It use to matter off a bye, but now with a new collective bargaining agreement, players get guaranteed games off, you don’t get the days to practice in pads…you can’t do it any longer. In fact, Andy Reid gave the entire team the week off, but I thought Philadelphia played with a relentless zeal and Dallas couldn’t match it and it was just ugly, yes it’s inexcusable, but I think it’s going to be okay…I’m mostly sure of that. I’m almost 74% sure that the Cowboys are going to be okay.


Week # 8 Moneymaker Picks for NFL

Posted: October 30, 2011 in NFL

Record After Week # 7 is: 25-10-4 *note: first 5 picks were all college picks

Alrighty, I like some dogs this week, let’s start with this one first

Vikings (+3.5) over Panthers

 So the Vikings go on the road and they get +3 ½ points – everyone loves Cam Newton, how do you not like him, he’s good looking, he’s got the smile, he can throw a million miles…but its covering up the truth that Carolina is a sloppy mess and they make a ton of mistakes. They had 13 penalties last week, until that game Carolina was -5. They have bad special teams and they are atrocious stopping the run. The Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is playing as well as he has in the last 2 years. I’m telling you right now, there is nobody worse in the league, maybe the Eagles, at defending a great running back than Carolina. The Vikings love to use two tight end sets and they may even go to 3 tight end sets this weekend. Carolina on the other hand, has struggled. Last week, Fred Davis former Trojan, had a big weekend. I know everybody loves Cam Newton…I get it! But I’m getting a team with more star players who now have Christian Ponder – let’s be honest; they played Green Bay tough because Minnesota has got talent!! And now they have Christian Ponder, who can air it down the field. The Panthers though, do one thing very well… they run it! Minnesota has got a tough front 7. I’m taking the Vikings, though I’m not sure if they win, couldn’t pass up the points, although 24-23 Vikings with the win is my prediction.


Seahawks (+3) over Bengals

 Seahawks don’t’ have the record but they may be the better team than Cincinnati and Andy Dalton along with a young offensive line and young wide receivers are going to the nosiest stadium in the NFL. Plus, they don’t have Cederic Benson to lean on…not good news for a rookie quarterback. As well, they don’t have middle linebacker, former Trojan Ray Maualuga, the Seattle Seahawks haven’t been home in a month and they play inspired football there. They are also excellent defensively there and have covered 4 out of their last 5 home games. They are better on special teams with Leon Washington and Red Bryant blocked two field goals last week. Outside linebacker Chris Clemons, who is one of the best in football that nobody is talking about, and Seattle is a tough place to play as the noise level could be an issue for Cincinnati’s pass protection. By the way, Clemons had 2 sacks last week against Colt McCoy. Take the 3 ½ points, it’s probably the best bet of the weekend. Seattle beats the Bengals, 17-16.


Patriots (-3) over Steelers

I like my dogs, but I’m going to take a favourite here, in New England at -3. Jerod Mayo may be back for New England and they are healthier up front and we’re seeing a little defense now. The Steelers by the way, their far more important game is NEXT WEEK against division rivals Baltimore. Meanwhile, in 3 of the 4 crucial categories (quarterback, offensive line and coach) I believe that New England is substantially better than Pittsburgh. We also get Bill Belicheck off a bye – though byes don’t mean much this year because of the collective bargaining agreement that limits practices and forces players off. So bye week’s don’t mean as much anymore, but if it means anything to anybody, it’s means something to Bill Belicheck. So how do you beat Pittsburgh? You do it the way New England has done it, and the way New Orleans has done it and the way Green Bay has done it…SPREAD THEM OUT! Spread the Steelers out. In their last 7 games against the Green Bay Packers or against the Patriots, they are 1 and 6. I’m going to take the Patriots to win it – not easily mind you, but 31-23 to cover the spread.


Bills (-6) over Redskins

You know, I think the Bills are a little over-rated, but in this spot, it’s taking money from a baby. Rex Grossman is out, John Beck’s in. Washington has two starters missing on the offensive line. Receiver Santana Moss – they’re only deep threat is out. Running back Tim Hightower is also out and now with an all new quarterback, Buffalo can score! I don’t think they are a great football team…but they can score! Ryan Fitzpatrick is the least sacked quarterback in the league and they are 4th in rushing. The Redskins are good on the edges but they are not great through the middle. In fact, the Redskins against the rush are one of the worst teams in the league. So I get a healthy Buffalo, off a bye, they’re better at quarterback, more offensive weapons. I’ll personally be at the game to see for myself what this team is really about…I like Buffalo easily, 27-13


Cowboys (+3.5) over Eagles

 I told you to get ready for it, that’s if I’m not making you sick to your stomach already. But I get the better quarterback…face it! Romo is better than Vick. Vick is more exciting, maybe he doesn’t lose that game in the 4th quarter. But Vick has got 9 TD’s to 8 picks. I also get a significantly better defensive to coordinator. Right now in Philadelphia, it is a complete mess from the coaching side of the ball. I get Rob Ryan! By the way, who is the last defensive coordinator to shut out Tom Brady twice? What have been the last two bad games for Tom Brady? Cleveland last year and Dallas this year and in both instance, Rob Ryan was the coordinator.  I also have a Dallas team that can pound the football with Felix Jones, Demarco Murray…all sorts of depth at running back and Philadelphia fans know that they can’t defend the run. They are a mess on the defensive side of the ball. Dallas wins the game straight out, I don’t even need points outside of special teams; they’re a better football team.

Well, I don’t know how Texas overcomes that! I don’t know how you can be 1 strike away twice from the World Series, gag like a cat on a hair bag and come back and win Game 7, it feels like St. Louis has got this puppy wrapped up. But, it’s the strangest World Series I’ve ever seen because after every game I felt like the winner of that game was the best team in the series. After Game 1 I thought “uh, Carpenter is pitching 3 games this series” and then Texas wins in St. Louis and your thinking “well, you know they’ll win at home” and then St. Louis comes out and blows them out. Every game I’ve got a different feeling.

But this time I’m absolutely sure, I swear to you St. Louis is most likely going to win Game 7. The emotional letdown, the bullpen is rattled, it’s in St. Louis. They get Chris Carpenter. It feels like it’s theirs. Can I say this though, have you ever met that guy – and these kinds of people drive me crazy. Like, you go see a really good movie and you’re like “omg, I saw a really good movie!” and they’re like “oh, I like the book way better” or they say “Excuse, I think the movie was stupid” or the guy who is like “I’m hillbilly. I can’t keep up with words and books, I just watch pictures!” Have you ever met that guy? There is always “that guy”

Like, have you ever met baseball purist? “oh really, I like the one hitter…I like dual simultaneous no hitters for like 38 innings cause I’m exceptionally smart and your stupid” really? That game was 10-9 and nobody could get anybody out…that’s one of the best baseball games I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m tired of you baseball purist telling me that nothing is great baseball. Like that game last night was unbelievable! It’s okay to like the movie better than the book.

I mean like, don’t you like it when your wife tells you she loves you instead of writing it on a card? It’s okay!!! It’s okay to like a baseball game where nobody can get anybody out. If you did not see the game last night, it was absolutely riveting!! It’s as good as American sports gets. By the way, the Cardinals are the only team in the history of the World Series to score in the 8th, 9th, 10th and the 11th …I didn’t know that! Something called the Elias Sports Bureau looked it up this morning. There were like 9 records set last night. It was the 8th inning, the Cardinals were down by 3, the game is in St. Louis, they’re toast, they’re done and then Allen Craig steps up and homers to left field and made it 7-5.

So it’s okay now for St. Louis, they’re getting back…then we got to the 9th inning, it’s still 7-5 Texas with 2 on and 2 out and they’re trailing by 2 runs….it’s been a great season, thanks everyone…it’s been a great year!! David Freeze comes up, two strikes; it’s almost over and then hits it to right field, goes off the wall in towards the infield. Pujols and Berkman score and it’s a triple for Freeze and ties the game. “Oh wait a minute….season is not over!!”. Then in the 10th inning, Texas’ Josh Hamilton jacks one out and its 9-7. Alright, well now the season is officially over, it’s really been a great run. I mean they gave us everything they had. Bottom of the 10th Lance Berkman, its 9-8, so they’ve cut into it a little bit, but the season is pretty much over, thank old Lance Berkman steps up…he hits a blopper for a basehit and they tie it again! 9-9. like, what in the name of Stan Musial is going on here!! The season is not over…then we go to the 11th, the Rangers go in order and now you’re thinking “it’s getting late, Joe Buck’s voice is killing him, McCarver is like 70 so he must be tired! Let’s get this thing over with” David Freeze is up with a 3-2 count and he comes up big again homer to straight centre field and wins it in the 11th…I was getting goose bumps listening to play call this afternoon.

So the game ends 10-9, it wasn’t brilliantly played, defensive lapses, the Rangers bullpen couldn’t get anybody out…that is absolutely great sports. I told a buddy this couple of weeks ago – and he laughed about it, I was telling him how everyone goes like “oh I love defenses in football” nope, you love your own defense and you hate everybody else’s. If I said tomorrow, USC/Stanford 6-3, wanna go? But if I said 33-30…you’d be like “I’m in!” We don’t really like defenses, we just like ours, and we don’t like to watch yours.

It’s like your kids or your future kids “I love my kids…yours I could do without! Mine I absolutely love!!” Last night – I don’t care if there were errors or if there was lousy pitching, that’s American sports at its best! I honestly don’t know how Texas overcomes it. I don’t hate baseball…heck I love drama!! Make games matter…I’m not gonna watch stuff in June, I’m going to the beach. Last night was incredible!!

Now Ron Washington talked after the game and he makes a good point although I just don’t know how you overcome that. “It’s not that easy to win a World Championship as we found out tonight. We had the right people in the right spot and they beat us to it. You have to give them credit because they fought tonight; they came back and won the ball game. We’ve been in some tough situations before and we’ve always responded and I expect us to respond tomorrow”

Well Chris Carpenter…the rain out helps out a little bit he’s gonna be pitching tonight. Chris Carpenter, you could argue, it a little bit like Curt Schelling in that he’s got about 145 career wins – that’s not the plateau you have to have to be eligible for the Hall of Fame, but he’s been soo good in the postseason, he’s 8-2. Like a lot of people say about Curt Schelling that he’s not a hall of famer because he doesn’t have 255 wins yet he’s like 4-1 in the World Series and 11-2 all time. To me, for Chris Carpenter…every playoff win is equivalent to like 5-10 wins. Like you can beat the Pirates all day long in June, this is why Chris Carpenter makes million and millions of dollars, he goes tonight for St. Louis cause it just feels like to me – I’m not shocked very often in sports. Like I can count on one hand the times that I’ve been shocked – OJ and driving that white bronco on the LA freeway….shocked! Andre Agassi “I did meth” …shocked! Like that one literally came out of nowhere. I think I’d be shocked if Texas won tonight. It just feels like it leans heavily towards St. Louis but this is why it’s been absolutely great baseball.

Losers sometimes win and winners sometimes lose! Ryan Leaf started 2-0, Vince Young and Tavaris Jackson and Jimmy Clausen have won games. But the truth is that the overwhelming majority of my emails yesterday were this “god he was awful…but it was great television!” and I concur with them….for once! I would double my investment on the “Tim Tebow will never be elite in the NFL”….heck I would triple it this very instant! I never let brief failure or success change my view.

When Wade Phillips got hired by the Dallas Cowboys, I had to “eat it” for a couple of years as he went 13-3 and 11-5….but I knew from the very beginning and every one of my sources said, every one of my instincts said “he’s not going to work” When Norf Turner had initial success – I knew I was right. When Kobe and Shaq broke up, I knew the Lakers got the right guy – they got Kobe, the harder worker, the better long term guy. Short-term I had to eat it with Shaq.

Now, in the Tim Tebow situation, Sunday did not validate the Tebow worshippers, it actually validated everything most NFL analysts are saying “he’s not even close to Christian Ponder!” Forget Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady or Drew Brees. I would say today that Tebow is not even close to Andy Dalton, Cam Newton and Christian Ponder. But he’s great television, it’s fantastically dramatic, I can talk about it on this blog and get like 600 hits in a week! Tebow is good for the NFL, he’s great for the league, he’s great for radio, and the media absolutely loves him, but god he’s never going to be an elite quarterback!!

“Andrew, give him credit!!” I’ve never been in that business, that’s what Visa does, that’s what Mastercard does, that’s what banks do. I’m not in the credit business, I’m in the honesty business – and honeslty, I’d triple my bet on Tebow today that he won’t pan out…but it sure as heck was damn good television. I couldn’t turn it off!! I said to a friend last week that it was the only game in NFL history where the winner would potentially be  a loser and the loser a winner! Think I’m wrong? People were cheering “GOAL” going through the upright in Miami!! One step closer to 0-16 and the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

So yesterday morning – and it’s not many of you because you fans have become smarter than ever, but for the guy out there saying “Tebow is the man” folks, he’s a mosquito flying towards the blue light, he’ll eventually be zapped! In the end, it was nothing more than riveting telelvision, everybody in the world knew on that 2 point conversion that Tebow was going to run it. You knew it, I knew it, Miami knew it, Denver knew it…and he still scored, it was unbelievable television!

For the record, I had Denver and Tebow as one of my best “suerte cinco” picks – which by the way, I went 4-1 again this weekend. I bet Tebow last Friday – not because I think Tebow is great long term. Never let market fluctuations make you pull money out of the market – I’m in the stock market for 30 years, bad years and bad months come and go, it shouldn’t change how I think about it though. It’s a better place to put it than in real estate – in my opinion. But it was dramatic television! Just off the charts good television. Listen, Denver/Miami was going to be the worst telecast in league history, it became one of the best 3 minutes ever!! I’m all good on that!

Football Right’s and Football Wrong’s!

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It’s time to play “Andrew was right and Andrew was wrong!”

Andrew was right…special edition!

Listen, Buffalo’s got a nice offense, it’s good not great. But the Bills defense, you can’t just have a good offense with that type of defense. Their ranked 29th in rush defense, they’re 29th in pass defense and if you get them out of couzy Buffalo and that crazy crowd, they’re a good team but not special. By the way, the Bengals and Giants – neither offense is what you would call incredible, they have pretty much moved the ball whenever they’ve had to  and the schedule for the Bills now gets considerably tougher, suddenly Buffalo has lost 2 out of 3 and what a shock, my email’s from Bills fans have all but dried up! It’s a nice story, but it’s an 8-8 team cause that defense is weak.

Where Andrew was wrong…

I live with the Cowboys and I die with the Cowboys, even though I love their offensive line – which is the youngest in the NFL and is getting better by the week. They still had two huge drops by my homeboy Miles Austin and they had a couple of penalties on that offensive line that you can’t have on the road in New England. I don’t know why I like the Dallas Cowboys more today than I did last Friday – there is something about this team and in that division that I really like. But I gotta eat it, I said the Cowboys would win 33-30 against the Patriots and they lost by 4…so, in my face!

Where Andrew was right…

Can we finally acknowledge that Eli Manning is good? I don’t get it!! I don’t get it how people don’t see it in this kid. Listen, he’s got 1 elite wide receiver in Akin Knicks and he’s not top 10 or 12 in the league and after that he’s got most standard parts. He’s had injuries all over the offensive line, he’s in a tough division – but here the Giants are, 4-2 mostly because of Manning who’s had to overcome an offense with a dozen key injuries this year. In his 8th year, he may be having his best season, he was a brilliant 21 for 32 and what people forget is that it’s one of the toughest places in the NFL to throw a football. This guy can play – not saying he’s Aaron Rogers, I’m not saying he’s Tom Brady and he may be at the back end of the Top 10 in this league, but Eli Manning is good and he doesn’t get nearly the credit he deserves

Where Andrew was right…

I said this after Alabama beat Penn State, once they got confident in their quarterback and were more aggressive offensively, this was going to be one of the best college football teams we’d ever see and I think it’s the best college defense that I’ve ever seen. In their last 3 games, they’ve allowed 2 touchdowns and they haven’t surrendered a second half touchdown since September! This is an unbelievable defense. They’ve got A+ talent, A+ game planning and their adjustments at half time are mind blowing…I’ve never seen a college defense as good as Alabama’s this year.

Where Andrew was wrong…

I took Arizona and Kevin Kolb to win the NFC West and I’ve got to tell you – you watch Harbough, you watch what he’s done with Alex Smith, you watch their defensive intensity, you watch their physicality…that team goes into Detroit, they committed what like 10 penalites? And yet they still win over a really nice Lions team. I completely whiffed on this division. I knew Harbough would win but I had no idea that they would be this good this fast. San Francisco, you could make an argument today, has a better stranglehold on their division than anybody else in football. I whiffed – and I’m a Harbough guy, I can’t believe how fast he’s done it!

Where Andrew was right…

Listen, the Eagles were going to eventually start winning some football games. You can’t keep outgaining every opponent and keep losing. They’re going to battle in the NFC East into the final 2 or 3 weeks of this season. “Well their defense is terrible Andrew…” umm, it’s better than New Orleans’s and New England’s statistically. It’s 2011 for crying out loud! outside of the Ravens, who in the world is playing great defense? It’s an offensive league, you can win 10 to 12 games, Saints will, Patriots will with just an amazing offense and real issues offensively. Philadelphia has got too much talent with the rules in 2011 in football not to be a viable team down the stretch, despite a lousy defense.

Everybody acknowledges –even fans admit this…your crazy! Fans overreact on Mondays. So far on the year – once again last week I had a winning week in my “suerte cinco” picks. I’ve won 20 games and I’ve lost 10, so when you get up to 65-70% against the spread, that’s pretty remarkable and I’ve sorta been lucky that way and the reason I’ve done it this year is that…I just bet against the public! The public goes nuts on everything, massively overreacting. Like they’ve overreacted to the Lions, so I said bet the Niner’s. “The Cowboy’s are terrible” I told you to take the Cowboys at +7. Once again, I had a winning week – if you count my true value pick, I went 3-1 and 2 pushes, so people overreact.

So last Monday morning everybody was like – first off listen, as I was telling a good buddy of mine Thursday night while having a couple of beers and watching Game 2 of the World Series, I own my own baggage. I had the Cowboys beating New England 33-30 and they lost by 4. I thought they’d go in there and move the ball more effectively, but I will say this…both defenses looked pretty good. New England’s defense looked pretty good. A lot better than what it’s looked all year.

Jerry Jones came out on last Monday, and the big question about the game isn’t who won or lost because it’s a long season, in my opinion they will both win their divisions, but the big question in the game was, did Jason Garrett make a mistake? He got the ball with like 3 minutes left, he ran the ball 3 times, burned the clock and then kicked it back to Brady. Now again, it was Monday during the NFL season, so the massive reaction is “Garrett is terrible, it’s a terrible call” But your all hypocrites.

If he throws a pass and it gets picked, there is not a single reader on this rant that is not crushing Jason Garrett. You are annihilating him!! You can’t have it both ways folks! You can’t demand progressive and then be outraged by mistakes. If you’re outraged by what Jason Garrett did, then did you ever write on this blog or email me during a Jets game and say “well, you gotta just run the ball there” You can’t have it both ways!! Jason Garrett did something, in my opinion, that is incredibly smart…he protected Tony Romo.

This is a long season and we’re 6 games in and Jason Garrett knows that he’s better than the Redskins – who they’ve already beaten, the Eagles were 1-4 and the Giants? You don’t know what your getting week to week, but their schedule over the next 2 months is brutal! So Jason Garrett knows that the Cowboys schedule, over the next 10 weeks is the softest in his division. It doesn’t matter if Dallas is the best team in the league; they’ve just got to win their division to get into the playoffs. Once you’re in the playoffs and you’re healthy, anything is possible! Heck, the Seahawks beat the Saints last year.

If you look at the Cowboys schedule over the next 2 months…let me list if to for you: Rams @ home, Seahawks @ home, Bills @ home, Redskins, Miami @ home, Arizona….see what I’m saying? So the big picture Jason Garrett, and before you annihilate him, Bill Belicheck punted the ball to Dallas with 3 minutes left, why didn’t he go for it? He punted the ball away!! Knowing that if Dallas got a first down, he probably gets the ball back with 12 seconds left and 80 yards to go. So Belicheck…he went by the book! He punted! Knowing that he may never get the ball back – even if he’s got the great Tom Brady! What Jason Garrett did, is say “alright, let’s look at the game. The last 4 possessions, New England has punted twice, fumbled once and we picked them off. We’ve been in Brady’s face all day. They’ve only got 2 minutes, they’ve got 80 yards…it’s a ton of pressure, we’re getting pressure on them…they haven’t done squat all day! So I’m going to roll the dice with that and not throw the ball, Tony throws a pick and I’ve lost him for the season emotionally. He’s going to be annihilated in Dallas, he will be annihilated on ESPN…I’m not rolling the dice. I’m going to go with my defense – which over the course of the day has stuffed Tom Brady” Especially as the game continued, they stuffed him even more! So the momentum is with you, 80 yards, 2 minutes…he rolled the dice! But he wasn’t going to put Tony Romo out there with a potential for a mistake and lose him for the season. He’s got a young team getting better and finally healthy, his offensive line is getting better – and they really are. He’s got young receivers, he just took the lead in that game, he’s got the easiest schedule in the division.

Jason Garrett said afterwards that his mind was made up! “you have to run the ball in that situation because of the time situation and our defense played very well. We wanted to force them to use their time out and to punt the ball down there and then hopefully we could get a stop, it’s one of the best offensives in the league. So you’re certainly challenging your defense in that situation but we believe that you have to manage the game in a way that we did.”

Everybody is week to week changing their opinion on the Cowboys – do you want them to be progressive or do you want them to be conservative? In this instance, I totally got it! You’ve been stuffing him, your pass rush was good, and they had to go 80 yards. Now people say, Andrew “but Tom Brady is the master of 4th quarter comebacks!” that’s not true! The Patriots rarely trail with 3 minutes left in games. Statistically, he doesn’t have that many “come from behind” wins, in 12 seasons he’s got only 25…that’s like 2 a year! He only had 2 last year.  He is not by any means John Elway; he’s not the master of coming from behind and winning. Brady is rarely behind in the 4th…the Patriots are rarely behind in the 4th and I totally got this!

This was Jason Garrett, big picture, “I am not willing to put Tony Romo on the spot and blow the season up because emotionally, Tony Romo is getting crushed. Tony Romo to his credit, came out afterwards and said, listen we’re only a third into the season here! “This team is continuing to grow and get better, we just need to finish out a game like today’s – and I think we will, as the season progresses. It’s a long season”

Who is really bothered by big egos? People with big egos! So for Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz – whose got the foulest mouth arguably in the league and maybe the most intense guy in the league…for him to be offended by Jim Harbough’s foul mouth and intensity, that’s like a hippy being offended by body odour…give me a break!! Jim Schwartz and Harbough meet after the game and here’s what Schwartz said – now in case you didn’t watch it, both coaches bumped into each other… yes Jim Harbough was a little over the top, Harbough’s been doing this since he coached at San Diego and Stanford. He’s not an old school coach; he’s not the late Tom Landry. He is a chest bumper, he is a high-five guy…was he over the top? Yes. Harbough is always over the top, he’s rubbed a lot of coaches the wrong way.

But for Jim Schwartz – I went and looked up an article from like 3 weeks ago on Jim Schwartz, this is an article written on him by, “he’s a mad man, he’s caught on tape cursing at officials, taunting opposing players, creating a post-game fist pump that has risen to cult status in Detroit. During the game against the Cowboys, at the end of the 3rd quarter, he took exception to Dez Bryant’s trash talking during a break in the action. He screamed at him “hey, how about that! Incomplete you mother #$%&er”

That guy is offended by swearing?? That guy is offended by Jim Harbough?? This is what Schwartz said after the game “I went to congratulate coach Harbough and got shoved out of the way and then didn’t expect an obscenity at that point, so it was a surprise to me at the end of the game” Listen, It’d be one thing if you’re a classy Joe Gibbs or the classy Tom Landry, but this would be like Jimmie Johnsons’ “how about them Cowboys!!” and having him get upset if another coach said “how about them Redskins!!” Give me a break!! Even the play by play guys for KNBR –everybody was saying Monday morning “oh, this is serious” pfft, this is just two boys being boys. It’s the two most intense guys in the league, the two biggest trash talkers in the world and they bumped into each other and when you spot it, you got it!

Let’s not make too much of this! I mean, it’s not worth follow up rants –even the KNBR guys, the announcers for the niner’s, the home guys, were laughing about it “[announcer 1] Jim Harbough is jumping up and down in the middle of the field, leaping as he comes across to shake hands with Jim Schwartz, who did not appear to share quite that enthusiasm…now Schwartz and Harbough are now jostling as they get off the field, Jim Harbough got a little too enthusiastic there and Jim Schwartz is now being separated from Jim Harbough”

Yeah I mean Jim Harbough went over the top, but Schwartz being offended and overreacting and chasing him down the field. I mean listen, A) Harbough is a little over the top and I don’t think any coach in the league would’ve liked it. But Schwartz reaction is silly! Chasing him down the field for a guy that’s got the foulest mouth in the league, is Mr. “Fist Pumper” is Mr. “Trash-Talker” that guy can’t be offended by Jim Harbough. That would be like Derek Jeter saying about A-rod “you know, A-rod is a bit of a playboy for my taste. I wish he had more family values and had children. Heck, that guy is out every night partying with different beautiful woman” I just love guys who are offended by guys who are the same guy….that’s what Schwartz is!

Harbough to his credit, owned his baggage – is he being completely authentic here? No, but I mean, he’s arguing with the Detroit media that’s obviously taking the side of Schwartz….Harbough owned his own baggage. “It was totally on me, I shook his hand too hard and I really went in and it was a strong – you know, kind of a slap/grab the hand and shake it type of thing. Same as I have been doing with Costanzo and a few others of the other guys. So that was on me, it was too hard of a handshake there.  So yeah, the handshake there was on me…it was a little too hard”

It was sorta authentic, kind of a smartalic about it. If you watched the HBO piece on Jim Harbough, you’ll know that that’s who he is. So, the other thing that is funny about this is that when you’re a super intense guy, sometimes it’s very difficult to  for other people…I mean, Harbough is the kind of guy who will pound a couple of beers after a big game, he’s one of the dude’s! Did you see him bring his shirt up as he ran over? He brought his shirt up – he’s like one of the dudes!

This happens during March Madness and Reality TV shows all the time. Where you just won a million dollars and you’re in the middle of your celebration and you’re suppose to stop for the loser. You ever watch March Madness? It must happen like 15 times during March Madness. You’re the winning coach, you win a shot at the buzzer –you know, you coach for like Gonzaga and you’re like “yeahhh!! We won at the buzzer!!!” and you look over and the losing coach walks over to you – and you’re suppose to flip a switch and go “yeahhhhh….oh, sorry for just ruining your life…..yeahhhh” Harbough was going nuts and Schwartz was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He shakes his hand and like, he can’t ask Harbough to flip it off completely, he’s lifting his shirt up and beer bumping his offensive lineman. But that’s just who he is…he’s over the top, but he owned his baggage.