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The NBA Is One Big Family!

Posted: April 14, 2010 in NBA

…well last night was a big NBA night, the NBA has always kinda been a big family…generally the same teams are good every year…if you go back to the last 25-30 yrs, its kinda the same people showing up to the same family reunion at this time every year.

The Lakers are the best looking couple, they’re always the really successful …been driving a Mercedes for the last 20 years, they’re the couple that comes to the family reunion from out west, they got a lot of money, are aloof…their arrogant, there is a lot of resentment in the family towards them..things just seem easier for them and that’s the Lakers in this big family, things are a little easier for them .

The Celtics are the couple, that are hard working, not much too look at, successful very well respected, their kinda of…there from out east, their kinda axed driven, have put on a little weight, perhaps a little hard to get along with, but everyone respects the Celtics…

Then there’s that couple, the goody two-shoes couple that shows up to the family reunion every year, their sorta nerdy, in fact the LA couple always makes fun of this couple behind their back…that’s the Utah Jazz…and that’s what the NBA is really..its kinda of a big family, with the same people showing up every year…Portland is the young couple…everybody likes them, unbelievable future, in their mid 20’s , gonna be successful, their a cute couple, very decent….the Houston Rockets are the weird couple at the family reunion, they’ve got some weird members in the family, they don’t look like anybody else [guess who I’m eluding too?] quirky, nobody really wants to go to their house, some people say they even border on being dangerous, their just odd….

Then of course there is the couple at the family reunion who’s just had a shady past, some say they spent time in jail , they had a couple of good years, but your never sure bout how legal it was, they always tend to know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy…they’ve lived a very hard life, their the one couple that if they disappeared completely, you’d be the least surprised..and that’s the Detroit Pistons and they show up to every family reunion [this year they obviously went missing]…

Then there’s the only unmarried person that show’s up to the family reunion, they are a bunch of single guys, about 26ish, started his their company about to hit it rich, moved from all over, including one from Canada to Miami, because that’s where all the action is, but everybody wishes they had their future’s if they could do it over again, always excusing themselves at the big dinners, cause they get the big call…that’s the Miami Heat…

Then, every family has the grandpa! thought he was going to die years ago, and he just keeps hanging on, respected, has great stories…but he’s old and creeky and smells like hamsters, he’s 93 you’re not rooting for him to die but he’s really become a buzz kill at parties, sometimes needs help in the bathroom, yess the San Antonio Spurs are officially out of the playoffs..Let’s show grandpa respect today, let’s not be sad…let’s celebrate his life…he worked hard, small city yet successful on the national stage…had humble beginnings, he won’t really be missed…I mean we love you and stuff but, the act was old and tiring BORING [haha, no kidding…Spurs vs. Pistons final…omg, what a bad finals year] noooo body really wants to admit it but you were…this is not the saddest day ever, grandpa was starting to wear us out and frankly grandpa is in a better place this morning