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Listen, I’m for the owners in the NBA because 22 teams are apparently not making money, Bashir your Lakers are doing just fine! But when it comes to the NFL, I tend to side with the players because even if everybody thinks that the players are greedy and the rookie payscale – only about 6 rookies make really really huge money in the draft, everybody after that is worth what you pay them if they come in and make an impact, yeah 1st round guys are paid a bit too much what they get paid but you can argue that everyone past the 3rd round is paid too little and they are locked into a contract for 3 or 4 years – it may be the only contract they ever get!

Green Bay Packers have plenty of guys who didn’t even get drafted – they’re being paid nothing! So, for everybody who thinks that in the NFL draft, everybody is getting rich…No, there’s about 6 guys at the top who are getting rich and making a ton of money and about 50% of them earning their money and 50% don’t, it’s up to you as an organization to draft better.

By the way, the Raiders draft poorly and they’ve been burned twice in the last five years in the top 5 or 6 picks, the Patriots trade out of that position. But there are also organizations that have benefited greatly from being in the top 10 NFL draft.

Now, I do believe that the current system needs to be tweaked – it’s like when you have these airlines, where employees are part owners of the airline…no thanks! I want the airlines to be owned and then have employee’s, the idea sounds great….like it always sounds great if it’s the “Ben and Jerry’s Model of Business”. It should be noted though, that Ben and Jerry’s is no longer owned by Ben and Jerry! It was bought by a big corporation.

Ben and Jerry, where the CEO only makes 4x more than the bottom guy’s that make ice cream earn…it sounds cute and they love that kinda living in Vermont, but it’s not realistic to run a major corporation like that, Ben and Jerry’s was sold! So the reality is that owners should make a lot more money than players do and they should make a large percentage of the profits or the viability of the league and you don’t want to become baseball – where they Yankee’s, they could if they wanted to, spend $300 million a year and the Royals are tapped out at $68 million, you don’t want that either.

You do have to protect the smaller markets, I totally understand that. But Green Bay is a smaller market and they make plenty of revenue. Like when you go look at these smaller markets, like Buffalo and Jacksonville and Cincinnati, let me ask you: is it because it’s a small market or is it because it’s not run very well?


Tiger Woods is no longer using crutches, not using a walking boot, but he hasn’t hit a full golf shot in about a month and a half…47 days to be precise – that’s according to the Associated Press. Probably not going to play in the British Open – that stars mid July, was in public for the 1st time yesterday…he had a full beard, sweet! Now Woods has gone through 4 knee surgeries since he was a freshman at Stanford. But for all the times Tiger Woods did that, he would play through them…he wouldn’t recover fully. But Tiger Woods this time is taking his dear sweet time.

But Tiger Woods – we would all admit, doesn’t have anything to prove! But there is that record still hanging out there. Jack Nicholas won 18 Majors – best all time, Tiger has got 14. Now listen, old timer’s think Jack is better because he had better peers. New golfers don’t want to hear about old guys, they like Tiger. Whatever side your on, here’s something that’s not really arguable.

In his prime, at his best – for a 10 year period, we’ve never seen anything like Tiger. From 1997 – 2007, 10 years, the dude won 14 Majors – about 1 ½ a year. Now Jack won 18, but it took him 2 ½ times as long – 24 years. Okay so Jack got to 18 in 2 ½ decades, Tiger got about 80% there in 1 decade. We’ve never seen anything like Tiger Woods – who was a meteor through Golf. Now Tiger Woods was asked yesterday about Jack Nicholas and that record and he basically said that he’s not worried about it “I mean, he won when he was 46 right? I still have some time. On top of that, we’re about the same pace I believe – years on tour, and majors won…so I feel pretty confident of what my future holds and very excited about it – excited about coming out here and being ready to go, instead of trying to patch it…which I have been for a while.”

Listen, the 2 things I’d almost bet my life on – that Tiger will never be as good as Tiger was in that decade, I’d bet anything on that…but Tiger is going to tie or surpass Jack. Bottom line, Jack has got 18 and Tiger’s got 14 and he’s 35. If you figure 45 years old is about the end of the time you can win a major. Mayer won a title at 45, Jack won one when he was 46, and Tom Watson almost won the British in his 50’s. But if you figure 45 years old – and Tiger’s in much better shape than Mayer or Jack physically, perhaps not his ligaments, but he’s in very good shape.

We now have nutritional advantages, training advantages that those guys didn’t use or have back then. So the bottom line…can Tiger win 4 majors in the next 10 years? That’s a major every 2 ½ years? I think your nuts to bet against it. I mean, statistically, Tiger at his best won a major every – he won 1 ½ a year, now we’re asking him to win 1 every 2 ½ years. Were asking Tiger to be about 28% of what he was and I think he’ll probably end up being 75% of what he was.

Don’t look now, but there is actually a heavyweight championship fight taking place this weekend that matters, in fact, it’s probably the division’s most important fight since Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson back in 2002. Easily one of the sports’ critical match ups – I’m talking Wladimir Kiltschko vs. David Haye this Saturday in Hamburg, Germany.  

It’s a critical fight because you have the division’s biggest name defending his title against a challenger who has a belt of his own and is in his prime. Critical because of all the crazy noise Haye has been making, leading up to this fight…believe me, Haye has done his part in selling it – hence why I’m ranting about it “You are going to see the most brutal execution of a boxer. I will absolutely destroy him” and when asked why he won’t shake Kiltschko’s hand he says “I’ll do it when I visit him in the hospital after the fight” and that comes on the heels of him rocking a t-shirt where he is shown holding the severed heads of Kiltschko and his brother – at that point, Kiltschko had already had enough and told’s Chris Manic’s “Whose parents would love to see their son’s head cut off? There are certain things you can’t do, there are certain lines you can’t cross. I’m glad such a bastard like David Haye exist because he definitely did something stupid with that t-shirt and he knows that it was stupid”

Well I guess we’ll find out Saturday to see if it was – Haye is the younger, quicker, more athletic fighter and if anybody can beat Kiltschko, it’s Haye. But I think he won’t…Kiltshcko is bigger, stronger, more experienced and while his chin will always be a question, Haye’s gonna have to catch him with some clean shots – something that not many people have been able to do in years. Kiltschko is way too smart and despite seeing him and his brother’s domes locked off, he will not take any unnecessary chances and he will wear the smaller Haye down and win by stoppage late. Haye will dominate that fight outside of the ring, but he’s going to come up short inside of it.

UFC has had plenty of crazy nights and wild fights but none quite like the Cheick Congo and Pat Barry in Pittsburgh last Saturday night – this is for all the haters who say that MMA lacks action and that its just a couple of dudes rolling around, hugging it out on the mat, this is the only fight I’ve ever seen that featured 3 knockouts…all in the same round!

Berry drops Congo with a big right to the melon – goodnight, goodbye, and thanks for coming! This cat was out cold on his knees right? Nope! Somehow he stays conscious and he keeps fighting only to get clocked again – should’ve just stayed down the first time and save him the additional punishment right? Nope!! Not only does Congo find his feet again, but his fist finds Barry’s jaw and he buys himself a winner by knockout.

The most insane minute of MMA that I’ve ever seen – you go limp (the way Congo did) and you don’t know your name…if it happens again seconds later, you think your name is Tuesday. Instead, he comes back to win a moment later by K.O. I have never seen that before…not in a street fight and not in a movie. One second he’s flopping around like a tuna on the deck then the next he’s the winner by K.O and calmly laying it all out in the post bite interview. He’s not dead and cant’ quit, I don’t know what Congo’s jaw is made off, but I can’t believe that Barry’s hand didn’t shatter when he hit it.

Here’s what’s funny about Bob Bradley, so Bruce Arena got fired in like 2006 – so for like a year they give the reigns to this Bob Bradley guy, who’s son is a heck of a player, so they give it to Bob Bradley and then a year later, the interim tag comes off. All he does is go out, 2007 Gold Cup and the U.S. wins the tournament. In 2008, the U.S. lost one competitive match away to Trinidad & Tobago for a World Cup qualifier but secured a berth in the 2010 World Cup. They had a great 2009 Confederation’s Cup – by the way in the 2010 World Cup, they advanced to the round of 16 and lost 2-1 to Ghana or they make the elite 8…the is the United States soccer team!

So you go back and look at what Bradley has done, where has he massively underachieved? You watch U.S./Mexico – Mexico had faster players!! The back four for the U.S. weren’t as good. So this idea that he’s massively underachieving – like at the last World Cup, the U.S. was a goal away, a play away from getting to the final 8…in the world… for the U.S. soccer team? Come on!!! This guy hasn’t massively underachieved; they just don’t have world class strikers.

I mean, Landon Donavan at least was honest about it, instead of blaming Bradley or instead of blaming everybody else, Landon Donovan just came out and said that Mexico straight up had better players “they’re a difficult team to play against and they’ve got a bunch of guys that make special plays, tonight I though Geo was excellent, obviously Barrera was excellent but actually – out of all things, we did a good job on Chicharito, preventing his chances but, they just had too much for us and they were good”

Yeah ,they were good and they had too much – by the way, if you want to judge the U.S’s talent – then follow U.S. players when they go overseas to these other leagues. Brad Fridel had some success at Aston Villa, Clinton Dempsey at Fulham, Tim Howard at Man United and now Everton, but Jozy Altidore didn’t at Hull City. DeMarcus Beasley of Puebla didn’t, Jay DeMerit of the Whitecaps didn’t, Ricardo Clark of Frankfurt, Jonathan Spector of West Ham .

Eight players, who made up a majority of Team U.S. at the World Cup, a third of the roster in South Africa last summer, top level Americans, go to Europe…don’t do well. For every success story, there’s like 7 or 8 American guys who go overseas to an elite league and fail. This idea that they have elite Brazil, Argentina, Spain talent…they don’t! They’ve got some good players and a great goalkeeper. But if you watched U.S./Mexico it didn’t take long to figure out – it could’ve been 6-1 at half time.

Mexico had 7 legitimate shots on goal, the Americans had 2 and they converted both – the Americans were like 2 for 2, the Mexicans were like 1 for 9. So this idea, even Alexi Lalas – who was on The Scott Van Pelt Show earlier today and said that this wasn’t Bob Bradley’s fault “ No, I don’t think this is about Bob Bradley, what happen was that his veteran players let him down. You go up 2-0, I know its difficult environment, your playing in the Rose Bowl in front of 80,000 people who don’t want you to win because they are all cheering for Mexico, but the reality is you’ve got Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, Carlos Bocanegra – these are guys that have been there and done that. They should’ve recognized the situation and been able to manage the game and figured it out” But yet it feels better as Americans to blame the coach!

Bud Selig keeps saying that it’s the “Golden Era” of Major League Baseball, but I had no idea bankruptcy came in gold. The Los Angeles Dodgers – as bad as the Mets are, the Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That’s the chapter – in financial books, nobody wants to read, I have no idea on how you screw up the Dodgers, they should be a cash cow because its screwing up beach front property in Lagoona. It would be the best looking supermodel in the world deciding to get so many elective surgeries – like 28 of them, that she looks like the worst.

You’ve got the best real estate in baseball – unbelievably loyal fan base, you’ve got a great history and yet their broke. Of all the bankruptcy filings, this has been #1. For the longest time, the biggest Chapter 11 filing that shocked me was Wayne Newton, where he was making roughly $475,000 a week yet filed Chapter 11 because he was $20 million in debt. People who were living off coupons were more financially solvent then Wayne Newton.

Sometimes people file for bankruptcy and you get it, like the NBA guys because 71% of the guys are broke an hour after they retire – that’s just guys having too many cars and too many things. Wayne Newton got into a helicopter 6 nights a week, flew to a casino, sang for an hour and went home and just slept on cash and was broke – I didn’t get that one.

Then there was MC Hammer, he had one of those houses – he was like Michael Jackson hot for like 3 years, had a $30 million dollar house in the bay area, it look like something you see in a magazine in Saudi Arabia. Remember “Can’t touch this?” then like 3 years later is was “Can’t pay this” the guy was out of money. So to me, Wayne Newton and MC Hammer were like #1 and #2 – the Dodgers have officially surpassed the Wayner and Hammer Time. I mean its like a bank going broke!

Remember about 2 years ago? Banks going under on a daily basis? And we’re thinking “hey, we give you our money…how are you broke? I’m not and I’m giving you all our money” It is unbelievable. It’s like giving somebody the entire California coastline, Malibu South to about Newport Beach and then 10 years later they say “I can’t never figure out how to make money with this property, I can’t pay my bills!” Uh we gave you like 145 miles of coastline property.

Now Frank McCourt, current owner of the Dodgers, will have this thing tied up in court and we all know how quickly courts work. So folks, the NFL has got labour strike, the NBA probably won’t have a season, the Mets are close to broke, the Dodger are bankrupt…welcome to 2011 sports! The recession has finally hit.

The Dodgers still owe Manny Ramirez $21 million, Andruw Jones $11 million, the White Sox’s 3 ½ million, Ted Lilly 3 ½ million as well. Scott Boras – for all those who hate the superagent, he’s the agent to the two top creditors, Marquis Grisom – they owe him 3 million, and the owe Vince Skully – they owe the Dodger broadcaster almost $200,000 dollars, good luck getting your money Vinny!

I will say this though, a lot of this is on Bud Selig’s hands and its due to the culture in baseball. Mark Cuban has twice wanted to buy a baseball team, cash rich billionaire – perhaps have best owner in the NBA, wants to buy a baseball team yet Bud won’t let him in. Bud Selig gave Frank McCourt a major league baseball team on a credit card and this is what you get. Mark Cuban reportedly still wants to buy a baseball team and is not allowed in – yet 9 California investors including a former agent are allowed to buy the Padres in installments.

You can look all over Major League Baseball, it’s a good old boys club…Mark Cuban is not in the club. He’s sitting there, cash rich, doesn’t want to get into a bidding war and won’t get into a bidding war. Tell him what a team costs and Mark will buy them…but they won’t let him in.

So to Bud Selig now, as of this morning, the sport is an embarrassment just as the NFL – say this about the NFL “they’re always looking through the windshield” they’re giving new young coaches in their 30’s Raheem Morris, the Harbough (both of them), Tennessee has got a new young coach. The NFL loves to roll the dice on new, young, aggressive people. Baseball’s last two managers? 80 year old Jack McKeon and 70 year old Davey Johnson, are you telling me there isn’t any young kid out there that you’ll ever let into the club?

So I feel bad for the Dodgers, but this is baseball and it’s on their hands but, they allowed a guy to buy a baseball team on a credit card. Frank McCourt is rich – in fact, he’s really rich compared to you or I. But compared to Mark Cuban or Paul Allen, compared to that rich, the guy is leveraged to the hilt, he’s just another dude. Say it out loud, The Los Angeles Dodgers have filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – if you’ve never been to Los Angeles and don’t understand the real estate that they have, it’s unthinkable. Its like being given West 57 or Central Park West and being given all those buildings and then 10 years later you’re like “yeah, I opened up donut shops…my bad, I just couldn’t make it work” how you can go bankrupt with the Dodgers is unbelievable.

Always on the cheap, from security to general managers to managers and its interesting because just down the road are the Angels – some Angel fans get upset, they don’t spend the money that they could but you have a profitable, well-run, sold out stadium, great family atmosphere…just down the road, the Angels showing the Dodgers “this is how you run a baseball organization”

Maybe they’re not the Red Sox’s or the Yankee’s in terms of finances, but that’s how you run a baseball team, it just incredible to me on how the Dodgers are broke. Folks, you’re not broke, I’m not broke…the Dodgers are broke!

Well Thursday nights’ NBA draft was a draft for basketball junkies – you can watch the NFL draft and by the 5th, 6th or 7th round, you’re still seeing a linebacker from Ohio State or Oklahoma or a quarterback from Iowa or Virginia Tech, somebody that you’ve seen. I mean, Thursday night was 2 or 3 guys we’d heard off, maybe 4 with Kemba Walker and a bunch of euro’s and then…let’s just see how bad the Knicks can screw up!

I thought it was interesting about Jimmer – picked by Milwaukee 10th then traded to Sacramento. Well congratulations kid, nice seeing you. But unless you buy a league pass, we’re done watching the Jimmer on a nightly basis. The Sacramento Kings must’ve been hiding out with that mobster Whitey Volger – because we haven’t seen either one of them in 15 years. You’re not going to see the Kings and you’re not going to see Jimmer because that organization is an absolute mess.

There is a reason why franchises like the Cincinnati Bengals, LA Clippers are a mess, and it’s because of mirrors! Look in them…you are to blame! Sacramento on Thursday night gets Jimmer and I’ll quote the franchise “People in Sacramento believe this pick was to generate ticket and sponsorship revenue and spearhead support for a new arena” Are you kidding me? For a bench players? That’s why the Kings are the Kings. This is why Seattle basically had Ken Griffey Jr. save the franchise, but he was arguably the most exciting and best pure talent in the sport for 12 – 15 years! Griffey was amazing and he very well may have saved baseball in Seattle… Jimmer has not shot at that!!

It feels like Jimmer was drafted to a franchise that needs him to sell tickets. I’m glad the Kings saw him as a future star…nobody else in the league did though. Even the people who liked him didn’t see him as a star. The Sacramento Kings, there’s a reason why they’re a mess…and the draft felt like to me, 3 teams who I shake my head at constantly, I shook my head at again Thursday night – Michael Jordan and Charlotte, the Knicks and the Kings. Michael Jordan trades away Stephen Jackson – their only elite true scorer but they get a forward from the Congo (big ups to Mak) with no offensive skills to speak off. Yet congratulations if he’s the next Ben Wallace, this is the NBA where you’ve gotta score over 68 points a night to win.

Kemba Walker, I’m crossing my fingers – love that kid. We all fell in love with that kid, maybe he is a star? Maybe Michael Jordan see’s something, but when you’re trading away your best scorer and your 1st pick is a guy from the Congo, I’m out on that…sorry! The Knicks had Kenneth Faried sitting there – if you watched Louisville against Head State in the NCAA tournament, he was the best player on the floor – he’s an NBA player. Tough, gritty, physical, defensive and rebounds – 4 things the Knicks are dying for. Instead, they get a guard who is not much of a shooter and who they say isn’t a great ball handler either…alrighty then! Sacramento re-acquires John Salmons – older and less of a player and got a worse contract and they draft Jimmer to sell tickets. Charlotte, the Knicks and Kings – there’s a reason you’ve been disappointing.

Yet conversely, the plucky little Utah Jazz – 24 times in 28 years, despite being in Salt Lake, not diverse, not attractive to free agents, they’ve made the playoffs in 24 outta 28 years or 4 of 5. At one point, starting in the 80’s, they made it to the playoffs 19 straight years…why? Because even though they’re not that much different of a market then Sacramento – neither Sacramento nor Utah is that attractive for free agents, small markets, slow revenue markets, the Utah Jazz almost always do the right thing. They came away with the best center and probably the best 2 guard in the draft. It’s not a great draft, neither one of those may be a star, but they make the MOST out of what they’re given in life. Jay Bilas agreed with me, I watched the draft at the Raptors Draft Party Thursday night, and I felt like if anybody nailed it – and I’m not sure anybody did, I thought it was Utah.

Says Jay “I thought Utah did a good job having the 3rd pick and the 12th pick to get Enes Kanter, who is a really good center prospect and at the 12th spot to get Alec Burks out of Colorado, who can put the ball on the floor, athletic, he’s got size to play the wing. I think to have 2 picks in the top 12, I thought Utah did a good job” So did I! You know, there is a reason the Bengals every year end up near the bottom of the NFL, probably 17 of the last 20 years the Bengals are closer to the bottom then they are to the top and there’s a reason usually end up near the top of the league – they should though, because you think “Ohio and Pennsylvania – financially, economically, climate, geography…all the same”. There’s no reason why the Steelers should be that much better and the Browns and the Bengals that much worse. It’s not like one’s a coastal city and the other is a tiny city, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati are all relatively the same in size – yet the Steelers are always near the top because of the Rooney’s and the Bengals are always near the bottom because of Mike Brown.

Sacramento, Charlotte and the Knicks have struggled through the years – and I’m not saying there wasn’t anybody great for the Knicks, but God is there a team in the league that needs defense, grittiness and rebounding more than New York? Mike D’Antoni’s team is a bunch of shooters, they’re fun to watch and I like them – there better than they were a year ago, but Bismack Biyombo to Charlotte? Got an email “Andrew, who is Bismack Biyombo? I thought that was a dance club in North Dakota. I bet the Bobcat fans need a dose of Pepto-Bismack when they saw him get drafted. We now search for prospects the same way we search for Bigfoot, grainy with home video footage filmed on the run”

Question: What is sports Siberia? What franchise would you just never go to…and I think it’s still been the same for the last 15 years…the LA Clippers and the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s amazing that all these franchises like the Washington Nationals, they’re gonna have their 4th manager in 7 years now, but there is a reason why they have only been above .500 once in 5 or 6 years…they are the Nat’s! They’re D.C. baseball. If you look around, all these teams in pro sports – it’s not a coincidence, like the Colts and the Patriots, the Steelers and the Ravens are always near the top. It’s not a coincidence that the Lions and the Bengals and now the Raiders…are all near the bottom! I mean I’m sorry, Michael Jordan…a forward from the Congo with no offensive skills…really? That’s going to get you to the next level? You were dying for offenses and he let go of the only guy who could score!