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Record after Week # 11 is: 34-20-5 *note: first 5 picks were all college picks

Broncos (+7) over Chargers

Alrighty, Denver and Tim Tebow at +7, meaning they are the underdog and they are getting 7 points here. Now, it’s at San Diego but it has always been one of the least relevant home field advantages in the NFL and the Broncos are 4-1 in Tebow’s 5 starts. The big story has been how good Denver’s defense has been. John Fox is an excellent defensive coach, Vaughan Miller probably going to be defensive rookie of the year, Champ Bailey remains a lock down corner, and he’ll take Vincent Jackson, the wide out, out of the game for San Diego – their best weapon. The other big story is that San Diego’s defense has become atrocious under Norf Turner’s coaching because they have regressed! They have given up about 30 points in the last month and a half. Defensive line in this game? huge edge to Denver, for special teams? Huge edge Denver. Linebacker, defensive back and coach…huge edge Denver. I’m going to take the 7 points all day long. Denver and Tebow win outright against a team that doesn’t know what they are doing and where they are going. Denver is limited but they know what they are, 24-20 take the points. Denver wins outright.

Lions (+7) over Packers

Alright, Green Bay is the better team but Detroit’s at home getting 7 points. It’s the Packers’ third game in 11 days! Even if you’re talented, that is a ton. James Starks, the running back, leg injury…may not play, certainly not at 100% and on the offensive and defensive lines; I give be edge to Detroit. Now the Packers can throw with anybody, but running the football – under 4 yards a carry. Meanwhile Detroit – which has not been what you would consider a great running team most of the year – ever, since they gave Kevin Smith the chance to be the running back, because Jahvid Best got hurt, he’s taken advantage of it. Since Week 11 due to injuries, he’s been fairly formidable and Green Bay, defending the run is not great. They’ve given up 4.7 yards per attempt. But I go back to this: Matt Stafford at home is better than Matt Stafford quarterback on the road, Green Bay …3rd game in 11 days and because of that, I think Detroit keeps it very very close. I still think the Packers are too reliant on Aaron Rogers. I’ll take the 7 points. Green Bay wins it 28-27, but I’m taking the 7 points.

Redskins (+4) over Seahawks

The Seahawks are favoured for the first time in a season; do you know why that is? They’re not very good. They are still a weak team in a bad division. Of their last 10 wins, 6 have been against the dreadful NFC West. Meanwhile the Redskins may get rolled in their own division, but when you get them out of the NFC East, they are 4 out of their last 10 – 4 for 6, not a bad team. There are times when they have looked good – don’t look at the Redskins stats, those are John Beck’s at quarterback. Santana Moss is back and Rex Grossman can throw the football. The Seahawks are favoured, this is the first time in 17 games. Don’t buy it for a second, even if Seattle wins, you’ve got to take the value. I get a better quarterback – in my opinion, I may get a better NFL coach. I get a Seattle Seahawk team that could potentially win their third game, but let’s not kid ourselves, when’s the last time they won 3 straight games? Take the points, it’s where all the value is, I’m going to go with the Redskins winning the game, 21-20.

Cowboys (-7) over Dolphins

Alrighty, the Dolphins are playing well, but typically people will overreact to teams winning streaks against dogs. The Dolphin wins have been against Washington, Kansas City and Buffalo – those are not elite offenses and they are travelling on a short week against Tony Romo – who is the hottest quarterback not named Aaron Rogers, in the NFL. He’s 65 for 90, 8 TD’s with no picks. Huge edge in this game…       quarterback, goes to Dallas. Huge edge in this game…offensive linemen, running back and receiver…Dallas. The Dolphins have been marginal at protecting their quarterback and Dallas has 26 sacks. DeMarcus Ware leads the NFL with 14.To me; this game will come down to Dallas at home, short week, as a very good football team. Miami has been very inconsistent against the pass. If they don’t get a pass rush – and Dallas’ offensive line has improved. You’re not getting to Tony Romo and he’s going to eat you alive. I’m going to swallow the 7 ½ points. Dallas wins 27-17.

Arkansas (+12) over LSU

 I haven’t a picked college game in a long time, depending on where you bet, you can get 12, 13 or 14 point with Arkansas…I’d take all of them, I’d take 12, 13 or 14. The Razorbacks, like USC, are a young team who has grown massively in the last month and a half. By the way, Bobby Petrino is 2-1 against Les Miles, the only loss? Was an overtime loss. This is a young team, outstanding at quarterback and Tyler Wilson…big edge quarterback to Arkansas, big edge wide receiver to Arkansas, coach? Bobby Petrino – who is no slouch, is at least equal to Les Miles and the Razorbacks have Jerius Wright, Coli Hamilton, Greg Childs and Joe Adams. They have a bebby of offensive playmakers. LSU wins the game, but Arkansas – don’t kid yourself, they’re also 13th nationally in scoring defense and they don’t have to face a great quarterback! They face LSU’s quarterbacks. This is a tight football; I think it’s one of the best college lines of the year. I’ll take LSU to win, 31-24, but you gotta take the points at 12, 13 or 14.

So I’m taking mostly underdogs:  I’m taking Detroit at +7, Redskins +4, Broncos +7 and my only favourites is  Cowboys at -7. Dallas is my only favourite…and I’m playing underdog. Denver +7, Lion +7, Redskins +4, Arkansas +12. So I’m taking 4 underdogs and I’m taking the Dallas Cowboys at -7 over the Miami Dolphins


The first story today – and this is something that has been in the works for like weeks and months now, is that Urban Meyers is going to become the next head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now this is just according to what my research has led me to believe. I read that he was calling the Buckeyes – the legendary Buckeyes, over the last week. He wanted to make sure that the entire family was in and that he was going to need their support. He’s basically, through agents and different connections…he’s setting it up! He doesn’t want to talk about it out of respect for the fans and out of respect to Luke Fickle – who he, by the way, is going to keep on the staff, which I think is awesome!

Listen; here is the way it works. Christmas isn’t until December 25th, you don’t want to talk about it until then with your kids or family members on what they’re getting, but the present is already made, the present is already wrapped – it’s the same thing! It’s a done deal! Nobody is going to talk about it; Urban isn’t going to talk about it because he doesn’t want it to be a distraction. Ohio State plays Michigan @ Michigan as a touchdown dog this weekend, I totally get it. He’s going to go to the SEC and take a couple of co-ordinators from there, it’s all done. In my opinion – I think ethically and morally, Urban doesn’t want to sign on it until after the Michigan/Ohio State game because 10 years from now, he doesn’t want anyone to say to him “see you signed on…” he’s going to wait until the game is over before he signs the deal.

But, you know, the infrastructure is in place, he’s setting up his coaching staff and it’s going to be great! Now Ohio State fans have absolutely no perspective (including myself I guess) so I’ll try to add some. He will dominate the Big Ten, much like Nick Saben is doing in the SEC. Now, it doesn’t mean that he’ll go undefeated every single year. Nebraska, Michigan and Wisconsin have very good coaches and infrastructures and at least at home, they’ll be able to beat Ohio State. If you lose a game in the Big 10, which is not even close to the SEC, in my opinion, and not as good as the PAC-10 or the Big 12, then you’re not getting to the National Championship game. What Urban Meyers really translates into is dominating the Big 10 – losing occasionally, but dominating the Big 10…and I think he will.

Now, the SEC is not going to get any worse because they still recruit better players in more talent recruiting areas…USC is back baby! Oklahoma is too! Oklahoma has to win 1 or 2 big games a year and they’re in. While Ohio State is going to have to win 3 or 4, so USC has got to beat Oregon – other than that, they always have better players than everyone else in the PAC-10. If USC goes unbeaten, I’ve got news for you, they’re getting in. So this doesn’t mean that Ohio State is going to National Championship games every single year. What it means is that for the next 10 years, they’re going to win a lot of football games, they’re going to get to a lot of BCS bowls, and they’re going to get to National Championship games very regularly. But you know Buckeye fan, with zero perspective, has them going to the next 9 National Championships and that’s simply not the case.

Urban Meyers is fantastic! Listen, God doesn’t make you great ever at 3 things, rarely at 2 things, generally at one thing. He’s a great football coach, he’s okay on television, but he’s a great football coach. The most impressive thing he’s ever done is that he rebuilt 3 programs. His record in college football is 104-23, 7-1 in bowls…and that’s rebuilding. Fans and media often confuse records. Bill Parcell has only won 56% of his games in the NFL, but he took over rebuilding jobs. Wade Philips has a higher winning percentage than Bill Parcells…don’t be confused by that. He took over 3 really really messed up programs. Bowling Green was a mess at 2-9, then the next year their 8-3. Utah was sub.500 in a crappy conference, the next year; they’re 10-2 and then 12-0 the following year. Florida was a mess at 7-5, Ron Zook took over for Spurrier, couldn’t get it done.

Within 2 years, they’re playing for the National Championship. He won before Tebow, won during Tebow, he won after Tebow. His last year at Florida unraveled; he had major health issues and his coaching staff left for better jobs. That’s one of the vagaries of building a national power, you lose top assistance. Ask Mac Brown…it happens! But Urban Meyer will eventually be the coach at Ohio State because he’s a really classy guy, he’s not going to sign that contract until after Ohio State/Michigan battle this weekend. He doesn’t want to be a part of that; he’s not going to sign it. A lot of times in life folks, stuff is going to happen, you’re going to get a divorce, you don’t have to have it on paper…it’s understood.

I think it’s – as I’ve said for years, I like national powers. I don’t want TCU playing Hawaii in a bowl game. I want Ohio State to be great,  USC to be great, Oklahoma to be great, Alabama to be great, Virginia Tech to be great…I like national powers, so for me, this is great! We get the Buckeyes and Michigan – both appear to have great coaches right now. I mean it looks like Michigan and Ohio State – the rivalry is back and it’s awesome!! You know, I don’t want the Orioles winning the American League East, I want the Yankees and the Red Sox’s to be battling it out, that’s why I’m a proponent of the Wild Card. So if the Red Sox’s go into the toilet – like this year, they’d still make the playoffs. I want more opportunities for more great BCS bowls, World Series, NFL playoffs…I want the legends in the game. Think I’m wrong? How’s golf been without Tiger? Not very interesting at all which is why College Football is better when Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Florida and Alabama are good…that’s what I like!

How The Landscape of The NFL Is Shaping Up!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in NFL

So if you look at the NFL right now – it’s starting to take some real shape. It looks like the Patriots have got the division. Houston has got problems at quarterback but it’s better than Tennessee, Jacksonville and Indianapolis at quarterback. Matt Leinhart should be able to coast this team to the division title, it looks like the Packers and the Niner’s are home free. It looks like 4 divisions right now is wrapped up and then you also have some real tussles. Giants/Cowboys, Ravens/Steelers/Bengals and Saints/Falcons …you’ve got some real tussles going on.

But what I want to begin today with, is that I want to ask every sports fan to eliminate their favourite team…they don’t exist. As well, to eliminate your least favourite team…they don’t exist. So if you live in LA? Take out USC and take out UCLA. If you live in Pittsburgh, take out the Steelers and take out the Ravens. If you live in Chicago, take out the Packers and take out the Bears.

When fans do that – you’re all so smart, it’s amazing. But the problem is, you can’t do that. The problem is also that 90% of your time is spent worrying about your favourite team and your least favourite team. It’s why I have something that many of you don’t…it’s not knowledge; you guys have a lot of that. It’s discernment.

So if you take out your least favourite and favourite team…you are me! But fans can’t do that. Fans overwhelmingly obsess about their favourite team – the Buckeyes and their least favourite team, Michigan…and then you all go screwy. There are two things that make smart guys stupid! Sports and gorgeous women! We just do really stupid things.

So I’m watching this weekend – and to be honest, the answers are all right in front of you…but yet we struggle with them. Come on Cowboy fan! Everybody except you knew that Wade Philips was a marshmallow with a headset…we all knew it 4 years ago! Everybody outside of Denver knows that Tim Tebow is very limited. Everybody knows – who doesn’t love the Cowboys or hate the Cowboys, Tony Romo is really good. Is he Aaron Rogers or Brady? No…but he’s really really good.

So I’m watching the Bears beat San Diego Sunday night and doesn’t everybody who either loves the Chargers or hate the Chargers see that Norf Turner is awful? I mean, unless you’re a Charger fan or you’re a Raider fan who loves the Chargers – again, my number #1 rule, take out your favourite team and least favourite team. Sports answers are all right in front of you.

I’m not talking about picking games against the spread – by the way, I went 4-0-1, I’m not 34-20 on the year, I’m not talking about that. Emotion gets in the way of all these easy answers. So I feel that this morning there is just a few things that I need to say and your going to have to “get over it”. Lane Kiffin is a great coach, he’s not good….he’s exceptional, get over it!! Tony Romo can really play…get over it!! Norf Turner stinks…get over it!! Brady is better than your quarterback…get over it!! The guy who was pre-Lane Kiffin and Bobby Baterino, who ditched his school? He can coach too…get over it!!

When you look at the NFL and college right now – oh by the way, here is another one. That BCS system…it’s fine!! It’s given us for 10 straight years the right two teams. Quit making up scenarios in which it won’t work, let it play itself out and it will work. We’ll get LSU and Alabama – the best two teams in the country for the last 2 months and we’ve all known it. Quit making up boggy men “well if this happens…” it hasn’t! Let it play out.

So when you start looking at all these things in the NFL and college that are happening, you’ll knew they were going to happen, but we all got emotionally verclimped, we got all tied to stuff and we went haywire! No reasonable person thinks that Tebow is even in Tony Romo’s league…come on!! Tony Romo – I mean, I was doing yard work with my dad on Sunday and wasn’t paying attention, but apparently he was great again on Sunday. What Romo did on Sunday, 3rd down …but you might say “well it was only against the Redskins” who cares! It was a divisional rivalry game. I mean, the number #1 rule in Vegas “take home underdogs in division rivalry games” Romo is really good and if there are 1600 NFL players in this league and you were a GM and you had to start picking them… he’d probably be the 8th or 9th guy you took in the league. You wouldn’t take a receiver, there’s dozens of them! There’s not dozens of good quarterbacks in this league…look around! Good Lord, go look at the AFC West or the NFC West. How many great quarterbacks in those divisions? There is not many!!

So if you take out Brady and Rogers of the 1600 players…I got news for you, your blinded by emotion if you don’t see that Tony Romo is one of the next 6  or 7 guys you take in this league! He’s really good! He’s the only guy in this league who plays like Aaron Rogers. He’s not Aaron Rogers of course, but he plays like him. He can throw darts in the pocket, he can buy time, he throws it very well running, he may be a poor man’s Aaron Rogers but he’s a rich man’s Mark Sanchez. He’s somewhere in between and that somewhere is really good. Sanchez himself has gotten to back to back AFC championships…so “get over it!” All the numbers tell you everything: 18-2 Tony Romo in November, 4th quarter and overtime quarterback rating has been the highest in the league since 2006…he’s good!! Nobody is saying that he’s Aaron or Brady…who is?

So anyways, I went 4-0-1 this past weekend and my picks are 34-20 for the year – I’ve been trying to figure out the “Suerte Cinco” picks though I’m not sure, because I normally release them every Friday. But should I move them up to Wednesday? I mean like, why not!! Let’s do these “Suerte Cinco” picks on Wednesday starting next week earliest 7pm EST. So basically for that, I gotta be home on Monday early get all the lines and figure them out on the Tuesday and then unleash them on Wednesday…but it’s all good stuff!

So yesterday Jay Cutler gets hurt for the Bears and all I can think about is “Tebow is the luckiest guy in the world!” Think about this…So Tebow is awful against the Miami Dolphins – I mean like, vomit in your mouth bad! End of the game, Miami wasn’t in the groove – special teams, Denver recovers an on-side kick, tebow get‘s a chance…they win the game! I mean…come on!! There was definitely some luck involved with that – Denver recovers an on-side kick.

Then, who did they play next? The Raiders – who had just lost their quarterback for the year and Darren McFadden is out the week Tebow plays then…they are now 2-0. Then they played lousy Kansas City – but that’s not luck, Kansas City is that bad. Then they get the Jets, coming off the shortest turnaround that the NFL allows where they played a Sunday late night divisional rivalry game on the east coast. They get one day of practice and then have to fly out to Denver – high altitude, and they fall a part in the end.

If you go look at Denver’s schedule – now Jay Cutler is out!! They also have to go to San Diego, where I think that team has literally decided to quit on Norf Turner. Then they go to Minnesota, where they have the worst offense in the league. Only New England – and watch something happen to Brady the week before they face them. Now, Tebow winning is like Buffalo winning in the first month, you know it had very little sustainability, you knew Buffalo couldn’t win long-term, you know they don’t have really good players, you knew that Tebow would eventually have to throw the ball forward to win big in this league.

So either with Buffalo or Tebow there is a ton of sustainability – the suckers bought Buffalo and bought into Tebow, but you know what? You can go some ways in terms of breaks and scheduling. I mean, Buffalo led the AFC East for a while on scheduling. They were at 5-2 right? Late October they were tied for the lead in the AFC East. SO I look at this thing with Tebow and god I love the kid but – and now, to even show more luck, the Raiders get no breaks.

They have to go to Miami who are now red hot, to Green Bay, they face a Detroit that is now finally healthy…it’s like Tebow is…my gut feeling today is that Tebow and Denver, in that division, don’t have the talent of the Raiders, but it seems to me that Tebow and the Broncos know what they are.

Record after Week # 10 is: 30-20-4 *note: first 5 picks were all college picks

So for those of you who have been faithfully reading these “Suerte Cinco” picks for this NFL season, you know that for about the first 2 months of the season I was absolutely on fire with my picks, so much so that non-football buddies wanted to make some dough on the side and profit. Last week, they almost crucified me! I was absolutely embarrassing! I’d see them on campus, they wouldn’t even say hi to me because they’re on protest until I redeem myself (hopefully this week) I was 1-4 last week…I was a loser!! If it wasn’t for the majestic Tom Brady (against my Jets ) I would’ve swung and missed 5 times. Folks, like Tim Tebow…I have beliefs…core beliefs! Undeterred…here we go again


Dolphins (-2.5) over Bills

Alrighty, I normally don’t like favourites – I usually take dogs, but I’m going to take the Dolphins at –2 ½. Listen, they’d be above .500 had they not blown three 4th quarter leads. They should’ve beaten the Giants in New York – they give you everything they’ve got! Buffalo is 1-3 in their last 4 and they’re a mess offensively. Ryan Fitzpatrick is averaging about 200 yards throwing – his weak arm has officially been unveiled. Fred Jackson is 40% of this offense! The problem is…Fred Jackson is going to struggle against Miami because I think they have some of the best linebackers in the game: from Karlos Dansby to Kevin Burnett to Cameron Wake. The Miami offense has some big time playmakers – Anthony Fasano, Brandon Marshall…Buffalo on the other hand, has been exploited through the air. I just see two teams going in opposite directions, Miami is not good but could be .500 and Buffalo fooled people for about a month and a half. I’m going to swallow the points, 27-20 Miami.


Seahawks (+3) over Rams

Alrighty, Seahawks get a field goal edge. These are two bad teams, but right now, St. Louis is banged up and averaging 12 ½ a game! Sam Bradford is still looking tentative following that high ankle sprain. Seattle has won 11 of the past 12 meetings between these two teams. Steven Jackson is the key to the Rams’ offense averaging 5.1 a carry. Unfortunately for the Rams, the Seahawks defend the run very well, 4th best in the NFL. Now Seattle makes a lot of mistakes – they’re a young team and when they go on the road to loud arenas, they can get in trouble. St Louis does not have a disruptive crowd. The Seahawks team is young – young teams are hot and cold, but Seattle feels very good about itself and the Rams have to run in order to be successful – they’ve run the ball 30 or more times in 3 games this year, winning two of them and went to overtime in the next one. They will not be able to run the ball effectively over the long-term! I’m taking the points; Seattle beats St. Louis 21-20.

Redskins (+8) over Cowboys

 I think the Cowboys win, but the 8 points is a ton! Home dogs are generally good bets. Now, Beck’s is out and Grossman is back in…that’s gross man! But he’s better than Beck who was an absolute mess! At least you’ve got someone who can throw the football. The Redskins remain respectable on defense – only one opponent has scored more than 23 points on the Redskins all year (ironically saw it in person at the Rogers Centre). This is a long standing divisional rivalry, you’re going to get the Redskins’ best shot because they’re not a playoff team and the Redskins have covered 4 out of the last 5 in this rivalry. Don’t forget that you can run on Dallas! You couldn’t early but you can now. In their last 3 games, they’ve given up 540 rushing yards. Redskins will pound it, keep the score low, keep the ball away from Romo…I’m taking the points, Dallas wins – but it’s close, 26-20.

Bears (-4) over Chargers

Alrighty, again…I like dogs over favourites, but this one is about 3 ½ or 4 and it’s at Chicago. Now San Diego is very well rested…so what? They’re still poorly coached! You can give a bad team extra time…they’re still wasting time with all that time. 40 degree Fahrenheit with a projected 30 mph winds…there’s your time off! You’re going to Chicago against a Bears team that’s won 4 straight…straight up and 4 straight against the spread. Specials teams… if there was any doubt? Huge edge Chicago! Momentum? Huge edge Chicago. Coach? Huge edge Chicago. Defensive Line? Huge edge Chicago. Now, San Diego can move the ball, but unless they score big touchdowns, the Bears are great in the Redzone defensively. I’m taking Chicago to cover, 27-20.

Bengals (+7) over Ravens

Ray Lewis is not going to play…that’s good news for the Bengals who’ve given Joe Flacco headaches before. Joe Flacco…2 TD’s and 9 picks in his last 4 games against Cincinnati. Tory Smith is inconsistent, Lee Evans is hurt and Flacco – and this team has lost to Seattle, should’ve lost to Arizona, lost to Tennessee and Jacksonville. Cincinnati’s 3 losses have been by a combined 14 points! I really like Cincinnati in this one. Now, AJ Greene is hurt, but they have a ton of really interesting receivers: Andre Caldwell, Jerome Simpson, Andrew Hawkins, and Jermaine Gresham. I ‘m not sure if Cincinnati can beat them! My gut feeling says “go with the Ravens at home” 27-26 Ravens, but I’m taking the 7 points.

If you think the media is self absorbed and if you think the media is arrogant – like surveys show that nobody likes the media…then why is it that the media hates Tebow? He’s ratings gold!!  I’ll show you how popular Tim Tebow is., after games on Sundays, they do game recaps. Not only are Denver’s games the most downloaded in the U.S. but they double the Jets/Patriots from this past Sunday. They double the Patriots/Giants…this is Tim Tebow and Denver!

He is the most popular player in the league, Aaron Rogers isn’t even close!! And yet he’s second in popularity. Heck, you don’t have to speak English and could find yourself stumbling upon this rant and read the read the title “Tim Tebow…” you’d stick around and try to read the blog for a bit! He’s Favre x5!! He’s completely polarizing. He’s a broadcasters/bloggers dream!! It’s like before Larry King retired, he’d bring on Michael Jackson “[Larry King voice] Albuquerque, go ahead…” caller says “Michael I love you!!” and Michael says “I love you” ….heck, you could just sit there and take calls for an hour! Nobody is going to turn it off!!

I mean, Tebow is a dream!! You don’t even have to work! Like I don’t expect to have an audience for because they think I’m always right (or to get paid in the media for being right for that matter), I’ll get paid and will have an audience for being interesting! And when I’m not or the media isn’t’…Tebow is interesting. Secondly, nobody hates Tebow…he’s like hating puppies! It’s hating a free ride to the airport from a friend, it’s hating ice cream in the summer…nobody hates Tebow! How do you hate Tebow?

If somebody said to you “I hate Tebow” I’ll literally think “buddy, you’ve got a screw loose” If you came up to me and said “I hate Tebow!”If I had kids, I’d move them away from you. Broadcasters don’t hate Tim…they’re all lazy! He gives them a great segment, he gives them a great hour, he gives them a tune-in and he’s the nicest kid in the world. Did you hear him after the game Thursday night? Like, how in the world do you hate this guy…so he’s talking after the game Thursday night, about former ESPN analyst and former Eagle Hue Douglas saying “I probably will tweet Hue Douglas because I did hear that he said that if – and let me get it right, that if we won, he was going to church on Sunday! So I’m going to tweet him…he better be in his Sunday vest, so…I hope he can sing praise and worship too so, we’ll see.” Like how do you hate that?

 NFL people and the media may be arrogant and may be cynical. They don’t believe Tim and the options are sustainable …long-term, but that’s about it! That’s all they believe! Sometimes it feels personal because maybe you’re a Christian and you’re a Denver fan and you combine the Christianity and Denver and he’s your guy…nobody in their right mind can hate Tebow.

Listen, for the record Denver had eight 3 and out’s, 6 first downs until the final drive. This offense – even when it wins is awful! But fans are fanatics, they live in the moment…. and today, Tebow fans are saying “We’re right!! Andrew, we’re right!!” Well you weren’t right when Wade Philips went 13-3 in Dallas? And I didn’t like him then! Norf Turner went 13-3 in San Diego! Yet I still call for his head this very day. Vince Young went 30-17 and for 3 years “.com” investors all thought they were rich. The answers in life don’t always come immediately…it’s about perspective and patience. I’ve never been a day trader and I never will. But I’ve been investing in the market for 5 years and my dad for 25 years. Remember after October 08? “The end of capitalism is here! Wall Street is over!!!” and many people sold their 401K’s

As strongly as Tebow believes in his faith is as strongly as I believe that Tebow is limited, long-term, as an NFL quarterback. Don’t confuse a great story and a great kid with a great quarterback! Eight 3 and out’s, 6 first downs and couldn’t move the ball until the Jets put in the prevent defense, which as the old cliché goes “it just prevents winning”

He is the opposite of Jay Cutler, he smiles every time we see him! He seems to be having more fun than any of us. He’s humble and likeable and an A+ human being. That is really inspiring!! In a country with social questions, economic stigma’s most of us just don’t get. It’s a confusing world yet Tim makes it simple. “I love God, I love my parents, I love football” In a sport with a sporting galaxy – where NBA players, who are averaging $5.1 million per player want more money…Tim Tebow just wants a chance! And to me, that is incredibly powerful!!

In a sports world of greed…like we’ve got a stories on a Syracuse basketball coach with inappropriate behavior, we have a plane crash on Friday…where somebody died from Oklahoma States’ prestigious athletic department, greedy athlete’s, ticket prices are threw the roof…Tim Tebow just wants a chance! It’s incredibly watchable…nobody hates him! If you do and you’re in the media…you’re an idiot!! He’s absolutely gold! You get one of these a decade. We just don’t get Tim Tebow’s in this type of business every time.

Don’t confuse a great story for a great kid and a great kid for a great quarterback. I am still not a believer in Wade Philips, Vince Young, Norf Turner or long-term, Tim Tebow! But it is fun to watch!! And then you start hearing stuff like magic and all. Never forget that David Blaine doesn’t really levitate and David Copperfield did not make the statue of liberty disappear and nobody really gets sawed in half…okay? Magic is explainable. In both the Miami and Jets games, the Jets held the Broncos in check for 54:06, how? A base 3-4 defense! But the Jets strayed from that formula on the final 12 plays when they put an extra DB into the game. Remember, nobody really levitates! It’s not really magic…it’s explainable.

I’m not here to break your heart or kill your story…but it’s really explainable. Both the Dolphins and the Jets did the exact same thing. And in this league, which is offensive motivated and offense-generated, you give a team the ball; in a prevent defense with a minute and a half…you are begging to get beat.

Tim is even handling his meteoric success well. You know, Thursday night he’s talking about building a hospital in the Philippines and how that’s far more important that winning a football game. I mean, he’s just incredibly refreshing!

Like most of you, I watched that whole Bob Costas interview with Jerry Sandusky phone interview on the NBC rock centre on the Brian Williams show. I have to tell you, it’s creepy…like rule #1 of PR: don’t do grainy phone interviews and Jerry is a guy that kind of has a wobbly voice and he struggled with basic stuff. I am shocked that you wouldn’t angrily and definitively, not only dismiss the charges, but deeply defend yourself.

Jerry Sandusky, who in my opinion, has lived a life of lies and manipulation, really didn’t adamantly defend himself or definitively do it. But what really jumped out to me was the one question – and I want you to pay attention to this. Bob Costas asked the question, and look it up on Youtube or something, but listen to how long it takes him to get to the answer. Now put yourself in the chair of Jerry Sandusky…like if Bob Costas asked YOU this? How you would react with these claims? Listen to the question and answer. Bob Costas asked “Are you a pedophile?” Sandusky after 5 seconds says “No”. Bob Costas asks “are you sexually attracted to young boys, underage boys?” and Sandusky says “Am I sexually attracted to young age boys…sexually attracted? …like I enjoy young people, I love to being around them….but no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys” I counted that…it was 17 seconds!

It took Jerry Sandusky – and I just timed it, 17 seconds after pausing and repeating the question, searching for an answer to say “no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys” he struggled with the word “attracted” Just the fact that he struggled with the word “attracted – listen, I love my father and I admire things about him, I enjoy time with him but I am never attracted to anything my father does. Attracted my friends, is not a confusing word! If you came up to your best friend, a guy, and said to him “Bob, I’m attracted to you!” it would almost immediately be awkward…in any context! Nobody would confuse that word with meaning anything other than “physically”.

Jerry Sandusky…17 seconds, is confused by the word “attracted” that is an absolutely huge red flag! When was the last time you used that word –even not in the context of people…like, you never say “I’m attracted to the couch” or “I went to a car dealer…I’m attracted to that car!” Even if you said “I met this girl and I’m really attracted to her personality” the immediate assumption is that it’s step 1 toward a sexual relationship. Other than 6th grade science when you’re talking about magnets…you don’t use “attracted” unless it’s a deep emotional feeling about people and we’re just programmed to use it in terms of physical relationships! Heck, you don’t even use it with close friends!! The best guy friend you’ve had, the best girlfriend…you don’t use the word “attracted” unless it’s the building blocks for something beyond just deep feelings. Listen to this again…17 seconds!!

First of all, when Bob asks him “are you a pedophile?” it is not an angry “no” or a definitive “no” or a “hell no!” it’s a wobbly “no”, pauses, repeats it…17 seconds! It’s similar to using the word “involved”. If a buddy comes to you and asks “are you involved with her?” Involved, in that context, has one meaning…physical! When somebody asks “are you attracted to a certain group or person…it’s not up for interpretation!! You don’t struggle with that word!! He struggled for 17 seconds…with a wobbly “no” and a pause…repeats the question, which is what you do when you’re searching for an answer.

So when I watched that, I think Jerry Sandusky is forgetting something. Even his attorney acknowledged it on The Today Show yesterday morning. That in 1998, there was an incident and in 2000 a janitor saw him with a boy. In 2002, it was Mike McQuarrey. Even his attorney said “listen, he didn’t use a lot of common sense because obviously you had a warning in the 90’s in the 98 situation and certainly should’ve seized it then…showering with kids certainly doesn’t make him guilty though.

But in retrospect, he shouldn’t have been there! But I think Jerry Sandusky is one of these guys who still doesn’t realize that you can do 10,000 goods…it’s all wiped out by one evil! You can live 60 years of peace yet one murder throws all of that out the window! I mean, nobody is disputing that Jerry Sandusky, for over 30 years, probably did help out some kids, like Joe Pa did some wonderful things. I‘m sure Sandusky did some positive things!

But I don’t think he understands that one evil wipes that out! So the moral of the story is: don’t do evil things to people! Most certainly children. Mike McQuarrey by the way, who will become the star witness in this saga in my opinion, NBC news released an e-mail that he sent to people at Penn State this past weekend. Saying that he broke up the encounter he saw back in 2002. Now, that goes against….contradicts his testimony in the grand jury…so let’s clear that up!!

#1A) McQuarrey did see something and did report it….we know that to be true. B) It was sexual in nature….we know that to be true as well! Even Joe Paterno admitted that! C)  Two Penn State officials, the President and the Athletic Director, lied to a Gran Jury and said that “he didn’t say it wasn’t a sexual encounter”.  Now the confusion is, what did he do during it! He told the Grand Jury that he was horrified and left. This weekend he said that he was horrified and broke it up!

Either way, it doesn’t eliminate the incident and it does not invalidate in any way what happened and what he saw in 2002. Did he email something this past weekend because of all the heat he was taking in the media, radio and television? Or people were saying to him “what were you doing” and he saying nothing and then calling him a creep, a weak link, you’re a small person!! Did he email people to slow that avalanche or train down? Possibly! But it’s doesn’t to me, invalidate what he saw in 2002…it can’t! He saw what he saw and he reported it.

I watched the whole thing and I thought Costas did a good job. Bob didn’t ask tough questions, he asked easy questions to answer if you’re innocent. “Are you a pedophile?” Oh hell no!! I’m repulsed by it. “What do you make of what you’ve done?” I’m horrified! I’m absolutely innocent, I’m terrified personally, I’m getting death threats, and it’s all untrue. But Sandusky sorta wobbled around; paused, repeated the questions and I thought the pedophile question just jumped out to me! As a guy that was searching for an answer that he thought would be the right answer!